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Mar 23 2015
Scientists took advantage of the iPlant Collaborative resources and the Stampede and Lonestar supercomputers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center for a recent study suggesting that gene expression plays a significant role in a plant's adaptation to local climate.
Mar 13 2015
Analyses completed using the iPlant Collaborative’s data storage and analysis platforms earned researchers the cover publication in the January edition of The Plant Cell, the journal of the American Society of Plant Biologists.
Mar 11 2015
The UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has invested £7.5 million in new infrastructure, including iPlant UK, a cyber-infrastructure for plant sciences.
Mar 03 2015
Videos from iPlant at the 2015 International Plant and Animal Genome Meeting XXIII
Mar 02 2015
With Big Data poised to go mainstream this year, here’s a brief(ish) look at the long history of thought and innovation which have led us to the dawn of the data age.
Feb 25 2015
Researchers, students, and educators congregated at the UA campus to learn computational skills for storing, sharing, analyzing and visualizing large datasets.
Feb 23 2015
Discovery Environment ver 1.9.5 has been deployed. All iPlant services are on-line and available.
Feb 20 2015
Work with expert iPlant staff members to address the computational needs of your research project.
Feb 16 2015
Director of the National Science Foundation Dr. France Cordova visited the iPlant Collaborative on Friday.
Feb 13 2015
iPlant's first international node will be established in the United Kingdom, bringing advanced computing necessary for big data analysis across the Atlantic.