SIgn Up for CyVerse Campus Helpers

How do you help others use Cyverse?

We are building communities of CyVerse users who go above and beyond to help their colleagues use CyVerse. Our cyberinfrasturcture has its greatest impact when users help users to leverage, build, and extend our capabilities. As we do more to recognize these efforts, we are asking for your input on how best to support you. Please help us by answering these questions. We will be in touch.

Personal and Contact Information

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How have you helped other users?

Would you be willing?

Please confirm that as part of your signing up, you would be willing to share the following information publicly. You can choose the level you are comfortable sharing this information, and you are not under any obligation to interact with anyone you do not wish to. Only information you choose to make pubicly available will be shared with other users.

  • Please choose how you would be willing to help (check all that apply).
  • If you change your mind at any time, we will update any information we share accordingly.

Please tell us about yourself

Let us know a little about your skill level and also your interests in using CyVerse. This information will help users identifiy others with common interests or objectives.

How comfortable are you with the following CyVerse platforms/resources? (1 - Not familiar/uncomfortable, 5 - Very familiar/comfortable)




How can we recognize and support you?

Please let us know if you have any opinions on how we can recognize and support our helpers.