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Apr 09 2014
iPlant is being used as part of curriculum for a workshop that applies high-throughput phenotyping technologies to agricultural research.
Dec 19 2013
iPlant is excited to announce publication of the EarthEnv-DEM90 dataset, a new digital elevation model (DEM) dataset developed by Natalie Robinson, James Regetz, and Robert P. Guralnick.
Dec 19 2013
n OSTP blogpost on the G-8 Open Ag Data conference highlighted iPlant as an example of "some excellent work that’s already underway and making positive change in the Open Ag Data arena." Correction: alignment (not sequencing!) to bovine genome in 8 hrs!
Dec 19 2013
Using iPlant compute power, iPlant collaborator Eric Lyons led the comparative analysis of the bladderwort genome to unravel its complex evolutionary history. His research team provided the analytical software, CoGe, which is Powered by iPlant, for this task.