Virtual Network to Help Scientists Go Viral


Longtime iPlant collaborator Bonnie Hurwitz and her team at the University of Arizona and BIO5 Institute received funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to launch VERVE Net, the Viral Ecology Research Virtual Exchange Network, a virtual community network that will help bring together researchers who study individual communities of viruses, known as viromes.

VERVE Net will be hosted by iPlant's computational infrastructure, building upon the foundation created when Hurwitz developed iMicrobe in collaboration with the creators of iPlant and also hosted by iPlant. Thus, iPlant is ideally positioned to provide data management for VERVE Net, and to serve as a collaboration platform for researchers to communicate about shared datasets.

“iPlant’s emphasis is on supporting the community to come together in best practices for sciences and data management,” said Nirav Merchant, iPlant co-principal investigator and director of UA’s Arizona Research Laboratories. “VERVE Net is an excellent example of how our resources can be leveraged. We are excited by the possibility of collaborating again with iMicrobe to advance VERVE Net.”

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