Manage Your Email Preferences

The page provides a list of CyVerse's public mailing lists.  Users are welcome to join discussions, receive announcements or browse the archives by subscribing. These mailing lists may also be used to provide maintenance and service announcements. Additional instructions to subscribe are provided on the respective pages.

For additional questions, contact CyVerse Support.


Data Store Users: http://maillist.cyverse.org/mailman/listinfo/datastore-users

Discovery Environment Users: http://maillist.cyverse.org/mailman/listinfo/de-users

Atmosphere Users: http://maillist.cyverse.org/mailman/listinfo/atmosphere-users

Bisque Users: http://maillist.cyverse.org/mailman/listinfo/bisque-users



Foundational API: http://maillist.cyverse.org/mailman/listinfo/api-dev


Please note: Unsubscribing from Maintenance Notifications will stop CyVerse from sending you maintenance emails only; you will still receive system operations notifications while running individual applications or services in CyVerse. Please allow up to 24 hours to be unsubscribed from selected lists.