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19 Early Season Tomato Varieties For Your Backyard

As soon as the worry of frost has dissipated and we’re planning out our gardens for the upcoming season, the very first thing on many minds is that first tomato taste, recent from the vine. Heat from the solar and completely unblemished, there may be nothing prefer it!

Most of the best-tasting tomatoes are well worth the lengthy wait, however there are additionally a lot of early-maturing varieties obtainable in at present’s tomato market that you would be able to give a strive.

Whether or not rising in a greenhouse, in your yard, or in containers in your again deck, there may be absolutely a kind of tomato that’s an ideal slot in your backyard.

Early Crimson Slicing Tomato Varieties

Early Woman Hybrid

Close-up of growing Early Girl Hybrid tomatoes in a sunny garden. The fruits are medium, classic round in shape with smooth skin. The fruits are firm and juicy, bright red, yellowish, and greenish in color. The plant has complex pinnate leaves consisting of oval leaflets with serrated edges, bright green in color. The stems are slightly hairy.
This hybrid is a flexible selection with early ripening, excessive productiveness, and drought resistance.
  • Days to maturity: 50-55
  • Taste: Balanced sweetness and acidity, not overly advanced, surprisingly full-flavored for an early tomato
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Completely spherical, four-six ounces
  • Sort: Indeterminate

This hybrid slicing tomato has lengthy been praised for being one of many first to ripen in the summertime and for its constant rising patterns and productiveness. It’s constantly productive, fast rising, and has glorious basic tomato taste. Early Woman is a basic red-slicing tomato, excellent for sandwiches, and salads.

Many growers have been identified to plant a second succession of this selection to get a second flush within the fall earlier than the frost arrives. It’s an indeterminate selection that may develop upwards of 4’ tall so long as it has correct help.

Do you know? You may dry-farm this selection for brief durations of time due to its excessive drought resistance and resistance to blossom-end rot. You may go away city with out a lot fear in case you are rising Early Woman; she’ll be simply effective while you get residence.

Early Boy Bush F1

Close-up of ripe fruits of Early Boy Bush F1. Early Boy Bush F1 tomatoes are medium to large in size and bright red in color. They are round in shape with a smooth and shiny skin.
Early Boy Bush is a flavorful determinate tomato that thrives in warmth and is good for yard and patio rising.
  • Days to maturity: 55-60
  • Taste: Tart, however well-balanced
  • Common measurement fruit and look: 5-ounce purple globes
  • Sort: Determinate

Associated to Early Woman, this determinate selection is ideal for yard and patio growers as a result of it doesn’t want a lot help. Growers may be shocked by Early Boy Bush’s distinctive, juicy taste.

This tomato selection is comparatively tolerant of warmth and humidity, which is ideal for individuals in hotter climates. Nevertheless, in case you are in zones 3-5, strive mulching, utilizing row covers, or rising them in a greenhouse to provide these guys some additional warmth as they get established within the spring.

Early Darling Hybrid

Close-up of ripe Early Darling Hybrid tomatoes on a black plate. The fruits are medium, have a bright red color. They are round in shape with a smooth and glossy skin.
Early Darling is an early-maturing, flavorful tomato with excessive crack resistance, excellent for small areas.
  • Days to maturity: 55-60
  • Taste: Advanced, fairly scrumptious for an early selection
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Sensible, shiny purple, three-four-ounce purple globes
  • Sort: Determinate

The Early Darling is praised for its early maturity and superb taste. With excessive crack resistance, you’ll be happy with the look and style.

Get your tomato sauce and salsa recipes out as a result of this determinate selection could have you swimming in tomatoes earlier than the crops are affected by summer time illnesses.

The plant is compact and bushy, so you’ll be able to simply develop this selection in a smaller area or a container.

Early Cherry Tomato Varieties

Supersweet 100 Hybrid

Close-up of growing Supersweet 100 Hybrid tomatoes in the garden near the wooden fence. Supersweet 100 Hybrid tomatoes are small and cherry-sized, known for their bright red color. They grow in a long cluster arranged in pairs along a long, hairy stem. They are round in shape and have a smooth, glossy skin.
Supersweet 100 is a dependable and productive tomato selection identified for its massive clusters of flavorful fruit and early flowering.
  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Taste: Very candy
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Small purple cherry, about 15-20 grams every
  • Sort: Indeterminate

That is one among our longtime go-to varieties attributable to its consistency, massive clusters of fruit, and scrumptious taste. It has excessive productiveness and nice candy taste, and it produces reliably all by way of the season.

Supersweet 100 is usually one of many first tomatoes to flower in spring and is at all times filled with trusses by the top of June. Bonus: Supersweet 100 is extremely immune to Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt.

Professional tip: Attempt grafting this selection and you can be blown away by its prolific manufacturing.


Close-up of ripe Sungold tomatoes in a sunny garden. Sungold tomatoes are small and the size of cherries, known for their stunning golden-orange color. They are round in shape and have a smooth, thin skin.
Sungold cherry tomatoes, often called nature’s sweet, are greatest loved recent off the vine however susceptible to cracking.
  • Days to maturity: 57
  • Taste: Shiny and really candy
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Small golden orange cherry, about 15-20 grams every
  • Sort: Indeterminate

Identified at our farm as nature’s sweet, Sungold cherry tomatoes are the proper snack to eat proper off the vine, nonetheless heat from the solar. The skins are sadly identified for cracking, so decide them typically and luxuriate in them recent, as they received’t journey properly or hold lengthy.

Sungolds don’t hand over, so for those who plant them in a greenhouse with ample help, they are going to proceed to achieve and produce till the frost arrives. Attempt the lower-and-lean trellis methodology to maximise your area and improve manufacturing.

This golden cherry tomato is understood to brighten up a pint, so in case you are promoting at a farmers’ market or making a cheery pasta salad, these will delight the tastebuds in addition to the eyes.

Washington Cherry

Close-up of ripe Washington Cherry tomatoes in a sunny garden. The fruits are small, rounded, bright red. They have smooth, shiny skin.
That is an early determinate cherry tomato with nice taste, excessive yields, and compact progress.
  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Taste: Candy, meaty, and juicy
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Crimson, spherical, 20-30 gram cherry
  • Sort: Determinate

Washington Cherry will at all times be one of many earliest determinate cherry tomatoes. Developed at Washington State College, this tomato is understood for its nice taste, constantly excessive yields, and flavorful nature.

That is the proper selection for patio rising attributable to its compact bush, though it should carry out properly in a coated space as properly. The fruits resist cracking properly, which is nice in case you are making an attempt to promote these tomatoes.

Professional tip: Enable them to ripen just a few days longer than you assume after turning purple for peak taste.

Black Cherry

Close-up of ripening Black Cherry tomato fruits in a sunny garden. The plant has upright stems covered with fine hairs and pinnately compound leaves. The fruits are small, rounded, deep dark purple. They have a smooth, slightly shiny skin. The fruits grow in clusters.
It is a excellent coloured cherry tomato for markets, including a vibrant hue to dishes and strong taste.
  • Days to maturity: 64
  • Taste: Sturdy for a cherry, candy and juicy
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Spherical 20-gram cherry, a reasonably brownish purple
  • Sort: Indeterminate

Black Cherry is the proper coloured cherry tomato to spherical out a trio in case you are promoting at a farmers’ market. It additionally provides the proper hue to a pasta salad or grilled kabobs.

Their taste is strong, virtually a bit smoky, and they don’t seem to be overly acidic, related in style to the bigger Black Krim

Do you know? Cherry tomatoes are an incredible supply of vitamin A and pack an actual punch of lycopene. Lycopenes assist us struggle free radicals within the physique. Black and purple tomatoes particularly comprise excessive ranges of antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory.

Gold Nugget

Close-up of ripening Gold Nugget tomatoes in the garden. The fruits are small and round, similar to cherry tomatoes. They have a bright golden yellow color.
Gold Nugget is a compact, early-maturing cherry tomato, offering an early harvest for snacking or salads.
  • Days to maturity: 56
  • Taste: Balanced and really scrumptious well-balanced sweetness
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Golden yellow cherry, about 15-20 grams every, barely oval-shaped
  • Sort: Determinate

This selection is a superb possibility for folk who patio develop or have smaller gardens, because the crops are very compact. It gives you a really early flush of fruits, excellent for snacking or tossing on a salad.

Gold Nugget’s distinctive colour enhances purple and orange cherry tomatoes properly in a trio, so in case you are rising for market, this is likely to be the cherry tomato you’ve been searching for. It’s appropriate for cooler climates, so whereas it may be grown nearly wherever, it’s particularly protected in zones 3-5.

In case you are searching for a vivid, early cherry tomato, give this one a shot!


Close-up of ripe Sakura tomatoes in the garden, against a blurred green background. Sakura tomato fruits are small and round, resembling cherry tomatoes. They have a bright red color and a thin, shiny skin. The fruits are juicy and have a firm texture.
Sakura exceeded our expectations with its wholesome crops, early-ripening fruits, and spectacular illness resistance.
  • Days to maturity: 55
  • Taste: Completely candy and vivid
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Shiny purple cherry, about 20-22 grams every
  • Sort: Indeterminate

After years of questioning about this selection and listening to how nice it was, we lastly added some to our lineup, and we weren’t upset. The crops are wholesome and powerful, the fruits are one of many first to ripen, and Sakura has a formidable disease-resistance package deal.

Sakura has some resistance to nematodes and excessive resistance to Fusarium Wilt races 1 and a couple of, leaf mildew, and tomato mosaic virus, permitting them to be prolific all season lengthy. It’s additionally uncommon that Sakura fruits crack.

When rising in containers, Sakura is a superb possibility because it’s compact and offers a lot of trellises filled with fruit.

Bonus: Sakura performs nice in each cooler and hotter climates!

Sweetie Pole Cherry Tomato

Close-up of a growing Sweetie Pole cherry tomato plant. The plant has lush pinnately compound foliage. The leaves consist of oval green leaflets with serrated edges. The fruits are small, round, similar to traditional cherry tomatoes. They are bright red in color and firm in texture.
Sweetie Pole tomato is good and ideal for snacking immediately from the backyard.
  • Days to maturity: 65
  • Taste: Candy, low acidity
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Shiny purple, ¾ – 1-inch cherry
  • Sort: Indeterminate

Identical to the identify suggests, this tomato is understood for its sweetness. You’ll probably be popping these straight into your mouth from the backyard after you’ve the primary style.

Sweetie Pole is prepared for harvest in simply 65 days and grows in grape-like clusters. This selection will develop vigorously and tall, so present ample help and prune recurrently.

Early Plum/Cocktail Tomato Varieties

Cherry Roma

Close-up of ripening Cherry Roma tomatoes in the garden. The fruits of Cherry Roma tomatoes are small and elongated, resembling a miniature plum or Roma tomato. They are bright red. The fruits are fleshy and firm. The leaves are large, pinnately compound, bright green, composed of oval leaflets with serrated edges.
Cherry Roma tomatoes are fast to germinate, immune to splitting, and extremely considerable.
  • Days to maturity: 75
  • Taste: Candy and recent
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Shiny purple, one-ounce fruits, grape tomato form
  • Sort: Indeterminate

These highly effective little tomatoes germinate shortly, don’t cut up on the vine, and also you’ll have lots to disclose to buddies and neighbors.

The Cherry Roma packs a punch of taste and is ridiculously productive. Remember to present a trellis system that may permit your crops to develop tall as a result of they will, and they’re going to!

That is the proper snacking tomato as a result of they’re meaty with little gel; they’re nice to throw in youngsters’ lunchboxes, pack for a hike, or toss in a summer time salad.


Close-up of ripe bunches of Clementine tomato on a wooden board indoors. The fruits are small, rounded, with a smooth, bright tangerine-colored skin.
Clementine tomatoes are eye-catching, tangerine-colored cocktail tomatoes that maintain their form when grilled or roasted.
  • Days to maturity: 68
  • Taste: Candy, tart, vivid
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Lovely vivid orange cocktail, two-ounce globes
  • Sort: Indeterminate

This tangerine-colored cocktail tomato will catch your consideration on and off the vine. It’s excellent for grilling or roasting because it holds its form when cooked.

Fruits are very crack-resistant, and crops have a excessive resistance to Fusarium wilt race 1 and Verticillium wilt, so they are going to stay wholesome all season lengthy.

Professional tip: Fertilize your tomatoes upon transplant, while you see the primary fruit forming, after which for the final time when you find yourself harvesting your first tomato for greatest success.

Early Beefsteak Tomato Varieties

Bush Beefsteak

Close-up of ripe Bush Beefsteak tomatoes in the garden, against a blurred green background. Tomato fruits are large, round and fleshy, reminiscent of traditional steak tomatoes. The fruits are bright red-orange in color with a smooth, shiny skin.
Bush Beefsteak is a compact and productive tomato selection for small areas and containers.
  • Days to maturity: 62
  • Taste: Gentle however flavorful
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Crimson, easy beefsteak, eight-ten ounces every
  • Sort: Determinate

With a compact plant that maxes out at nearly 3 toes tall, the Bush Beefsteak is good for the patio or small area growers. You’ll be happy with the productive clusters this selection offers in a brief interval.

Bush Beefsteak is spherical, candy, and juicy, making it the proper tomato for all of your summer time sandwiches and barbequed burgers.

This selection tends to carry out properly in containers.

Early Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Pruden’s Purple

Close-up of ripe Pruden's Purple tomatoes on a green plate, on a table covered with a wicker napkin. The fruits are large, slightly flattened, with slightly prominent ribs. The skin is smooth, shiny, pinkish-purple in color with a greenish tinge on top.
Pruden is an early, natural Brandywine-type tomato with potato-like leaves, maturing shortly.
  • Days to maturity: 67
  • Taste: Basic heirloom taste with a silky texture
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Flattened on prime, primarily easy, however may be wrinkled on shoulders. Darkish blush with purple flesh, 12-16 ounces
  • Sort: Indeterminate

If you happen to haven’t grown a Brandywine-type tomato earlier than, you may assume it’s a potato plant within the early levels as a result of they’ve potato-type leaves. However worry not, Pruden is an early and natural Brandywine tomato, maturing in a brief period of time, given the scale of the fruits.

These fruits are usually crack-resistant and don’t function a tough heart like some Brandywine varieties.

When you have grown Brandywine tomatoes up to now and haven’t been tremendous impressed by their taste or efficiency, I urge you to provide Pruden a strive; it’d change your thoughts.


Close-up of ripe Moskvich tomato fruits in the garden. The plant has upright green hairy stems covered with pinnately compound leaves. Two fruits of round shape, medium size, bright red color. The skin is thin, shiny, smooth.
Moskvich is an early-harvest tomato selection with cold-tolerant crops, crack resistance, and continued productiveness.
  • Days to maturity: 75-80
  • Taste: Wealthy and acidic with balanced sweetness
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Deep purple, meaty four-six ounce globes
  • Sort: Indeterminate

Named to pay homage to the St. Petersburg, Russia space it was bred within the Nineteen Seventies, Moskvich shall be one of many first tomatoes to reap in the summertime. With pretty cold-tolerant crops, you’ll be able to transplant these sooner within the spring than some others with out detrimental results.

Moskvich is crack resistant and can proceed to be productive even after the temperatures settle down within the fall.

Attempt freezing these within the fall for wintertime soups. Merely thaw them in your countertop the morning you propose to make use of them. They’ll be tender by lunchtime, and the skins will simply peel off. You received’t be capable to inform they weren’t simply picked recent off the vine.


Close-up of ripe Thessaloniki tomato fruits. Fruits of medium size, classic shape of tomatoes with a smooth shiny skin of bright red color.
Thessaloniki is a strong heirloom tomato with glorious resistance and cluster measurement, splendid for promoting.
  • Days to maturity: 75
  • Taste: Virtually berry-like taste with some tartness
  • Common measurement fruit and look: True purple six-eight-ounce agency globes
  • Sort: Indeterminate

The Thessaloniki seeds are believed to have initially come from the Ministry of Agriculture Farm in Greece, and this vigorous heirloom doesn’t fiddle. They’re sunscald, spot, and crack resistant and provide the proper measurement cluster for promoting on-the-vine tomatoes.

These fruits will kindly hold for some time on the vine after ripening, so for those who don’t get to them immediately, they’ll look ahead to you.

When it comes to heirloom varieties, that is undoubtedly one that might find yourself in your annual lineup attributable to its excessive efficiency, productiveness, and out-of-this-world taste.

Early Paste/Canning Tomato Varieties


Close-up of ripe Tiren fruits in the garden. The fruits are medium in size, elongated, with slight irregularities. The fruits are covered with a thin smooth shiny skin of bright red color. The leaves are oval, green, with serrated edges. Some leaves are dry and brown.
Tiren is an early San Marzano-type tomato with improved illness resistance, providing flexibility in harvest levels.
  • Days to maturity: 75
  • Taste: Meaty, nice for sauce making
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Basic elongated oval-shaped San Marzano, five-six ounce fruits
  • Sort: Indeterminate

This might not be early within the season to mature, however it’s definitely sooner than most different paste varieties. Tiren is a San Marzano-type tomato with improved resistance to Fusarium Wilt, tomato mosaic virus, and Verticillium wilt.

Among the finest options of Tiren is that you would be able to harvest the fruits whereas they’re nonetheless a bit under-ripened or go away them on the vine till they’re totally ripened. It is a good function in case you are rising for a farmers’ market or bringing them to a buddy.

Make sure you present this selection with loads of help, as the big clusters are inclined to weigh it down.


Close-up of ripe Pozzano fruits covered with water drops, in the garden. Tomatoes are elongated, with irregular dents. Ripe fruits are bright red, unripe fruits are green.
Pozzano is a disease-resistant San Marzano-type tomato splendid for protected rising and stopping blossom-end rot.
  • Days to maturity: 72
  • Taste: Old style tomato taste, excellent for sauce or ketchup
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Basic elongated oval-shaped San Marzano, four-six ounce fruits, very uniform
  • Sort: Indeterminate

In case you are a greenhouse or hoop home grower, that is the San Marzano-type tomato for you, as Pozzano thrives in a protected area. Crops will proceed to provide and keep wholesome for an extended season attributable to their excessive resistance to Fusarium wilt races 1, 2, tomato mosaic virus, and Verticillium wilt.

Sturdy bottoms make this tomato resist blossom-end rot.

Pozzano is nice for sauce making because it cooks shortly and improves in taste after cooking.

Bloody Butcher

Close-up of ripening Bloody Butcher tomatoes in the garden. The fruits are large, rounded, dark red in color, slightly flattened. The fruits have a smooth, shiny skin.
Bloody Butcher, an early-maturing tomato, is ideal for satisfying that eager for homegrown tomatoes.
  • Days to maturity: 60
  • Taste: Basic vivid tomato taste
  • Common measurement fruit and look: Deep purple, two-four-ounce fruits
  • Sort: Indeterminate

It’s been an extended winter and all you’ll be able to take into consideration is the primary chunk of homegrown tomatoes. We’ve all been there! Bloody Butcher shall be among the many first to mature every season, even in cooler areas, so it is a nice one so as to add to your lineup.

With five-nine evenly sized tomatoes per cluster, this might make an incredible tomato for on-the-vine clusters to promote at a farmers’ market.

Attempt utilizing this selection to make a home made Bloody Mary combine or your grandma’s tomato sauce to freeze or can; it options the proper purple tomato taste.



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