Ask CyVerse

Ask CyVerse is your go-to place for viewing and asking questions of other users. Questions range from as simple as whether a platform is down, to how to use a feature, to detailed questions about how to perform a complicated analysis.

You can view responses and comments to questions and answers you've submitted in Ask CyVerse, follow a question or a user, vote on an answer’s helpfulness, and view the answers you have entered. You also can set the frequency for email updates about the questions or users you follow.

Using Ask CyVerse

Please enter just one question per entry on Ask CyVerse; this makes it easier for others to find your query in their searches.

  1. To log in to Ask, either:
    • Go to Ask CyVerse and log in with your CyVerse username and password.
    • Within the DE, click at the top right of the screen and log in with your CyVerse ID.
    • Within Atmosphere, either click your username at the top right and then click Settings (for current UI), or click the gear icon at the top right and then click User Forums (for old UI).
  2. In Ask CyVerse:
    • Click All on the top menu bar to view all questions in Ask.
    • Click Answered to view the list of all questions that have been answered.
    • Click Followed to view the list of all questions you are currently following.
    • To search on a question, enter your query in the search field, select the item, and then click Ask Your Question.

Asking a question

  1. If you haven't already done so, enter your question in the search text box at the top to make sure it hasn't already been answered.
  2. If not, click Ask Your Question at the top right.
    • Enter the title or summary of your question.
    • Enter a full description of the issue you are having or the specific question you would like answered.
    • Select a category to help other users search on similar questions.
    • Enter tags for the question.
    • Click Ask your question.

Viewing, following, and posting a question or comment

  1. Click to open the question:
    • To follow a question, click Follow on the right.
    • To receive email updates of new responses to the questions, click to select email the updates. You also can click subscribe to rss feed.
    • To stop receiving updates on the questions, click to clear the checkbox.
    • To sort the answers by date or popularity, click either oldest, newest, or most voted.
    • To post a comment, click post a comment and enter your comment.
    • To post an answer, enter your text in the text box at the bottom (note the Markdown hints at the right), and then click Post your answer.
    • View the list of related questions on the right.
    • To follow an Ask CyVerse user, click the user's name in the answer or comment, and then click follow.
  2. When done, click close.

Changing Ask CyVerse settings

  1. In Ask CyVerse, click your username at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click a tab on the menu bar to navigate through your Ask CyVerse activities and settings:
  • Click overview to view a summary of your activity on Ask CyVerse.
  • Click inbox to view and mark your inbox items as seen, new, or dismissed.
  • Click network to view the Ask users you follow.
  • To add a user to your network list, find the user in Ask and click follow.
  • Click karma to view your list of contributions and points earned in Ask.
  • Click followed questions to view the list of questions you are following.

Changing email subscription settings

  1. Click subscriptions on the top menu bar.
  2. To change the frequency settings:
    • Click Stop Email to stop receiving Ask email updates.
    • Click Update to save your changes.
    • Select the email tag filter.
    • Click the frequency settings for each setting.