CyVerse at PAG XXV


We look forward to kicking off 2017 with those of you attending the Plant & Animal Genome Conference 2017 (PAG XXV) in San Diego, CA this week. Stop by our booth or one of our presentations and say hi, or join our ice cream social to learn more about our community. A complete list of events, as well as our booth hours and location, can be found here.

It is our distinct pleasure to observe our community members’ many diverse research projects unfolding, flourishing, publishing, and impacting life, health, science, and society across the globe. We are grateful to have a few community members join us at PAG XXV to talk about how CyVerse augments their work and success.

CyVerse collaborator Zain AlviZain Alvi, Seton Hall University

Alvi recently defended his PhD dissertation in molecular bioscience, focused on annotating spermatid nuclear transition proteins (SNTPs) and sperm nuclear basic proteins in sequenced Drosophila species – the first large-scale study on SNTPs conducted in invertebrates. “The CyVerse Discovery Environment platform was instrumental in performing differential gene expression analysis,” he noted. Alvi has been a part of the CyVerse community since 2013.

CyVerse collaborator Maria Brown

Maria Brown, Sayville High School

Brown is a New York State Master Teacher, who also holds a Master’s degree in environmental science and additional certifications in wetlands and geospatial sciences. Brown runs a molecular ecology and geospatial laboratory where students conduct authentic research projects, and she teaches geospatial science at Stony Brook University. She uses CyVerse’s DNA Subway platform, working with high school student teams on Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Barcode Long Island project, a microbiome pilot program in which student collaboration mimics workforce teams with “scientific experts” and “computer programmers” working together, and various molecular ecology projects.

CyVerse collaborator Annemarie Eckes

Annemarie Eckes, Earlham Institute

Eckes completed a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences in Heidelberg, Germany, a Master’s degree in climate change at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, U.K, and is now pursuing a PhD in geography part-time. At the Earlham Institute, she uses CyVerse tools and resources to analyze data for the Brassica Information Portal. Said Eckes: “I already see the enormous potential CyVerse has for researchers who lack computational resources or knowledge in software tools for their desired analysis. I think this platform is a great opportunity for collaboration and for encouraging consistent data management and sharing practices.”

CyVerse collaborator Oliver Hyman

Oliver Hyman, James Madison University

Hyman is interested in biodiversity monitoring, eDNA species detection, DNA barcoding, STEM education, course-embedded research experiences (CUREs), disease ecology, herpetology, mycology, and amphibian conservation. He uses CyVerse’s DNA Subway to help integrate DNA barcoding into introductory biology courses, introducing students to authentic research very early in their careers and demonstrating how tools from disparate fields such as molecular biology, field biology, and bioinformatics can contribute to species conservation.

We hope you will be able to connect with these and other community members, learn about their work with CyVerse, and discover CyVerse resources that can assist you with your own projects at PAG XXV.