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10 Finest Companion Vegetation for Peonies

Due to ruffled blooms atop long-lived crops, peonies are a backyard favourite. And whereas a number of peony crops will make for an exquisite backyard, you could wish to combine in another crops to create a various backyard and assist your peony thrive. Stick with us as we cowl a few of the greatest companion crops for peonies.

10 Best Companion Plants for Peonies

What Are Companion Vegetation?

Companion crops are crops that work nicely with, and even profit, their neighboring crops. A companion plant usually has the identical ultimate atmosphere and rising situations as the main target plant, so you possibly can plant the 2 in the identical space and supply related care.

Companion crops could entice helpful bugs, repel pests, shade the soil to preserve moisture, and enhance soil construction.

Suggestions for Selecting Companion Vegetation for Peonies

Tips for Choosing Companion Plants for Peonies

When selecting companion crops for peonies, it is best to contemplate the peonies’ ultimate atmosphere and select crops with related preferences. Which means it is best to choose crops that choose wealthy and well-drained soil that stays moist.

Since peonies like a number of mild, you shouldn’t select bigger crops that can shade out peonies. Nevertheless, you possibly can go for shorter shade-loving crops that can profit from the shade a peony plant can present.

So far as how near plant companion crops subsequent to peonies, keep in mind that many varieties of peonies are vulnerable to fungal ailments, particularly Botrytis. Which means leaving at the very least a foot of house round a peony plant to encourage good airflow.

When you’re within the look of your backyard, contemplate selecting crops that bloom at completely different instances than peonies. Since peonies flower within the late spring, planting summer-blooming flowers close by can assist add curiosity to your backyard.

10 Finest Companion Vegetation for Peonies

When you don’t know what to plant subsequent to your peonies, contemplate choosing a couple of crops from this checklist of peony companion crops.

1. Daylily (Hemerocallis spp.)

Daylily (Hemerocallis spp.) are beautiful companion plants for peonies

When peonies end blooming, daylilies can leap in and supply a welcome dose of colour. And since you possibly can plant daylilies in small clumps or massive lots, they simply match into no matter dimension space you’ve.

Each daylilies and peonies additionally choose well-drained but moist soil, so you possibly can take care of them the identical approach.

2. Roses (Rosa spp.)

Roses (Rosa spp.) are beautiful companion plants for peonies

Roses and peonies are two of essentially the most well-known and well-loved flowering shrubs. They usually occur to make a terrific pairing!

Many roses start to bloom simply as peony flowers are fading, which suggests planting these two crops collectively can provide months of steady flowers.

3. Hosta (Hosta spp.)

Hosta (Hosta spp.)

When you’re searching for crops to tuck within the shade of your peony crops, shade-loving hostas can do the trick. Since there are such a lot of completely different species and types of hostas, you possibly can search for some that slot in nicely in your space.

If you’d like smaller crops to take a seat below your peony and act as a weed block and floor cowl, search for dwarf varieties. And for those who’d like greater crops to take a seat a couple of ft in entrance of your peonies, select bigger hostas.

4. Decorative Onion (Allium spp.)

Ornamental Onion (Allium spp.) are beautiful companion plants for peonies

Whereas individuals usually plant alliums like garlic, onions, and chives for his or her culinary makes use of, some varieties of those crops produce stunning flowers. For instance, decorative onions produce massive globe-shaped flowers within the late spring or early summer season.

These tall and distinct blooms present a pleasant distinction to the extra delicate peony flowers. 

5. Delphinium (Delphinium spp.)

Delphinium (Delphinium spp.)

Whereas peonies are shrubs, they not often develop over 4 ft tall, and many types max out at two or three ft. Which means you’ve room to tuck the stunning flowering delphinium behind the shrubs.

Delphinium, also called larkspur, produces tall flower spikes within the spring or summer season.

6. Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia)

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia)

One advantage of companion crops for peonies is that they’ll maintain down weeds whereas additionally retaining in soil moisture. And the groundcover creeping Jenny does each of those!

This plant, also called moneywort, has vibrant yellow-green foliage and small yellow flowers.

7. Sea Holly (Eryngium planum)

Sea Holly (Eryngium planum)

When you’re searching for a perennial plant to distinction towards the peony’s delicate flowers, try the spiky sea holly. This plant resembles thistle, with jagged leaves and spherical flowers.

You will discover each blue and white types of sea holly.

8. Lilac (Syringa spp.)

Lilac (Syringa spp.) are beautiful companion plants for peonies

Lilac shrubs are a couple of ft bigger than peonies, which signifies that they’ll function a pleasant flowering backdrop to the peonies. Do not forget that lilacs will develop up and out, so depart satisfactory house between these two shrubs.

9. Iris (Iris spp.)

Iris (Iris spp.) are beautiful companion plants for peonies

One other iconic backyard flower is the iris. These flag-like crops produce massive flowers that flatter the peony blooms.

Whereas peonies bore their flowers on shrubs, irises have powerful and pointed leaves that develop skyward.

10. Hydrangea (Hydrangea spp.)

Hydrangea (Hydrangea spp.) are beautiful companion plants for peonies

Hydrangeas are different shrubs that make glorious companion crops for peonies. These crops usually proceed blooming after peony flowers fade, creating magnificence and attracting helpful bugs like parasitic wasps and ladybugs.

Vegetation to Keep away from

You need to keep away from planting creeping or spreading crops with sturdy root techniques subsequent to peonies. These crops’ roots can intertwine with peony roots and weaken them.

Which means retaining mint, yarrow, and lamb’s ear away from peonies.

You must also keep away from planting spreading crops too near peonies, because the crops could infringe on the peonies and restrict the airflow across the shrubs.

Companion Vegetation for Peonies FAQs: 

What Is the Finest Place to Plant Peonies?

Select an space with full solar and well-draining soil that may stay moist between waterings. Be sure that to permit at the very least a foot of house across the peonies to permit for satisfactory airflow.

Though peony crops will develop bigger as they age, their root techniques is not going to develop into invasive.

Can I Plant Peonies with Different Vegetation?

Sure, many different varieties of crops work nicely with peonies! Simply make sure you present sufficient house between crops to permit for satisfactory airflow.

Wrapping Up

Peonies are nice backyard shrubs that may develop nicely with varied different crops. The very best companion crops may have related ultimate environments and develop subsequent to peonies with out choking them out.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the way to develop peonies for freshmen, essentially the most aromatic varieties of peony flowers.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at dwelling.



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