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20 Pink Houseplants To Carry Life To Your Indoor Backyard

Want a break from greens? you may add some pink to your houseplant assortment for an elevation of class. 

Pink is a colour that by no means leaves the development, perhaps they’re getting their limelight in numerous shades, however the colour itself by no means loses its allure. individuals who adore pink and houseplants are lucky, trigger there are a selection of pink houseplants accessible to meet your want. 

We made a listing of charming pink houseplants to reinforce your indoor area. On the identical time, we may also level out which plant will thrive by which scenario, so it is going to be simple so that you can decide which one to select.

Overview of Pink Houseplants

What causes crops or flowers to show pink?

The pink we see within the plant is the result of reflection from that plant’s floor. Pigments often known as anthocyanins are chargeable for numerous plant colours, they use these colours to draw their pollinators.

Pink houseplants and pink flowers

Pink houseplants can create pink flowers, however not all of them are pink flowering crops. Some have pink flowers and completely different coloured leaves, some have pink foliage and completely different coloured flower, and a few possess each.

Normally, houseplants have been deliberately bred to have a mixture and contrasting of pink foliage in quite a lot of patterns. As a result of houseplants are shielded from the elements, pests, and infections, they will afford to have extra pink foliage than exterior crops.

Shades of pink

Pink foliages and flowers in pink houseplants are available a numerous vary of colours. To carry out photosynthesis most of them have inexperienced and pink mixture foliage.  Normally, pink in crops is available in three shades: 

  • Mild pink: caladium, pink polka dot, and Tradescantia Nanouk.
  • Pink: Aglaonema, Pink Princess Philodendron.
  • Darkish pink: Calathea, bloodleaf plant.

Low-Mild Environments pleasant pink houseplants

1. Fittonia

Upkeep Straightforward, appropriate for inexperienced persons.
Water the plant when the highest floor of the soil begins to dry out.
Humidity They require excessive humidity. Mist them with water weekly.
Mild Low to medium, or filtered gentle.
Fertilizer All-purpose houseplant fertilizer, as soon as in each month, throughout their rising season. Don’t feed them throughout winter. 
Toxicity Non-toxic.
Mature development 3-6 inches tall and 12-18 inches extensive. 

Fittona, also referred to as the pink angel, is a superb selection for brand new houseplants house owners as they’re geared up for low-light situations. This attractive little plant simply will improve your area with its distinctive look and splash of colours. A mixture of darkish inexperienced leaves and vibrant pink veins make it stand out amongst different crops. 

Despite the fact that Fittona and pink angel are two widespread names for this plant, my favourite one is painted web leaf, trigger it simply wants one look to tell apart which plant it’s. Nonetheless, regardless of its engaging look, this pink houseplant is considerably low-maintenance. The leaves have a trailing behavior, so they have an inclination to spill out from the pot edge. It may be used as a dangling basket in addition to a tabletop plant. Because the leaves mature, the veins deepen in colour, whereas new leaves show extra of a lighter whitish-pink colour. Though the plant often produces flowers if they’re supplied with their superb situations. The principle allure is in its foliage somewhat than the flowers. The spiky crimson and white flowers simply get camouflaged with the leaves.

2. Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is a pink flowering houseplant. 

Through the winter season, the Christmas cactus stands out as a beloved plant amongst houseplants house owners. Regardless of its weird reference to the vacations, this plant, also referred to as the vacation cactus, as they showcase a vibrant show of pink blossoms, bringing pleasure in the course of the winter months. 

Its distinctive construction consists of pulpy stems, which resemble flattened leaves with slight serration on all sides. As late fall or early winter arrives, pink flowers burst into the information of each stem, making a recent colour mixture of inexperienced and pink. Not like unusual cacti, the Christmas cactus doesn’t originate from parched, scorching desert elements. Somewhat, it’s a succulent that hails from tropical rainforests, the place it lives on tree branches, aided by plentiful humidity, filtered daylight, and heat climate. With correct care, your Christmas cactus can expertise yearly development and bloom firstly of every winter.

Upkeep Medium.
Water They must be completely watered. Let the drain all extra water by way of the drainage gap. Water when the soil is nearly dry. In summer season two to 3 occasions and in winter as soon as every week. 
Humidity Common misting or inserting a pebble tray with water beneath the pot. 
Mild partial shade or filtered gentle.
Fertilizer Month-to-month, half-strength, diluted fertilizer throughout early spring and summer season.
Toxicity Pet and human-friendly.
Mature development Twelve inches tall and twenty-four inches extensive. 

Solar-loving Pink Houseplants

3. Cordyline


With its attractive pink show of sword-like leaves, this plant creates a beautiful fountain-like format in its younger section, then matures right into a tall, palm-like construction. ‘Pink Ardour’ has been bred to take care of a extra manageable measurement (6 toes), though it has the potential to develop over 20 toes tall.

They are often cultivated as pink houseplants or used as eye-catching focal factors in summer season bedding shows. Cordyline varieties can flourish each open air and indoors, with outside varieties having a better probability of flowering, though uncommon blossoms will also be attainable in houseplant cordylines. Native to southeast Asia, japanese Australia, Hawaii, and different Pacific islands, cordyline belongs to the dracaena household and grows in tropical climates with common temperatures above 55°F, whereas cordyline houseplants require a shiny and sunny location to thrive.

Upkeep Straightforward and newbie pleasant.
Water Water it until the soil is evenly moist and ensure extra water is draining out of the opening. Water them as soon as every week.
Humidity Medium to excessive humidity.
Mild Six hours of shiny or oblique daylight.
Fertilizer Liquid, half-strength, well-balanced fertilizer throughout rising seasons.
Toxicity Extremely poisonous to pets, not beneficial for pet house owners.
Mature development Three to 6 toes indoors. 

4. Kalanchoe “pink butterflies”

Kalanchoe “pink butterflies”

In any succulent assortment, Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies’ is an distinctive pink houseplant that provides a contact of class. What makes it actually particular is its variegated nature attributable to its decreasing chlorophyll ranges. This absence of inexperienced chlorophyll permits deep pink pigments to shine by way of, creating an enchanting sight. 

Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies,’ also referred to as Ok. x houghtonii, is a variegated hybrid attributable to the crossbreeding of two species, Ok. delagoensis, and Ok. daigremontiana. This distinctive plant has tall stems and lengthy, skinny leaves. Generally known as “Mom of Hundreds,” as a result of it produces quite a few plantlets or “bulbils” alongside the perimeters of its leaves. These bulbils have variegation, resembling a row of butterflies resulting from their tiny leaves and pink pigments. 

Upkeep Tough
Water Deep and rare water. Water solely when the soil feels utterly dry.
Humidity Low to medium humidity.
Mild They’re sun-loving crops, hold them beside your sunny window sill.
Fertilizer Liquid or slow-release fertilizer in the course of the rising season for development increase, however they don’t require fertilizers. 
Toxicity Not pet and human-friendly.
Mature development 10-12 inches. 

Compact Pink Houseplants

5. Tradescantia Nanouk

Tradescantia Nanouk

In case you are looking for tiny pink houseplants to intensify the great thing about your area, you may go for this easygoing Tradescantia “Nanouk.” With its putting purplish-pink-streaked leaves and distinctive development sample, Tradescantia “Nanouk” has gained reputation somewhat shortly regardless that it originated just lately(2017). Whereas Tradescantia crops have their origins in South America, this specific species was developed within the Netherlands. 

Also called Fantasy Venice, Tradescantia Nanouk has captured consideration for its lush leaves, with lovely pink, white, purple, and inexperienced stripes, showcased on upright stems. In favorable situations, this spiderwort plant can develop as a protracted, trailing ivy. Through the rising season, delicate white and yellow flowers can also seem from their pink buds. Notably, Tradescantia Nanouk is a fast and quickly rising plant. They carefully resemble Tradescantia fluminensis to the extent that a number of suppliers promote T. fluminensis by mislabeling them as Nanouk.

Upkeep Straightforward and newbie pleasant. 
Water the plant as soon as every week throughout rising seasons and as soon as in each few weeks throughout different occasions of the 12 months. 
Humidity They require excessive humidity, so a pebble tray or common misting is required in case your indoors are dry. 
Mild six to eight hours of shiny oblique daylight for flower manufacturing.
Fertilizer Normal, all-purpose fertilizer as soon as a month. 
Toxicity Poisonous to people and pets.
Mature development No more than six inches. 

6. Polka dot plant

Polka dot plant

Sure crops possess qualities that have a tendency to draw consideration to themselves as quickly as somebody enters the home and the polka dot plant is unquestionably considered one of them. True to its title, this pink houseplant showcases foliage unfold with pleasant polka dots. Pink and inexperienced mixture polka dot crops can be an ideal addition to your indoor backyard. 

Polka dot crops with pink leaf bases and inexperienced spots are the preferred, though there are additionally varieties accessible with comparable spots in purple, crimson, white, and different colours, creating an much more eye-catching show. Whereas they don’t seem to be notably demanding to develop inside your own home, these crops are native to heat climate, that’s why many gardeners choose to deal with them as annual crops and exchange them every year. It’s superb to plant them within the spring. They’re good as container crops indoors. They develop comparatively slowly indoors, making them superb for compact areas like workplace areas and small flats. 

Upkeep Straightforward
Water They love average quantities of water. Don’t let the soil get utterly dry. Water it when the highest inch will get dry.
Humidity Favor excessive humidity, at the very least 50%. 
Mild Shiny, oblique gentle from an east or south-facing window is good.
Fertilizers Natural houseplant fertilizers throughout heat seasons. 
Toxicity Unhazardous
Mature development 3o inches indoors. 

Pink Houseplants with Dramatic Impacts

7. Pink calla lily plant


Well-known for his or her elegant and dramatic, funnel-shaped blossoms, Calla lilies are sometimes most popular by florists for bouquets. With a romantic enchantment arising from their affiliation with goddesses Hera and Venus, these pink flowering houseplants ooze with an extravagant allure. 

Calla lilies have symbolic significance, representing rebirth and resurrection, notably related to the Easter vacation. Other than pink flowers, trendy hybrids provide a various vary of colours. These flowers are recognized for his or her grace containers, borders, mass plantings, and minimize flower preparations with their long-lasting magnificence for weeks. As tropical crops, these crops additionally may be cultivated from rhizomes. Though they don’t seem to be associated to lilies, calla lilies possess comparable qualities and are chosen by gardeners with their ease of cultivation and care.

Upkeep  simple to medium.
Water When planting, hold the potting combine flippantly moist. When the plant begins to develop and produce flowers, you may steadily improve the quantity of water.
Humidity Common room degree humidity(40 p.c) to excessive humidity. 
Mild Shiny and oblique daylight.
Fertilizer Excessive-phosphorus liquid fertilizers throughout spring.
Toxicity is Barely poisonous.
Mature Progress Two toes tall. 

8. Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron

Who doesn’t love drama? and The Pink Princess Philodendron is a scorching pink houseplant that’s making a sensation in each gardener’s wishlist simply due to that. They’re characterised by heart-shaped, deep inexperienced leaves with pink variegation. Social media, particularly Instagram made it well-known and demanding available in the market for its putting magnificence. 

You will need to word that though it may be mistaken for the Philodendron pink congo, the variegation within the pink princess is pure. Whereas, the pink congo’s variegation is achieved by way of chemical injection into the leaves, they usually often return to inexperienced after a few months. To protect the putting pink variegation of your pink princess philodendron, understanding correct care is essential. However sustaining together with the cultivation course of of those pink houseplants is straightforward. 

Upkeep Straightforward
Water Solely when the highest a part of the soil is dry. Don’t let the soil utterly dry or the soil get waterlogged. hold it evenly moist. 
Humidity Typical family humidity.
Mild  A number of hours of oblique or filtered gentle.
Fertilizer Balanced liquid fertilizer throughout spring and summer season. Chorus from feeding in the course of the doormat season.  
Toxicity Its sap is poisonous. 
Mature development Three to 4 toes. 

Air purifying Pink Houseplants

9. Syngonium


Desire a plant to purify your own home whereas flaunting its magnificence? Syngonium Pink Splash, also referred to as Pink Syngonium, has gained large reputation amongst plant house owners for a similar motive. With its foliage displaying a fragile child pink colour and arrow-shaped leaves, it’s gaining everybody’s consideration. It purifies the air and releases oxygen at night time, making it the proper match for bed room decors. 

What makes it much more interesting is its extremely simple care necessities, making it a favourite selection amongst plant lovers worldwide. It may be cultivated as low upkeep indoor plant in addition to an outside plant. The plant has gained across-the-board reward, with its presence dominating Instagram feeds. When it’s absolutely grown it seems to be bushy and fluffy, making it an ideal addition for terrarium setups.

Upkeep  Straightforward
Water Water when the soil is nearly about to dry out.
Humidity 40-50% humidity.
Mild Splash of sunny daylight does wonders to maintain its pinkish charms.
Fertilizer Normal houseplant fertilizer throughout spring and summer season. 
Toxicity Poisonous.
Mature development three to 6 toes

10. Pink Aglaonemas

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

Pink Aglaonemas are recognized for his or her vibrant and colourful look. Its leaves have putting patterns of inexperienced and pink colours. Aglaonemas have an easy-to-maintain persona, that’s why you may place them in your workplace, bed room, front room, or any darkish nook of your own home. These crops are recognized to wash formaldehyde and benzene from the air and work as air purifiers. 

Upkeep is Very simple.
Water when half of the soil floor is dry.
Humidity Excessive humidity
Mild Oblique gentle, however they will tolerate shades.
Fertilizer All-purpose fertilizer.
Toxicity Mildly poisonous to pets and people.
Mature development As much as three toes. 

Trailing Pink Houseplants for Hanging Baskets

11. The String of Hearts

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

The String of Hearts plant is a gorgeous and distinctive evergreen(however pink) houseplant. It’s a succulent, popularly used for its trailing nature, as a dangling basket houseplant. Elevate the look of boring partitions or selves as hanging basket pink houseplant. 

Originating from South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe, the String of Hearts’ leaves, formed like hearts, because the title cleared it out. The leaves have a darkish inexperienced base with variegated silver markings, with cream, pink, and inexperienced patterns.  With a protracted lifespan and quick development, its vines can develop as much as twelve toes in size when it’s absolutely mature. Throughout winter, it additionally enters a dormant section, slowing down its development. To completely recognize its breathtaking cascade, it’s best to hold this plant in a excessive spot, the place it will possibly gracefully spill out of its pot like a free waterfall.

Upkeep Medium
Water Evenly moist, as soon as every week, when the highest two inches of the soil floor is dry.
Humidity Can tolerate dry climate, however 40%-50% humidity is good.
Mild Shiny gentle however not direct daylight.
Fertilizer Rare, half-diluted fertilizer from may-august, as soon as a month. 
Toxicity Non-toxic.
Mature Progress twelve toes. 

12. Pink woman

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

The Callisia Repens Pink Girl, also referred to as the Creeping Inch plant, Callisia Pink Panther, or Turtle Vine, is a surprising pink houseplant that may add magnificence to any room. They’ve a trailing tendency as they develop lengthy, they spill from the sting of the pot, and that makes it the proper match as a gorgeous fluffy bush hanging basket plant. 

The pink woman is a perennial succulent with a sluggish development behavior, usually rising in late spring and early summer season. This pink magnificence can attain a peak of as much as 4 inches and unfold over 4 toes or extra. Its skinny stems maintain small, spherical leaves with a waxy texture, displaying quite a lot of colours starting from inexperienced stripes to delicate shades of pink and cream all around the leaves. Pink Girls are easygoing crops that take pleasure in moist soil and like oblique daylight. They demand minimal upkeep to flaunt and add a contact of class to any area.

Upkeep  Straightforward
Water water it and hold the soil evenly moist, not soggy or bone dry.
Humidity Family humidity
Mild Six hours of filtered daylight close to the east-facing window.
Fertilizer Liquide plant fertilizer throughout spring and summer season, don’t fertilize throughout sluggish development seasons.
Toxicity pet and human-friendly.
Mature development is 4 to 5 inches. 

Pink Houseplants with dramatic leaf shapes

13. Coleus

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

With its extremely vibrant foliage in a flashy array of colours, coleus screams extraordinary. It’s recognized by different enjoyable names as properly like painted nettle, and poor man’s Croton. Their leaves are stuffed with coloured mixtures with daring patterns, pink, inexperienced maroon, crimson, and any colour you may consider. They even are available numerous leaf dimensions and shapes, providing you with the chance to seek out the proper match for any space. 

The coleus plant could be very simple to take care of and propagate. You possibly can propagate them simply by stem chopping methodology in water. Rising a brand new plant from seeds takes round ten to 12 weeks. They like fertile, well-draining soil and thrive in areas with partial shade, though many types can tolerate full solar. It’s essential to notice that coleus crops develop actually shortly, so you may plant them shut collectively for dense and spectacular development. These versatile crops are an ideal selection for including a pop of colour to your backyard or brightening up these uninteresting corners, each indoors and open air.

Upkeep Straightforward and newbie pleasant.
Water  Let the soil dry out mildly earlier than each watering session, you should use a mulch to maintain the moisture.
Humidity They like excessive humidity. Maintain them away from AC rooms. You possibly can put them within the lavatory or mist them recurrently throughout dry climate. 
Mild Medium to partial daylight.
Fertilizer Use fertilizers which can be wealthy in nitrogen, as soon as a month, within the rising season. 
Toxicity Mildly poisonous for pets.
Mature development Three toes. It could actually range in line with completely different species. 

14. Pink moonstone

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

In case you are somebody who loves to gather unique-looking crops, you shouldn’t suppose twice earlier than getting a pink moonstone for your self. Because the title suggests, these pink houseplants’ foliage seems to be like tiny pink stones. They may present a singular aesthetic with their chubby leaves and silvery pink colour regardless of the place you showcase them. 

Native to Mexico, pink moonstone crops additionally go by the title  Pachyphytum Oviferum. Like its different succulent buddies, they’re simple to handle and they’re geared up to tolerate any form of circumstances as an indoor or outside houseplant. These crops don’t develop greater than 4 inches and can match like gloves in your compact areas. With their superb situation, they will produce flowers throughout early spring. The flower petals are often inexperienced and white in colour on the perimeters and may range from beige to deep pink. 

Upkeep Very simple and newbie pleasant.
Water  They retailer water of their chubby leaves and require minimal water. As winter is their rising season, they require extra water in winter.
Humidity Common indoor humidity, the best being 40%. They’re dry air resistant.
Mild  Partial and oblique gentle.
Fertilizer Any natural fertilizer earlier than spring.
Toxicity Not poisonous.
Mature development is 4 inches excessive and twelve inches extensive. 

Aromatic Pink Houseplants

15. Hoya

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

The Hoya plant is a pink flowering plant, also referred to as a wax plant, characterised by its thick, shiny leaves that path down from the pot-like vines. They produce ball-like clusters of sweetly scented flowers much like milkweed crops. The flowers are waxy and generally present in shades of pink or white. They’re from Australia and Asia’s tropical areas and are recognized for his or her longevity. 

You possibly can practice a hoya plant to develop as a vine, or let it drape over the perimeters of its container. In both case, the plant can attain a size or peak of two to 4 toes. Hoyas thrive in shiny, oblique daylight and will obtain round six hours of it every day. It’s important to supply them with reasonably moist soil that’s well-draining and permits the highest layer floor to dry out between watering periods. They recognize a moist surroundings, so common misting or sustaining humidity ranges is helpful. To maintain your hoya wholesome, it is best to fertilize it with a well-balanced fertilizer on a month-to-month foundation.

Upkeep Straightforward to medium. 
Water  Weekly. Let the soil dry out utterly between each watery watering session.
Humidity Excessive humidity
Mild Two to 6 hours of filtered daylight.
Fertilizer Balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer as soon as a month.
Toxicity Non-toxic
Mature development Two to 4 toes.

Pink Houseplants for Feng Shui advantages

16. Orchid

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

Orchids (Orchidaceae) are extensively grown as houseplants and may be simply cared for as soon as you understand their particular wants and upkeep necessities. A wide range of orchid species can be found available in the market, some widespread amongst them are Dendrobium, Cattleya, and Phalaenopsis, and most of them are feng shui accepted to deliver good luck. Pink orchid is believed to deliver self-care and love. 

These orchids share comparable bodily options reminiscent of tall and curved stems known as flower spikes, giant waxy leaves that assist retain moisture, and vibrant, distinctive flowers. In terms of caring for orchids indoors, the golden rule is to copy their pure situations as carefully as attainable. This implies offering the ambiance of the way in which orchids develop within the wild, with their roots clinging to tough bark.

Upkeep Medium to laborious.
Water  Room temperature water, twice every week within the hotter season and as soon as every week in winter.
Humidity 40%-70%
Mild Shiny however not too harsh gentle important for blooming.
Fertilizer Orchid-specific fertilizer in the course of the rising season.
Toxicity Non-toxic.
Mature development one to 3 toes. 

17. Begonias

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

Begonias are available numerous colours, however they’re largely acknowledged for his or her shiny pink flowers. These easy-to-care flowers can adapt to completely different situations, making them widespread amongst gardeners who wish to elevate their entrance yards or indoor seems to be and create a cheerful ambiance.

China is thought for having one of many highest numbers of begonia flower species rising of their wild. The southern areas of China have an appropriate local weather and soil for these lovely flowers to develop. Begonia crops are generally believed to deliver happiness and fortune to 1’s residence. In accordance with Feng Shui ideas, these crops are mentioned to draw good luck in numerous facets of life, reminiscent of love, profession, and private relationships. It’s believed that having begonias in your residing area can positively affect these areas and create a harmonious surroundings.

Upkeep Newbie-friendly, simple care. 
Water Let the soil dry out a bit earlier than every watering session. 
Humidity Low humidity.
Mild Partial shade.
Fertilizer Fertilizers with excessive phosphorus ranges for blooms.
Toxicity Not pet and human-friendly.
Mature development is six to eight inches. 

Pet-Pleasant pink houseplants

18. Pink prayer plant

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

The Maranta genus which we generally know because the pink prayer plant, is the title devoted after Bartolomeo Maranta, an Italian doctor and botanist from the sixteenth century. These pink houseplants are consists of a number of small, low-growing crops and are native to Brazil.  This plant earned its widespread title as a result of its leaves keep flat in the course of the day after which fold up, identical to palms in a prayer place, in the course of the night time.

The pink prayer plant is a tropical plant recognized for its decorative worth. The very first thing that catches consideration is the leaves which have the distinction of three colours inexperienced, pink, and yellow. Inexperienced is the bottom, yellow is the midrib, and pink is the veins. As a slow-growing plant, the prayer plant can attain a peak of as much as one foot when grown indoors. It’s fairly widespread as a houseplant and may be cultivated and cared for indoors all year long. 

Upkeep Straightforward
Water Filtered water, as soon as each 1-2 weeks. Let half of the soil floor dry earlier than watering once more. 
Humidity Regular family humidity.
Mild Medium oblique gentle.
Fertilizer Water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. 
Toxicity Non-toxic.
Mature development Six to 12 inches. 

Pink Houseplants with Aesthetic Colour distinction

19. Anthurium pink tickled

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

Tickled Pink is a minimize flowering plant that has inexperienced leaves and a single-petal pink flower with a refined yellow heart. Pink, yellow, and inexperienced mixture create a gorgeous colour distinction in a single plant. Anthurium additionally doesn’t have a dormant season, which makes it superb for bed room decor pink houseplant. 

NASA has acknowledged Anthurium as an air-purifying plant, able to absorbing dangerous impurities. This high quality makes it an ideal indoor plant for each residence and workplace areas. Anthurium is usually thought-about simple to domesticate and propagate. With the fitting situations, Anthurium crops can produce long-lasting blossoms all through the entire 12 months. Just lately you may get many kinds of Anthurium, providing quite a lot of flower sizes, shapes, and colours so that you can select from.

Upkeep Straightforward
Water Maintain the soil moist. Don’t let it dry out utterly.
Humidity Excessive humidity.
Mild Shiny and oblique gentle for pigment and bloom.
Fertilizer Half-strength houseplant fertilizer. 
Toxicity Poisonous to people and pets.
Mature development Fourteen to eighteen inches. 

Edible Pink Houseplants

20. Geraniums

20 Pink Houseplants to Bring Life to Your Indoor Garden

Scented geraniums have pink foliage and flowers with a scrumptious floral scent, which can be utilized to create distinctive edible flower desserts. Whereas the leaves are usually not often consumed complete, they can be utilized as a culinary herb or infused into dishes. These crops not solely add magnificence to your backyard but additionally make for engaging edible pink houseplants when grown indoors.

Scented geranium crops, regardless of their title, are usually not really true geraniums. They belong to the Pelargonium genus and are labeled as tender perennials. In the US and Europe, they’re cultivated annual crops. Nonetheless, their magnificence is admired worldwide. The good factor concerning scented geraniums is that they want very minimal care, making them a favourite amongst gardeners and meals lovers. 

Upkeep Straightforward
Water  Soil floor ought to be dry sufficient to use water once more.
Humidity Properly proof against dry air
Mild Partial shade to full solar.
Fertilizer Half-strength houseplant fertilizer.
Toxicity Poisonous to pets.
Mature development one to 3 toes. 

Advantages of Pink Houseplants:

Image of Love: 

In accordance with feng shui, the colour pink symbolizes the spirit of affection. Love can are available any kind platonic love, self-love, or a deep reference to one other particular person. A pink houseplant could make an ideal housewarming present, particularly for these beginning a brand new household. 

Shade lover:

With the huge vary of pink houseplants species accessible, you’ll undoubtedly have choices to select from on your shady areas. In case your window dice is already occupied together with your greens, you may place your pink plant close to them in a much less sunny spot, they gained’t thoughts!

For a lot of plant species, the toilet is a spot for inadequate daylight. However crops like, spiderwort will thrive in extremely humid and fewer gentle lavatory climate. 

Decorative worth: 

Simply place your pink houseplant in between your greens and it’ll change into a centerpiece. 


I hope that we gave you loads of options to select from. We identified the specialty of every pink houseplant we talked about like some are shade loving, some are secure for pets, and a few even work as an air air purifier or fragrance, in order that it is going to be simpler so that you can resolve in your first pink plant. Comfortable gardening!


Q1. Are pink houseplants tough to take care of?

Most pink houseplants are pretty simple to take care of. However most of them originated from the tropical surroundings, in order that they want excessive humidity. You need to mist them incessantly throughout dry seasons. The pink pigment will get darker with solar publicity, so to attain that you must present daylight. Aside from that occasional fertilizer software and well-draining soil is all most of them require.

Q2. Can I develop pink houseplants in low-light environments?

Because of the larger quantity of pink colour and fewer inexperienced chlorophyll content material in every leaf, pink houseplants usually require little extra gentle than typical to develop an equal quantity of glucose by way of photosynthesis. 

Anyway, this adjustment in gentle necessities hardly ever poses any challenges, particularly since many of those crops naturally thrive in shaded areas beneath thick tree canopies. Consequently, adapting to the elevated gentle wants of pink houseplants stays manageable and usually doesn’t trigger any notable issues.
Nonetheless, to keep away from any form of inconvenience resulting from gentle you may select the plant we talked about above for the shady nook of your own home.

Q3. Which pink houseplants are appropriate for inexperienced persons?

Fittonia, cordyline, aglaonema, tradescantia nanouk, earth star, and polka dot plant are a few of these pink crops which can be appropriate for inexperienced persons for his or her easygoing character. 

This autumn. Do pink houseplants require any particular fertilizer?

Ninety p.c of pink houseplants solely require half-strength houseplant fertilizer, as soon as a month, throughout rising seasons. Some plant does require particular consideration for optimum development. For example; coleus requires nitrogen-enriched fertilizer, and Christmas cactus must be diluted potassium-enriched fertilizer, nerve crops must be fed each two to 4 weeks.

Q5. Are there any pink houseplants that flower year-round?

Kalanchoe is an all-season blooming plant. The colourful pink blossoms that rise from the succulent leaves create a beautiful ornament of colour inside any room. With just a bit upkeep, this plant will properly reward you with blossoming all 12 months spherical, offering a continuing exhibition of its unbelievable magnificence.



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