There are many ways to collaborate with CyVerse. Here you can find ways to contact us; connect with the CyVerse community of scientists, developers, and educators; and receive project-based support. Our objective is continually to improve the means by which we facilitate global scientific collaboration, thereby enhancing the ability of researchers and developers to share data vital to their projects, and arrive more efficiently at new discoveries. We provide options for easy collaboration with colleagues, such as the ability to share data, analyses, and results with colleagues, extended support for long-term projects, and connection opportunities such as workshops.







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For groups and organizations:

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Community Project Support (CPS)

Our Community Project Support program is designed to help scientific organizations, consortia, initiatives, and other groups of scientists working in areas consistent with our Science Enablement Vision to develop new solutions and overcome computational challenges that impede the pursuit of their scientific goals. To qualify for Community Project Support, the scope of the challenges and potential benefit to the scientific enterprise will warrant a collaboration of a year or longer duration.

Groups that are interested in Community Project Support should email CyVerse (info@cyverse.org) to discuss a possible collaboration. Proposals will be reviewed by the External Advisory Board and successful collaborations will be formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding or other agreement, depending on the nature of the effort.

You can also request an increase in your Data Store allocation of up to 10 terabytes (TB) in the CyVerse Data Store to accommodate your active research analysis needs.

CyVerse does not provide funding support for external projects.

Extended Collaborative Support (ECS)

The Extended Collaborative Support program pairs members of our user community with expert staff to address the computational needs of a specific scientific project. This in-depth support may last from a few weeks to six months, or longer in specific justified cases. The project must be within our scope. Preference will be given to requests that provide community benefits beyond those of the requesting party. Past requests have been submitted for assistance with algorithm scaling, large scale data management, and workflow scripting for HPC resources. To participate, please review the required criteria and then complete the ECS Request webform.