News & Features

Oct 23 2017
Viral and microbial ecologists from nine countries gathered for community science empowerment.
Oct 19 2017
A research team including CyVerse leadership has been awarded $3.4 Million to develop cyberinfrastructure for large-scale image processing.
Oct 06 2017
An international group used CyVerse resources to develop the database, now freely available to researchers and the public.
Sep 27 2017
Conservation biologist Nicola Anthony, University of New Orleans, is preparing students worldwide for a future when informatics is integral to all life sciences.
Sep 08 2017
VIDEO: Students used CyVerse resources to lay the groundwork for a map that predicts the abundance of mosquitoes that vector diseases such as Zika virus.
Aug 22 2017
For researcher, lecturer, mother, and CyVerse community member Catherine Kidner, nothing beats having extensive computing power under her finger.
Jul 05 2017
Researchers at CyVerse, Jetstream, and the Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory have shown that mountain forests are better at storing carbon.
Jun 09 2017
Researchers have developed a unique pipeline for discovery and characterization of lincRNAs.
May 30 2017
HPC systems utilized by CyVerse will transition to Stampede2, a new, NSF-funded supercomputing system at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.
May 22 2017
The collaboration provides MOC users with an intuitive interface to automate cloud computing operations.