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11 Best Tomatoes to Develop From Seed

After I began gardening, I used to be overwhelmed by the 1000’s of various seed varieties in every catalog. I solely wished a fast reward of juicy tomatoes for snacks and burgers. However I knew I wished to begin from seed. After six years of gardening and industrial natural farming, I lastly cracked the code to the simplest tomatoes you may develop from seed in any local weather. 

Let’s dig into 11 beginner-friendly varieties for speedy, low-maintenance progress in containers or raised backyard beds.

What Are the Best Tomatoes to Develop from Seed?

Close-up of peat pots with planted tomato seeds. A white sign was stuck into the soil with the inscription: “tomato.”
Cherry tomatoes are the simplest to develop from seed, particularly hybrid determinate bush varieties.

The simplest tomatoes to develop from seed are cherry tomatoes, with excessive germination charges, speedy progress, and disease-resistant traits. Usually, hybrid determinate bush varieties are the simplest for newbie gardeners as a result of they mature rapidly and don’t require a lot pruning or staking.

When in search of an easy-to-grow tomato, search for:

Excessive Germination Price

Viable seeds supply 95-100% germination, that means nearly all seeds you plant will emerge underneath the precise situations. Contemporary seeds (i.e. bought this 12 months) have increased germination charges than older packets. Constant heat and moisture after planting will be certain that most of your tomatoes sprout.

Fast Germination

Some tomatoes emerge in as little as 5 days, whereas others take as much as two weeks. We selected seeds that emerge as rapidly as potential for the impatient newbie! 

Speedy Development

As a consequence of a phenomenon known as hybrid vigor, hybrid varieties are inclined to develop the quickest. It’s because the mother and father with the most effective traits are crossed collectively for ultra-vigorous offspring. Hybrid cultivars are the simplest for newbie gardeners, whereas heirlooms could also be tougher attributable to longer progress occasions and vulnerability to extra pests or illnesses.

Days to Maturity

At 50 to 65 days to maturity, cherry tomatoes are usually prepared to reap far more rapidly than massive slicer tomatoes. In case you are impatient or nervous about rising from seed, select a small-fruited tomato selection to begin with.

Simple to Prune and Stake

Determinate (bush) varieties are simpler for novice growers as a result of they require little to no pruning and may be grown with a easy tomato cage. In case you are up for slightly extra upkeep, indeterminate (vining) cultivars may be pruned and educated up a stake or trellis.

Illness Resistance

If you would like the simplest potential tomato-growing expertise, begin with seeds which are genetically proof against main tomato illnesses. Plant breeding entails crossing sure dad or mum sorts collectively to develop offspring seeds which are proof against main illnesses. These varieties are fully non-GMO. They’ve been naturally chosen for traits that make them extra resilient and straightforward to develop for rookies!

11 Simple Tomato Varieties to Develop from Seed

By most definitions, simple gardening means you sow seeds, water them, they usually produce scrumptious meals with minimal effort. These tomato varieties test all of the containers for laidback manufacturing with low upkeep. So long as you present constant moisture, heat temperatures, and full daylight, these seeds will sprout and flourish very quickly!

‘Gardener’s Delight’ Cherry Tomato

A woman's hand holds a glass plate with freshly picked tomatoes against a background of green foliage in the garden. 'Gardener's Delight' cherry tomato plants are characterized by lush green foliage and vibrant red cherry-sized fruits. The leaves are typical of tomato plants, with a deep green color, while the fruits are small and round with a bright red hue.
These cherry tomatoes are a tasty, fast-maturing heirloom selection with good yield potential.

For a summer time of candy delights able to pop proper in your mouth, ‘Gardener’s Delight’ received’t disappoint. That is the right fast-maturing cherry tomato that’s additional flavorful and lowkey within the backyard.

As a Nineteen Fifties German heirloom, ‘Gardener’s Delight’ has withstood the assessments of time and climate in American gardens. Whereas it could not have the spectacular disease-resistance package deal of a hybrid sort, it grows and yields rapidly sufficient to fulfill any newbie. 

Our Botanical Pursuits neighborhood reviews as excessive as 100% germination from over 70 seeds in a single packet! The seeds germinate rapidly inside 5-10 days underneath the precise moisture and heat situations.

For the most effective outcomes, begin indoors in seed trays 4 to six weeks earlier than your final frost and use a soil thermometer to make sure your soil combine is 70-90°F. If your house or nursery is a bit cooler, place a heating mat underneath the seed trays to encourage speedy emergence. Sow seeds at a depth of ⅛” in a well-drained seed beginning combine.

Transplant seedlings when the air temperature is reliably above 45°F, and your backyard soil is at the very least 60°F. Present a stake, equivalent to a T-post or a tomato trellis, for the lengthy vines to ramble up. You’ll be able to anticipate shiny crimson sun-ripened cherries inside 65 days of sowing. 

‘Supersweet 100’ F1 Cherry Tomato

Close-up of ripe 'Supersweet 100' F1 cherry tomato fruits among the compound pinnate green foliage with jagged edges. The 'Supersweet 100' F1 cherry tomato is recognized for its lush and vigorous vines that produce numerous clusters of small, round, and brilliantly red cherry tomatoes.
These easy-to-grow cherry tomatoes are disease-resistant, indeterminate vegetation that require heat soil for speedy germination.

This basic cherry tomato produces huge clusters of mini fruits all summer time lengthy. The prolific vegetation are remarkably simple to develop— they virtually develop themselves! ‘Supersweet 100’ is an F1 hybrid, that means it’s additional vigorous and bred for resistance to illnesses like Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt.

It’s indeterminate, that means the vines want help like a stake, cage, or A-frame trellis. The seeds germinate quickly in soils round 85°F and particularly respect a heating mat when began indoors. 

The important thing to comfortable vegetation is to keep away from beginning too early. Sow 5-6 weeks earlier than you propose to transplant and preserve constant moisture. Transplant ‘Supersweet 100’ seedlings deeply to encourage roots to kind alongside the stems. Inside 60 days, you can begin harvesting decadent crimson fruits!

This selection will yield prolifically all summer time if it will get a pleasant addition of all-purpose fertilizer and constant moisture all through the season. Full daylight is a should to stop vegetation from turning into spindly or leggy. 

‘Crimson Satisfaction’ Bush Tomato

Close-up of ripe 'Red Pride' bush tomato fruits in a garden among dark green foliage. The fruits of 'Red Pride' are medium-sized, round, and have a vibrant red color.
‘Crimson Satisfaction’ tomatoes are a disease-resistant, compact, determinate selection that yields 10-ounce slicer fruits.

This award-winning tomato is amazingly compact but yields a bountiful harvest of 10-ounce 3”-diameter slicer fruits. ‘Crimson Satisfaction’ seeds are bred with very good illness resistance, together with pure resilience towards Alternaria stem canker, Fusarium wilt, and grey leaf spot. This easy-to-grow tomato is a determinate bush selection that requires little greater than a tomato cage, common watering, and loads of daylight. 

Sow the seeds indoors 4 to six weeks earlier than transplanting, often 1 to 2 weeks after your final frost date within the spring. Plant about ¼” deep and water persistently till they emerge in 5-10 days. Present a heating mat for quicker, extra even germination.

Our neighborhood reviews extremely profitable germination each indoors and out! In case you reside in a light local weather, you may sow seeds immediately within the backyard as soon as temperatures are persistently above 50°F. 

‘Solar Gold’ Pole Cherry Tomato

Close-up of ripening 'Sun Gold' pole cherry tomato fruits in a vegetable garden. The 'Sun Gold' pole cherry tomato produces strikingly vibrant and small cherry tomatoes that are renowned for their intense golden-orange hue. These fruits are round, with thin, shiny, almost transparent skin.
They’re disease-resistant, good for recent consuming, and profit from robust help and occasional pruning.

The enduring ‘Solar Gold’ cherry has superior sweetness and a shiny orange coloration unmatched by some other tomato within the backyard. That is my private favourite and essentially the most profitable plant I grew in my early years of gardening. ‘Solar Gold’ vegetation virtually develop themselves and begin yielding simply 57 days from transplanting. You’ll be able to pull golden summer time drops from the vines by way of the primary frosts of autumn.

This selection is disease-resistant and produces low-acid fruits good for recent consuming. The seeds germinate quickly and simply in heat, moist situations with shiny mild. I’ve began them indoors in 4” pots by a south-facing windowsill with nice outcomes.

While you transplant within the backyard, robust help is required for the vigorous vines. A T-post trellis is nice for coaching the vines, particularly in the event you’re prepared to do some pruning to decide on only one or two “chief” vines. Eradicating the aspect shoots (“suckers”) will dramatically enhance yields, however it isn’t important.

These fruits are uncommon in grocery shops, making them much more fascinating within the backyard. Make sure the vegetation have 6-8 hours of direct daylight and well-drained loamy soil. In case you can, reduce barely again on watering once they start fruiting, and you’ll harvest the sweetest golden cherries you’ve ever tasted!

‘Italian Roma’ Bush Tomato

Close-up of ripe 'Italian Roma' bush tomato fruits in a sunny garden. The 'Italian Roma' bush tomato is known for its compact growth and distinctive elongated, oblong fruits. These tomatoes have a firm and meaty texture. The fruits are medium-sized, slightly elongated, pear-shaped and have a deep red color.
That is an easy-to-grow, determinate sauce tomato that yields massive portions of rectangular fruits.

In case you love canning or making pasta sauce, you don’t wish to miss this easy-to-grow Italian basic. A beginner-friendly determinate sauce tomato, ‘Italian Roma’ is a type of heirlooms that behaves like a hybrid. The compact vines are significantly productive and yield enormous portions of three” rectangular fruits that ripen throughout the identical time.

I like ‘Italian Roma’ as a result of it requires little to no upkeep. In case you are overwhelmed by tomato pruning, you’ll be excited to see how these vegetation maintain themselves with a easy tomato cage. In case you have time, slightly little bit of sucker elimination will enhance airflow and sign the plant to channel extra power to its fruits.

At 80 days to maturity, this selection takes slightly longer to develop than others on this record. Nevertheless, the seeds present fast, simple germination, and the vegetation appear to double in dimension each week. Keep away from fertilizing with high-nitrogen fertilizer which will trigger an overgrowth of foliage growth. As an alternative, feed with a slow-release all-purpose fertilizer like Espoma Tomato-Tone Natural Plant Meals.

‘Mountain Benefit’ Bush Tomato

Close-up of mature 'Mountain Merit' Bush Tomato fruit among dark green foliage. This plant produces medium-sized, round, and deeply red fruits that are known for their classic tomato appearance. The ripe fruits have a rich and glossy red skin.
‘Mountain Benefit’ is a beginner-friendly, compact, determinate beefsteak tomato with very good illness resistance.

Patio and container gardeners take notice! This is likely one of the solely beefsteak-type tomatoes I’d advocate for rookies. ‘Mountain Benefit’ has earned its deserves by rising compact, vigorous vegetation that yield scrumptious slicer tomatoes with a basic taste. It’s an All-American Choices Heartland winner for its very good illness resistance and manufacturing. It will probably even stand up to root-knot nematodes and late blight!

‘Mountain Benefit’ is a determinate sort good for containers or small backyard beds. It retains a tidy progress behavior and behaves nicely in a easy tomato cage with little pruning. The 8-10 ounce slicing tomatoes ripen across the similar time, good for an enormous summer time barbeque, freezing, or preserving.

For simpler planting, these seeds are lined with an inert natural coating that makes them extra seen within the soil. It’s greatest to begin indoors in cell trays or 4” pots underneath develop lights or in a shiny south-facing window. Sow them ¼” deep in heat, well-drained soil that’s at the very least 70°F. Wait 5-10 days from germination and transplant within the backyard about two weeks after your final frost. Count on scrumptious BLT-ready tomatoes round 75 days after transplanting.

‘Moneymaker’ Pole Tomato

Close-up of 'Moneymaker' Pole Tomato plants with ripening fruits in a garden bed. The 'Moneymaker' pole tomato produces medium-sized, round fruits with a classic tomato appearance. These tomatoes have a rich, deep red color when fully ripe. They have a traditional round shape and a visually appealing, vibrant red hue. Some fruits are green.
It thrives in humid summers, and you’ll direct-sow its small seeds 1-2 weeks after the final frost for a bountiful harvest.

Moneymaker’ is a high-yielding favourite amongst southern growers with humid, scorching summers. It bought its identify due to its recognition amongst industrial growers within the 60s. The heavy yields of medium-sized fruits seem 75-80 days after planting and proceed to yield all summer time. This indeterminate pole tomato is likely one of the best to develop from seed and enjoys a supportive trellis and lightweight pruning to encourage a number of power towards the globe-shaped fruits. 

The small seeds may be immediately sown 1 to 2 weeks after your common frost date. Plant about ⅛” deep in rows 36” aside with 24-36” between vegetation. Constant moisture and loamy, compost-rich soil guarantee thriving quick progress. Night time temperatures between 55° and 75°F are perfect for optimum fruit units. 

‘Patio Selection’ Yellow Bush Cherry Tomato

Close-up of ripe fruits of 'Patio Choice' yellow bush cherry tomato. The 'Patio Choice' yellow bush cherry tomato boasts a distinctive appearance with its compact, bushy growth and vibrant yellow cherry-sized fruits.
‘Patio Selection’ is a quick-growing, disease-resistant yellow cherry tomato, good for containers.

One other nice possibility for container gardeners, ‘Patio Selection,’ is a novel yellow cherry tomato that performs excellently in a pot. It grows so rapidly which you could begin harvesting fruits in as little as 45 days after planting! The compact, bushy vegetation produce an abundance of candy half-ounce cherry tomatoes in a really small area. The attention-catching yellow coloration appears lovely in salads or salsas. 

‘Patio Selection’ is an All American Choices award winner with superior illness resistance, together with resilience to the dreadful tobacco mosaic virus! Southern growers can be comfortable to know that this plant performs nicely in excessive warmth and humidity. They solely ask for 18-24” of area or a medium-sized (5 gal+) container with a tomato cage. 

Make sure the soil temperature is round 80°F for optimum germination. Whether or not sowing indoors or out, I prefer to test my soil temperature with a soil thermometer earlier than planting. Sow seeds 1⁄8” deep and flippantly cowl with a skinny layer of vermiculite or soil combine. ‘Patio Selection’ enjoys constant moist however by no means soggy soil. Crops rising within the floor change into barely extra drought-tolerant as soon as established. Container vegetation want steady irrigation all through the summer time.

‘Cherry Falls’ Bush Cherry Tomato

Close-up of 'Cherry Falls' bush cherry tomato plant with ripe fruits in a sunny garden. The 'Cherry Falls' bush cherry tomato is characterized by its cascading growth habit, with vines that gracefully spill over the sides of the container. The cherry-sized fruits are small, round, and have a vibrant red color.
‘Cherry Falls’ is a flexible and ornamental bush cherry that may be grown in pots or hanging baskets.

This easy-going bush cherry is useful and aesthetic. You’ll be able to develop ‘Cherry Falls’ in pots or hanging baskets. The vines will droop over the perimeters with dazzling clusters of shiny crimson tomatoes with loads of decorative worth. However that doesn’t imply this selection is missing in taste. The fruits aren’t as simple as ‘Solar Gold,’ however they make a pleasant rainbow of coloration when blended with their orange cousins and ‘Patio Yellow’ cherries.

‘Cherry Falls’ matures simply 55-65 days after planting and performs nicely with a easy trellis or cage. The determinate vines develop round 18” lengthy but retain their bushy behavior. The seeds germinate evenly and rapidly in a well-drained soil mix with even moisture and full daylight.   

‘Early Woman’ F1 Tomato

Close-up of ripe and green fruits of 'Early Girl' F1 tomato. The 'Early Girl' F1 tomato produces medium-sized, round fruits that are deeply red when fully ripe.These tomatoes have a classic tomato shape, and smooth and glossy skin.
This tomato is a drought-tolerant, disease-resistant hybrid that ripens rapidly, making it best for rookies.

An iconic hybrid, ‘Early Woman’ is usually the primary slicer tomato to ripen in late spring or early summer time. This selection is extremely drought tolerant and proof against blossom end-rot in addition to a number of varieties of wilt.

‘Early Woman’ vines are very vigorous even in low moisture situations, making this good for newbie gardeners who often neglect to water. The vegetation yield in as little as 60 days, and the fruits have a meaty texture with a balanced taste. 

Whereas ‘Early Woman’ fruits extra-early within the season, that doesn’t imply you must begin the vegetation too early. If beginning seeds indoors, wait to sow till 4-5 weeks earlier than your anticipated final frost date. Evenly cowl the seeds and hold the combo at 75-85°F with shiny, direct mild. I at all times complement with a develop mild when beginning these on a windowsill as a result of spring climate may be pretty grey in northern zones.

Transplant out when the danger of frost has handed and use a row cowl to guard younger vegetation from nighttime temperature fluctuations. I hold the row cloth on my ‘Early Ladies’ till they begin flowering, at which period it have to be eliminated to permit correct pollination.

‘Glacier’ Bush Tomato

Close-up of ripe 'Glacier' bush tomato fruits in the garden. The 'Glacier' bush tomato produces small to medium-sized round fruits with a classic tomato shape. These tomatoes have a bright red color, and their smooth, glossy skin contrasts beautifully with the deep green foliage of the plant.
‘Glacier’ is a good alternative for cold-weather gardeners because it’s among the many first and final tomatoes of the season.

For cold-weather gardeners, ‘Glacier’ is a necessary seed on your annual tomato repertoire. This compact plant can be one in all your first ripe tomatoes in the summertime and among the many final within the fall. The 30” vines reliably set fruit in cooler temperatures and tolerate a bit extra chilly than different varieties. Nonetheless, ‘Glacier’ wants at the very least 60 days of frost-free climate to set fruit correctly.

Seeds may be sown at a 1⁄4” depth for 4 to six weeks earlier than transplanting. Heat soil combine encourages essentially the most, even sprouting inside 5-7 days. Transplant to containers or out of doors beds when the climate is settled, about two weeks after your final frost date. These semi-determinate vegetation get pleasure from tomato cage help. 

The leaves are “potato-leaf’ fashion, which distinguishes them from many different sorts. Whereas they tolerate some chilly, I nonetheless like to make use of row covers on early vegetation to encourage quicker progress. Spherical 2 to 3-ounce fruits will start forming inside 55 days of planting. 

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Hybrid cherry tomatoes like ‘Solar Gold’ or dependable heirlooms like ‘Gardener’s Delight’ are extraordinarily simple to develop from seed and produce fast rewards in as little as 55 days after planting. These ultra-vigorous vegetation are beginner-friendly and disease-resistant. The important thing to comfortable tomatoes is heat soil (use a soil thermometer to test it’s at the very least 70°F), persistently moist (by no means soggy) soil, and at the very least 6-8 hours of shiny daylight.

‘Glacier’ and ‘Early Woman’ are the most well-liked and fast-growing slicer tomatoes for rookies. They tolerate a bit extra neglect and thrive with little greater than heat climate, constant moisture, and shiny daylight. Each vegetation will reliably yield with little pruning and a beneficiant serving to of slow-release, all-purpose fertilizer.

Closing Ideas

Essentially the most beginner-friendly tomatoes are time-trusted heirlooms or well-bred hybrids. Cherry and determinate (bush) sorts are often the simplest to look after as a result of they yield rapidly and don’t require a lot staking or pruning.

For a simplified gardening season, search for varieties with quick days to maturity, adaptation to your area, and a pleasant disease-resistance package deal to attenuate your backyard complications. For the most effective germination and progress, don’t neglect to begin tomato seeds indoors 4-6 weeks earlier than planting in soils at the very least 70°F.



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