Campus Helpers

CyVerse Campus Helpers is a way to give and get help from other CyVerse users. You can volunteer to answer questions or find users with shared interests. Helping others users will not only boost your reputation (and karma) but you will be rewarded with recognition and additional benefits (see below). CyVerse sees itself as being only as successful as its users. We thank you in advance for your willingness to share your knowledge with the entire CyVerse community!

People are the most important component of CyVerse cyberinfrastructure. With more than 30,000 registered users, we want to help everyone better connect through the Campus Helpers program. We invite you to share what you know about CyVerse and about your science! Whether you have used CyVerse for a little while or are a power user, your experience is valuable to others.

The Campus Helper program is a pilot to see how many community members are interested and will support the program. Throughout the program, we will update everyone who signs up on our progress, and also collect their suggestions and feedback.

Need some help?

Once the rollout begins, we are planning to start with two ways of getting help:

  1. Post a question to Ask, the CyVerse user forum and tag it with your institution name. If a helper is available at your institution, he or she will be notified of your question and help if possible.
  2. View the list (coming soon) of available helpers. You can search by institution or areas of interest. You may then send a question or ask for in-person help.

Want to help?

Sign up here!

Once the rollout begins, If someone needs help, you might be called upon (depending on your preferences) if a:

  • Colleague at your institution posts a question to our forum
  • Question is asked on our forum that is relevant to your interests or expertise
  • Colleague notices you on our list of helpers

There is no obligation to help, so you only address questions you think you can help with. We won’t inundate you with questions, and you can change your notification preferences any time.

How much effort do I need to contribute as helper?

There is no set commitment: help as much or as little as you want. We will not spam you with questions and you can adjust your preferences or participation in the program at any time.

Do I have to be a CyVerse or bioinformatics expert to be a helper?

NO! We believe everyone has something to share. You are not required to answer any questions; we simply want to make it easier for folks to chime in when they do have an idea or advice that could help.

What are the benefits of signing up as a helper?

Besides the satisfaction of helping your colleagues (and generally being a nice person), our helpers contribute to CyVerse by sharing their technical and scientific experience, advice, and support. Because of this valued contribution we reward our helpers through:

  • Recognition and thanks on our website
  • Awarding online badges that highlight our most knowledgeable CI users and contributors
  • Earn allocation increases (Atmosphere, Data Storage) for your active participation
  • Priority support and live help for your active participation