Import Data

Now you are probably eager to import data into the iPlant Data Store. All iPlant platforms interact with the Data Store in some way, although some platforms (e.g., Bisque, CoGe, DNA Subway) may offer additional features to upload data. For now, here are two quick ways to upload even very large (>2GB) datasets. You can probably get started with these in less than 5 minutes. While your data are uploading, come back to the Learning Center to read more details on the iPlant Data Store, including how to share data instantly with other iPlant users.


If you prefer working using a drag-and-drop graphical interface:

Download Cyberduck (for WindowsMac) |Downoload iPlant Cyberduck Profile (Required)| Documentation

Download iDrop Desktop (for Windows, Windows-x64, Mac, Linux) | Documentation


If you prefer working at the command line:

Download iCommands (Mac, Linux - 32bit, Linux - 64bit)| Documentation


How much and what type of data can I upload?