News & Features

Jun 03 2015
Why cloud computing is attracting scientists — and advice from experienced researchers on how to get started.
May 18 2015
A professor of molecular biology is using the iPlant Collaborative’s Education Cloud to teach his students the bio-computing skills they need to succeed in science.
May 04 2015
The iPlant Collaborative's new Campus Helpers program engages experienced users to collaborate with newer users at their institutions.
May 01 2015
Discovery Environment version 1.9.7 is available.
Apr 30 2015
Work with expert iPlant staff members to address the computational needs of your research project.
Apr 27 2015
The NSF has awarded funding for the Planteome Project, an iPlant-supported plant biology initiative, for three years.
Apr 20 2015
The iPlant Collaborative and Data Carpentry recently held a workshop to develop lesson and assessment materials designed to get investigators working with – and feeling out – big data.
Apr 10 2015
A group of USDA-Agricultural Research Service researchers are collaborating with the iPlant Collaborative in working through big data analysis topics including RNA-sequence workflows and population data.
Apr 07 2015
All services are back online and available.
Mar 30 2015
Discovery Environment version 1.9.6 has been deployed. New reference genomes are available.