Earlham Institute launches first CyVerse-UK hub for ‘big data’ analysis

By Hayley London, Earlham Institute

Genomics is increasingly a big data science as now commonplace high-throughput technologies support faster, cheaper generation of data analysis. This enables potentially exciting breakthroughs as researchers can unearth previously hidden patterns and make new discoveries of biological significance. 

However, the scientific community struggles to take full advantage of the data generated because of a lack of computing resource, appropriate support, and technical skills. Additionally, bioinformatics tools generated during research projects to test and validate biological hypotheses often remain limited to prototype form and can only be used by those with computational expertise. 

Therefore, to undertake modern science when faced with a plethora of tools and datasets, researchers need to be able to efficiently store and access datasets, models, and analysis tools, ideally hosted in different global locations to facilitate international projects - this is where CyVerse can help. 

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