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16 Finest Feng Shui Crops and The place to Place Them

Houseplants not solely assist us to reconnect with nature, however additionally they enliven nearly any dwelling house and work nice in each residence and workplace environments. In response to the ideas of the follow of feng shui, crops have the potential to have an effect on vitality (qi) indoors in each detrimental and constructive methods. The easiest way to harness the potential energy of your houseplants is to study the essential ideas of the philosophy and artwork of feng shui. On this information, I’ll share 16 of the very best feng shui crops, plus study the basic issues in feng shui concept associated to houseplants for creating constructive vitality in your inside areas. 

Best (and Worst) Feng Shui Plants for the Home or Office

The Primary Rules of Crops and Feng Shui

The Basic Principles of Plants and Feng Shui

The essential ideas of feng shui are based mostly on balancing the 5 parts or forces (wooden, fireplace, earth, metallic, and water) in an area or design to harness the pure vitality (known as qi) of the encompassing house in a constructive or auspicious manner.

How Crops Are Utilized in Feng Shui

Crops are related to the colour inexperienced, which is taken into account to have therapeutic vitality. They’re additionally related to the wooden aspect, which invitations the important vitality of exercise and progress into an area. Wooden can be related to vitality, compassion, flexibility, and kindness. Moreover, wooden feeds the hearth aspect, which fuels progress, reaching out, and confronting change.

Easy methods to Keep away from Unhealthy Vitality With Crops and Feng Shui

There aren’t essentially crops which might be at all times thought of good and crops which might be at all times thought to be dangerous in feng shui.

Nonetheless, when utilized incorrectly, positioned poorly, or too closely integrated with the remainder of an area, crops can generate detrimental vitality in feng shui. Moreover, some crops which have spikier profiles or which might be unhealthy might be trickier to include right into a feng shui design in a manner that can attract constructive vitality.

This may not essentially imply that they’re drawing dangerous luck or dangerous vibes, however the crops can block vitality or throw the duality of the yin and yang polarity of the 5 parts out of steadiness, creating an undesirable vitality circulate in your house.

Easy methods to Place Crops within the Residence Based mostly on Feng Shui Practices

The Bagua Map and Eight Trigrams

Though your massive fiddle leaf fig may look enticing close to your bed room window, or you may want your cacti assortment to have delight of place on the entrance of your house, merely including crops to the house, workplace, or desk in any placement you want gained’t essentially harness constructive qi, based on the ideas of feng shui. Crops have to be chosen and positioned mindfully to profit from their energy-drawing properties.

Utilizing a Bagua Map to Support Plant Placement and Groupings

Feng shui practitioners use a bagua map that outlines eight aspirations or areas of life across the cardinal instructions. They’re every related to a cardinal path, aspect, quantity, season, colours, and shapes or textures. The bagua areas embody:

  • Household (Zhen)
  • Wealth and Prosperity (Xun)
  • Well being (Tai Qi)
  • Useful Individuals (Qian)
  • Kids (Dui)
  • Information (Gen)
  • Fame or Status (Li)
  • Profession (Kan)
  • Partnership (Kun)

By laying a Bagua map over your house, workplace, or a room’s ground plan, you possibly can then organize objects and select design parts that can be most auspicious for every of the eight areas of life. Place houseplants within the Bagua areas the place you wish to encourage progress, vitality, or change. You can even incorporate houseplants into your design based mostly on the Bagua areas, the place wooden is the related aspect (Zhen and Xun).

The wooden aspect may work together with the opposite parts. Wooden fuels fireplace, so selecting fireplace parts as Bagua areas (Li) for plant placement will encourage progress in these areas. Alternatively, wooden weakens water, earth, and metallic forces, so feng shui pointers advocate not putting crops or different wooden aspect objects within the areas of the Bagua map related to these parts.

If you happen to want to group crops collectively, achieve this utilizing the identical variety of crops as that Bagua’s fortunate quantity. For instance, the quantity 4 represents the wealth and prosperity Bagua, so crops are greatest organized in teams of 4 contained in the Xun Bagua.

16 Finest Crops for Constructive Feng Shui

Right here, you’ll discover 16 wonderful houseplant choices in style amongst feng shui practitioners. We’ve detailed the potential advantages and traits of every and a few important plant care suggestions so you could find the very best choices to your personal distinctive dwelling surroundings:

Fortunate Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui


Fortunate bamboo might be the most well-liked plant for producing constructive feng shui vitality. It has a tall, upward progress sample related to enchancment. Moreover, the variety of stalks displayed is strongly related to the trigrams of the bagua map.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Upward mobility, the Aristocracy, peace, flexibility, knowledge, adaptability, and openness

The place to Place: 

Fortunate bamboo needs to be positioned within the Xun and Kun areas of the Bagua map to encourage progress in wealth and relationships. They can be positioned in places of work, entryways, and dwelling rooms.

Basic Care: 

Requires reasonable, oblique gentle and soil that’s stored barely damp always.

Orchid Crops

Orchid Plants Feng Shui


Orchid crops are pretty selections for feng shui. They’re visually lovely, and so they even have quite a lot of makes use of in feng shui practices. With so many various orchids to select from, it’s important to be aware of your orchid’s colour, and the variety of stems to make sure correct placement.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Fertility and creativity

The place to Place: 

Place white orchids within the household and kids baguas. Yellow orchids can go within the middle of the house or within the well being bagua. Purple orchids belong within the wealth bagua, and pink orchids with two stems might be positioned within the relationship bagua.

Basic Care: 

Present vibrant, oblique daylight, reasonable temperatures, and reasonable humidity. Water totally when potting medium isn’t fairly dry and permit extra moisture to empty.

Air Crops

Air Plants Feng Shui


Air crops are a sort of bromeliad that don’t have any roots and soak up vitamins and water by means of their leaves. “Feng shui” actually interprets to wind and water; though they belong to the wooden aspect, air crops are additionally a superb illustration of each the water and wind parts in feng shui.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Balancing, calming, refreshing, and uplifting

The place to Place: 

Air crops soak up water by means of their leaves, in order that they’re good for balancing the vitality in any surroundings with a whole lot of water. This makes them a superb selection for bogs and laundry rooms.

Basic Care: 

Requires vibrant to medium oblique daylight, occasional misting, and a soak in filtered water each 1 to 2 weeks.

Cash Tree

Money Tree Plant Feng Shui


Cash tree crops are enjoyable to develop, enticing to have a look at, and they’re strongly related to good luck. In feng shui, they’re a plant that encourages constructive vitality and progress in a house’s wealth and well being sections.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Improve and entice wealth, abundance, and prosperity

The place to Place: 

For prosperity and wealth, place your cash tree within the southeast a part of your house or in your workplace. The east (well being) portion of your house is one other great place for a cash tree.

Basic Care: 

Cash timber want vibrant, oblique daylight and a well-draining pot and potting combine. Water when the soil is nearly dry and permit all extra moisture to empty fully.

Snake Crops

Snake Plant Feng Shui


Attributable to its sword-like, pointed leaves, snake crops are sometimes mistaken for a foul feng shui plant. Nonetheless, this couldn’t be farther from the reality. Since its pointy leaves develop upward, it completely represents upward flowing vitality that simply slices by means of detrimental, heavy vibes.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Neutralizes negativity and restores circulate to stagnate vitality

The place to Place: 

Place snake crops beneath beams, entryways, and dwelling rooms.

Basic Care: 

Brilliant, oblique gentle and sandy, well-draining soil. Water each 1 to 2 weeks when the soil has dried fully.

Jade Crops

Jade Plant Feng Shui


Jade crops are my favourite succulent. They’ll attain unbelievable sizes and develop for generations, turning into heirlooms handed down by means of households. In Chinese language tradition, their leaves resemble cash, in order that they’re thought to draw prosperity in feng shui.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Wealth and prosperity. 

The place to Place: 

Place jade crops within the southeast nook of your house or workplace as it’s related to wealth.

Basic Care: 

This succulent prefers partial shade, a sandy potting combine, and watering solely when the soil has dried fully.

Rubber Crops

Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui


Rubber crops (additionally known as rubber tree crops) are a sort of ficus which have broad, spherical leaves that assist harness constructive vitality flowing by means of a room. These crops may develop to be about 10-feet tall, which implies they’ll draw much more good vitality the larger they get.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Happiness, abundance, wealth, and enhanced constructive vitality circulate

The place to Place: 

Rubber crops will most successfully improve the vitality in your house’s wealth (southeast) part. They’re additionally appropriate for eating rooms.

Basic Care: 

Rubber crops require vibrant, oblique daylight and a well-draining potting combine that’s stored evenly moist with common watering. Fertilize usually in the course of the rising season (spring and summer time).

Ficus Ginseng Plant

Ficus Ginseng Plant to bring positive Feng Shui


The ficus ginseng (additionally known as the Chinese language banyan) is among the timber popularly utilized in the artwork of Bonsai. Consequently, they’re well-suited to small containers and excellent for drawing auspicious vitality into smaller rooms or workplace areas.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

The place to Place: 

Excellent for darker rooms, places of work with synthetic lights, and any part of the Bagua the place you possibly can use a little bit good luck.

Basic Care: 

Prefers shade or synthetic gentle, well-draining soil, rare watering and fertilizing, and heat, humid circumstances. It’s additionally important to remain on high of widespread ficus ginseng pests, bugs, and illnesses. For extra, see our in-depth ficus ginseng care information right here.

Calathea Crops

Calathea Plants for Feng Shui


Calathea crops are a favourite for his or her lush foliage that options placing stripes, patterns, and colours. When choosing a calathea plant to your residence, be aware of the one you select. Some have leaves which might be all inexperienced, and these might be handled like different crops with inexperienced selling therapeutic. Nonetheless, different calatheas function white stripes or purple-hued backs, and these colours are related to their very own meanings and areas of the Bagua map.

Feng Shui Advantages:

Calathea crops are properly regarded for his or her air-purifying capabilities and are aligned with fame and constructive reputational advantages in feng shui practices. 

The place to Place: 

Most calatheas will present the best feng shui advantages when positioned within the south of your house or workplace to enhance the vitality circulate to the celebrity, recognition, and popularity space of your Bagua map. Place purple calatheas within the east or wealth Bagua.

Basic Care: 

Calathea crops choose low to medium daylight and soil that’s stored evenly moist with pretty frequent watering (relying on the season).

Banana Crops

Banana Plants for Feng Shui


Banana crops – those liable for the yellow-colored fruit all of us love – are a favourite indoor plant for feng shui functions. They’ve massive, broad leaves which might be related to sturdy, constructive vitality in feng shui practices.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Peace, prosperity, and constructive vitality. 

The place to Place: 

Place a banana plant within the southeast of your house or the southeast nook of your workplace or lounge. Be sure the house you select is massive sufficient to accommodate the banana plant’s dimension. Though they possible gained’t produce fruit when grown indoors, banana timber are nonetheless thought of fruit-bearing crops, and this makes them acceptable for putting in a big eating room.

Basic Care: 

Banana crops want full solar, frequent watering, heat temperatures above 75°F, and common fertilization in the course of the rising season (spring and summer time)

Peace Lily Crops

Peace Lily Plants for Feng Shui


Peace lilies have exceptional air purifying capabilities. Along with replenishing the oxygen in an indoor house, they’ll additionally assist take away toxins and different impurities from the air. Peace lilies symbolize peace and concord, and their perform in feng shui is correct according to their symbolic which means.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Calms, harmonizes, and neutralizes detrimental vitality.

The place to Place: 

Extremely advisable for places of work and residential places of work.

Basic Care: 

Wants medium, oblique daylight and a well-draining potting combine. Maintain the soil moist with frequent watering.

Aloe Vera Crops

Aloe Vera Plants for Feng Shui


In feng shui, aloe vera crops are considerably contrarian. They’ve exhausting, sharp, spiky, pointed leaves which might be usually related to detrimental, discomforting vitality in feng shui. These attributes are additionally related to the hearth aspect. 

Since aloe veras are crops, they’re additionally related to the wooden aspect that feeds fireplace, additional fueling their vitality. Regardless of their kind, aloe vera crops comprise unbelievable therapeutic properties, which make them enticing houseplants and likewise give them some constructive feng shui attributes.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Protecting vitality and combats detrimental vitality and dangerous luck

The place to Place: 

Select small aloe vera crops and place them within the therapeutic middle of your house.

Basic Care: 

Some full solar is okay, however aloe vera crops choose vibrant, oblique gentle. Water sometimes, at all times permitting the soil to dry fully earlier than watering.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm for Feng Shui


The areca palm (additionally known as the golden cane or butterfly palm) is a favourite in feng shui for its plentiful, delicate, pinnate palm leaves that can cushion in opposition to harsh, detrimental energies and draw delicate, constructive vitality right into a dwelling house. These crops can develop to be fairly massive, so place them accordingly in a room massive sufficient to accommodate their dimension.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Brings peace, prosperity, and wealth whereas attracting constructive vitality and pushing out dangerous vitality

The place to Place: 

Areca palm is very versatile. It may be positioned within the north, east, southeast, or south areas of the house, the place it’s going to improve productiveness and draw vitality to these areas of the bagua map.

Basic Care: 

Requires full, vibrant solar publicity indoors and even moisture in a well-draining potting combine that’s by no means soggy. Fertilize this heavy feeder throughout its rising season from spring by means of the start of fall.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos for Feng Shui


The golden pothos is a well-liked feng shui plant partly attributable to its resilience and quick progress, which makes it good for cultivating in places that could be difficult for different crops. Its plentiful, trailing, heart-shaped leaves are good for harnessing constructive vitality.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Safety and neutralization of detrimental vitality

The place to Place: 

These crops can thrive within the darker corners of a house, which makes them the proper selection for revitalizing the vitality in in any other case useless or detrimental areas like the lavatory, tops of cupboards, and above cabinets. They can be used to circle beams that exude detrimental vitality.

Basic Care: 

Can thrive in vibrant, oblique daylight to medium or low gentle. Water each 1 to 2 weeks, permitting the soil to dry out fully in between.

Peony Crops

Peony Plants for Feng Shui


Peony crops are generally grown open air, however they will thrive inside, too. These pretty flowers have infinite ruffles of pink petals and have come to represent marriage, romance, luck, and bravado.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Prosperity, love, marriage, romance, and therapeutic relationships

The place to Place: 

Peonies do probably the most work within the marriage and relationships part of the bagua map. Place reduce flowers within the northeast nook of the bed room or a dwelling plant within the northeast nook of your house (so long as it’s not the bed room). They’ll additionally improve wealth and prosperity within the southeast part of a house, along with enhancing well being within the east.

Basic Care: 

Peonies require full daylight and evenly moist soil that’s by no means soggy. Fertilize in the course of the rising season to encourage blooms.

Philodendron Crops

Philodendron Plants for Feng Shui


The philodendron is a favourite houseplant as a result of it’s easy to develop. The philodendron’s massive, heart-shaped leaves are perfect for drawing constructive vitality into an area with low or detrimental vitality circulate. This houseplant will solely convey you happiness with its constructive vibes and low care necessities.

Feng Shui Advantages: 

Calming vitality, abundance, and enhanced vitality circulate

The place to Place: 

Place philodendrons in darkish, low-energy spots indoors, specializing in the east (well being) or southeast (wealth and prosperity) sections of a house, workplace, or room

Basic Care: 

Prefers medium to low oblique daylight. Water each 1 to 2 weeks, growing frequency when the plant has extra gentle throughout spring and summer time.

Crops That Create Damaging Feng Shui Vitality

Houseplants bringing negative energy in Feng Shui

Cacti, Spiny Succulents, and Spiky Crops

The sharp needles of cacti and harsh silhouettes of the crops are thought of dangerous in feng shui and are thought to attract detrimental vitality. Though cacti are enjoyable to gather and require minimal care, there actually isn’t a spot for them in feng shui. Their sharp needles are thought to trigger discomfort and injury your sense of safety.

Faux Crops

If you happen to can, at all times use actual, dwelling crops as an alternative of pretend crops. If you happen to should beautify with a faux plant, it needs to be extremely life like (the type of life like the place it’s important to really feel the leaves to know they’re silk).

Unhealthy Crops

Lifeless, dying, diseased, or in any other case unhealthy crops drain and diminish the vitality in an area. So, they may hurt your feng shui and block you from having fun with the total potential of your house or workplace’s good vibes.

You probably have a sick plant, you possibly can attempt to revitalize it, however achieve this as quickly as doable and take away all of the useless or diseased components straight away. In case your plant’s too far gone to avoid wasting, do it and your self a favor and put it out of its distress sooner somewhat than later.

Selecting the Proper Rooms and Elements of Your Residence for Your Crops

Choosing the Right Rooms and Parts of Your Home for Your Plants

The very best places for houseplants, based on feng shui ideas, embody the next areas:

Southeast and East 

Like all dwelling crops, these bagua map areas belong to the wooden aspect. Including houseplants to those areas of the house will show auspicious for your loved ones and monetary well being.


The south belongs to the hearth aspect and represents your popularity and fame. Putting wooden parts like crops within the south will assist gasoline the hearth, enhancing your relationships with buddies and your popularity.

Entryway and Dwelling Room 

Crops create welcoming vitality within the entry house and important lounge space of your house. Be happy to go large, integrating massive crops into your designs in these areas.

Eating Areas 

Including crops – particularly fruit-bearing crops – to the eating house can enhance your loved ones’s prosperity and wealth. Simply make sure to choose crops that really feel balanced within the house, being cautious to not go too large or too small.

Residence Workplace  

Fortunate bamboo symbolizes prosperity and success, as does the quantity 4. Place 4 fortunate bamboos in your house workplace to foster success within the enterprise or monetary features of your life.

Beneath Beams  

Beams add heavy, oppressive vitality and might even be thought of a blocking power in feng shui. Including tall, tree-like crops beneath beams – particularly in entryways or hallways – will assist steadiness the vitality and restore the pure circulate of qi.

The place Not To Place Crops within the Residence In response to Feng Shui:

In response to the ideas of feng shui, a number of rooms and places within the residence or workplace are not advisable for plant placement. These embody:

Middle of Your Home, Northeast, and Southwest:

The northeast, southwest, and middle of a house are related to the earth aspect, and wooden weakens the earth aspect. Putting a big plant in these places may unbalance the vitality, resulting in weaker vitality within the residence, unbalanced relationships, and a hindered capacity to study.


The kitchen incorporates loads of objects that fall into the hearth aspect class. Including crops right here will strengthen the hearth aspect additional, creating an excessive amount of vitality within the house.

Bed room:

The 2 major functions of the bed room are sleep and romance. Including wooden parts with sturdy vitality, like houseplants creates an excessive amount of vitality of progress and exercise to an area that needs to be restful. Moreover, they don’t serve romantic relationships or partnerships. As an alternative, add a vase of reduce flowers to enhance the romantic vitality of the room.


The northwest is related to household and well being, and it’s a metallic aspect bagua. Metallic and wooden forces neutralize one another, resulting in too little vitality and harming these areas of the bagua.

If you happen to select to include crops into these places in your house or workplace, select a small plant somewhat than a big one that can draw extra vitality.

Plant Measurement, Form, Colour, and Texture in Feng Shui 

A plant’s traits all have an effect on the vitality it brings in feng shui. The bigger the plant, the extra vitality it’s going to draw, so it’s at all times vital to contemplate dimension when selecting crops for the house.

Additionally, the form of leaves can change a plant’s vitality. Massive, rounded leaves convey extra constructive vitality than lengthy, sharp, and pointy leaves.

Whether or not your plant has multi-colored foliage or will bloom with colourful flowers must also be thought of. Though crops are at all times related to the wooden aspect, totally different colours could be associated to different forces. Look into this and guarantee vitality will stay balanced when your crops bloom.

Don’t Neglect About Your Plant’s Care Wants

When putting a plant for constructive feng shui vitality, it’s vital additionally to recollect your plant’s common care necessities – particularly daylight. Don’t place a plant that requires vibrant, direct daylight within the darkest nook of a room simply because that’s the very best feng shui place.

A sick, struggling or in any other case unhealthy plant at all times brings detrimental vitality into an area, so maintain your crops wholesome by prioritizing their wants and putting them in places the place they’ll obtain the correct amount of daylight.

Feng Shui Houseplants FAQ:

The place do feng shui crops go in the home?

In conventional feng shui practices, totally different crops are appropriate to a variety of positions across the residence in relation to the bagua map. As an illustration, philodendrons are greatest suited to darkish, low-energy spots indoors, specializing in the east (well being) or southeast (weath and prosperity). Areca palms needs to be positioned within the north, east, southeast, or south areas of the house the place it’s going to improve productiveness and draw vitality to these areas of the bagua map.

Which indoor crops are fortunate for residence?

Snake crops, jade crops, Cash Tree crops, orchids, and bamboo crops are all thought of significantly ‘fortunate’ indoor crops. 

What crops are dangerous feng shui?

The sharp needles of cacti and harsh silhouettes of the crops are thought of dangerous in feng shui and are thought to attract detrimental vitality. Any faux, dying, or diseased crops are additionally thought of dangerous in feng shui practices. 

The place is the wealth nook of the home?

Wealth and prosperity are situated within the southeast nook of the bagua map. Take into account your entrance door or entranceway to be the northernmost central level; wealth can be situated within the far-left-hand nook of your house. 

What crops are dangerous luck in the home?

Cotton and Tamarind crops are thought of two of the unluckiest crops to maintain within the residence. Any faux or diseased crops are additionally related to detrimental vitality in feng shui practices. 

Cultivating Constructive Vitality and a Wholesome Atmosphere With Houseplants

Feng Shui crops not solely have the potential to channel constructive vitality into your dwelling areas, however they’ll additionally purify your air and replenish the oxygen. Whether or not or not you resolve to take the ideas of feng shui to coronary heart when adorning your house or workplace with indoor crops, you’ll actually stand to profit from having a little bit further dwelling inexperienced in your life.

Feng Shui Crops and The Residence

For extra, see our important guides to the very best Feng Shui crops for dwelling rooms, bogs, kitchens, entrance doorways, bedrooms, hallways, balconies, places of work, desks, and those who entice wealth, prosperity, and luck.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a world editorial staff, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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