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26 Finest Sorts Of Aglaonema Plants (Chinese Evergreens)

Attractive Aglaonema Plant Varieties and also Just How to Expand Them

Aglaonema plants are amongst a few of one of the most preferred for expanding in workplaces and also houses due to the fact that they are low-maintenance, forgiving of a vast array of expanding problems, and also very eye-catching. With plenty of ranges that vary in dimension and also shade, you can include Chinese evergreens right into your office or home style to accomplish a selection of appearances. In this overview, you’ll discover 26 of our preferred sorts of Aglaonema plants and also some valuable suggestions to effectively expand them in your home.

Regarding Aglaonema Plant Kingdom

About Aglaonema Plants

Aglaonema is a category of plants, coming from the arum ( Araceae) plant household. They are typically called Chinese evergreens, and also the category includes simply over 20 varieties and also plenty of cultivars. Due to the fact that they have calcium oxalate crystals which aggravate the soft cells,

Aglaonema plants must be dealt with and also shown with treatment. They are taken into consideration toxic for family pets and also individuals.

26 Popular Kind Of Aglaonema Plant Kingdoms to Expand in the house 1.

Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah'

Aglaonema ‘Sparkling Sarah’ Aglaonema ‘Sparkling Sarah’

is a favored selection of Chinese evergreen many thanks to its huge, bright-green, variegated vegetation that includes lovely dashes of bubblegum pink. What truly establishes the shimmering Sarah Chinese evergreen in addition to various other varieties, making it a showstopper of a houseplant, is that the plant’s stems expand in a lively pink tone to match the markings on the fallen leaves. 2.

Aglaonema 'Georgi's Ruby'

Aglaonema ‘Georgi’s Ruby’ Aglaonema ‘Georgi’s Ruby’

is one more magnificent Chinese evergreen. These plants create massive quantities of huge, thick fallen leaves, making a genuine influence on a workdesk, end table, or in a huge pot filling up a vacant edge. What makes this varieties of Chinese evergreen unique are the cherry-red capillaries that note each fallen leave and also lively arcs of chartreuse established versus the deep eco-friendly of the vegetation. 3.

Aglaonema 'Silver Stone'

Aglaonema ‘Silver Rock’ Initially glimpse, you could believe that an Aglaonema ‘Silver Rock’

is simply one more exotic houseplant– eco-friendly, leafy, and also positive to consider however with absolutely nothing special to keep in mind. Upon a close assessment, houseplant fanatics come to love this varieties of Chinese evergreen for its refined silvery markings and also light, silvery stems that provide this houseplant a mild charm. 4.

Aglaonema 'Pink Dalmatian'

Aglaonema ‘Pink Dalmatian’ The Aglaonema ‘Pink Dalmatian’

may be among the most beautiful Chinese evergreens readily available for expanding in your house. This varieties includes the beautiful, huge fallen leaves for which most Chinese evergreens are understood. This varieties’ fallen leaves are naturally dappled with somewhat transparent pink areas, for this reason the name “pink dalmatian.” 5.

Aglaonema 'Snow White'

Aglaonema ‘Snow White’ One more attractive Chinese evergreen varieties is the Aglaonema ‘Snow White’

This varieties creates huge fallen leaves that are so greatly variegated with a snowy-almost-white color of the lightest eco-friendly that they seem gently multicolor and also just rimmed with dark eco-friendly. This hefty variegation offers this plant’s leaves the look of being covered in snow. 6.

Aglaonema 'Red Sumatra'

Aglaonema ‘Red Sumatra’

The Aglaonema ‘Red Sumatra’ is significant for its noticeably huge fallen leaves, which expand to rather shocking dimensions also on smaller sized, premature plants. Along with being huge, the vegetation of this varieties is additionally rather eye-catching in a deep eco-friendly that is skillfully veined in fire-engine red and also flecked with yellow flecks. 7.

Aglaonema rotundum tiger

Aglaonema rotundum tiger The Aglaonema rotundum

is a much less usual Chinese evergreen. It is attractive to grow inside your home, choosing low-light locations that imitate the jungle flooring. This varieties creates spade-shaped fallen leaves in a dark, almost-black color of eco-friendly. The vegetation of more youthful plants is unmarked and also shiny. As the plant grows, its fallen leaves create complex, lacy, white capillaries. 8.

Aglaonema 'Emerald Bay'

Aglaonema ‘Em erald Bay’ The Aglaonema ‘Em erald Bay’

creates especially pinnate-shaped vegetation that, with a structure comparable to the vegetation of a tranquility lily plant, is somewhat much less rigid and also much more fluttery than that of various other Chinese evergreen varieties. Each of this plant’s fallen leaves has a virtually strong feathering of silvery eco-friendly that runs over the facility capillary that is bordered by a bright-green edge. 9. Aglaonema ‘Siam Aurora’

Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' (Red Aglaonema)

(Red Aglaonema) Likewise typically called the red aglaonema, the Aglaonema ‘Siam Aurora”

is a noticeably attractive Chinese evergreen cultivar. With intense red sunset-colored stems and also leaves rimmed and also veined with a deep, crimson, this easy-to-care-for plant guarantees to heat up any type of indoor room with very little initiative. 10.

Aglaonema 'Red Emerald'

Aglaonema ‘Red Emerald Green’

When looking upon an Aglaonema ‘Red Emerald green’ it comes to be promptly evident just how this Chinese evergreen cultivar obtained its name. This plant creates wide, shiny fallen leaves in a deep emerald color of eco-friendly, and also each striking eco-friendly fallen leave is bisected via the facility with a blood-red capillary. The fallen leaves are additionally freckled with gold brownish-yellow areas to include added appeal. 11. Aglaonema pictum tricolor

Aglaonema pictum tricolor (Camouflauge Plant)

( Camouflauge Plant) The Aglaonema pictum tricolor

is additionally referred to as the camouflage plant due to the uncommon pattern of its fallen leaves’ tricolored variegation, which carefully looks like the formed spots of shade utilized in camouflage garments. Along with being special, this is additionally among the rarest Chinese evergreens, which implies they can be rather costly to obtain. This plant provides the exact same easy-to-care-for account as various other Chinese evergreens, it’s generally just advised for even more skilled eco-friendly thumbs due to the fact that of the ahead of time expense to obtain one. 12. Aglaonema nitidum

Aglaonema nitidum (Burmese Evergreen)

(Burmese Evergreen) The Aglaonema nitidum

, typically called the Burmese evergreen, is a preferred houseplant. It has an upright main stalk that can get to concerning 3 feet in elevation with fallen leaves (as much as 18-inches long!) spreading out concerning the exact same size. The plant’s vegetation is generally mostly a silvery eco-friendly shade that’s gently variegated with brighter eco-friendly smudges. The Burmese evergreen is ideal for filling a vacant edge where it will certainly have adequate room to expand easily. 13.

Aglaonema 'Silver Bay'

Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ The Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’

is one more stylish selection of Chinese evergreen. Potted inside your home, these plants expand to be concerning 3 feet just as large and also high with 8 to 10 inch-long fallen leaves that appear to open up and also waterfall from the facility of the plant. The fallen leaves and also stems are of a lively eco-friendly shade with variegations of silvery plumes noting the facilities of the lance-shaped fallen leaves. 14.

Aglaonema 'Black Lance'

Aglaonema ‘Black Lance’ Although it can often be testing to discover this plant up for sale at daily yard facilities, it is famously utilized in business interior yards. The Aglaonema ‘Black Lance’

has slim, lance-shaped fallen leaves that break from the facility of the plant in a pom-pom form. The fallen leaves have a popular, silvery noting that diminishes their facilities, and also they are rimmed with a darker color of eco-friendly. 15.

Aglaonema 'Stripes'

Aglaonema ‘Stripes’ Many thanks to its attractive charm, the Aglaonema ‘Stripes’

selection of Chinese evergreen is a preferred cultivar typically expanded in workplaces and also houses. This cultivar creates huge, ovate fallen leaves and also stems in an intense color of lime-green. The huge leaves a significantly removed with slim bands of silvery white. These balanced red stripes begin at the centerline of the fallen leaves and also arch upwards on either side. 16. Aglaonema widuri

Aglaonema widuri (Red Peacock)

(Red Peacock) The fallen leaves of the Aglaonema widuri

are certainly equally as eye-catching and also snazzy as a red peacock would certainly be. These ovate fallen leaves are mostly a lively eco-friendly shade, however they appear they have actually been dipped or spray-painted in an intense, main red paint. This plant’s fallen leaves grow from pinkish-colored stems and also make a terrific focal point to any type of workplace, houseplant, or area display screen. 17.

Aglaonema 'Butterfly'

Aglaonema ‘Butterfly’ The Aglaonema ‘Butterfly’

is one more elegance of a Chinese evergreen with distinct vegetation. The fallen leaves of this cultivar attribute a fragile pink red stripe that runs down their. Each lively eco-friendly fallen leave is gently dappled with a warm yellow and also connected to rather pink stems. 18.

Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'

Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’ The Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’

obtains its name from the look of its huge, ovate fallen leaves that are mostly covered in a silvery-green tone and also noted with dark eco-friendly smudges and also sides. As this plant grows, it will certainly establish a main stem that is much more like a trunk while its reduced leaves start to diminish. At maturation, this Chinese evergreen plant gets to concerning 2 feet in elevation. 19. Aglaonema

Aglaonema 'Golden Hope'

‘Golden Hope’ This selection of Chinese evergreen truly differs from the remainder. It has wide, ovate fallen leaves that appear to spiral outside from the plant’s facility, producing a striking rosette form that appears when the plant is watched from above. Aglaonema ‘Golden Hope’

obtains its name from the gold tone of its fallen leaves. The plant is not just formed like a starburst however tinted like one also, with fallen leaves in a sunny-golden yellow tone and also noted with eco-friendly red stripes. 20.

Aglaonema 'Diamond Bay'

Aglaonema ‘Ruby Bay’ The Aglaonema ‘Ruby Bay’

is one more eye-catching Chinese evergreen selection. This cultivar includes long, lance-shaped fallen leaves that can expand to be greater than 12 inches in size. The leaves ruptured from the main plant in globs, and also each is noted with a silvery eco-friendly facility that extends over half the area. Each fallen leave is rimmed with dark-green sides. 21.

Aglaonema 'Creta'

Aglaonema ‘Creta’ Like various other Chinese evergreens, the Aglaonema ‘Creta’

is a magnificent plant that is, obviously, valued for its decorative vegetation. The fallen leaves are huge and also ovate, expanding right up towards the skies. They are mostly eco-friendly in shade however are noted with yellow blemishes, colored red, and also rimmed with a crimson facility capillary and also sides. 22. Aglaonema commutatum

Aglaonema commutatum (Philippine Evergreen)

(Philippine Evergreen) The Aglaonema commutatum

is a types of Chinese evergreen that has several usual names. Amongst them is the toxin arrowhead plant. The plant obtains this name as a result of the poisonous nature of its juices. While all aglaonema plants are poisonous for individuals and also family pets, this varieties is especially toxic. Just touching the juices of this varieties will seriously aggravate the skin with an unpleasant breakout. Be certain to show this plant and also take care of with treatment. 23.

Aglaonema 'Red Valentine'

Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’ The Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’

selection of Chinese evergreen is one more elegance with huge, variegated eco-friendly, ovate vegetation that is greatly dappled with smudges in different tones of intense red and also pink. The bottoms of this plant’s fallen leaves and also stems are additionally discolored a lively color of red, making it the ideal Chinese evergreen for Valentine’s Day. 24.

Aglaonema 'Silver King'

Aglaonema ‘Silver King’ The Aglaonema ‘Silver King’

is one more silvery-hued Chinese evergreen cultivar. This set functions slim and also lengthy, lance-shaped fallen leaves in a shiny, modest color of eco-friendly. The fallen leaves are greatly variegated with a silvery tone, also, and also expand to concerning 10 inches in size. 25.

Aglaonema 'Maria'

Aglaonema ‘Maria’ The Aglaonema ‘Maria’

is a veteran preferred Chinese evergreen plant. It has actually been preferred in residence style and also layout because the 1970s, and also today, it is taken into consideration ideal for the retro-chic design. This cultivar has actually firmly loaded, ovate entrusts intriguing patterns of rotating lighter and also darker eco-friendly that aid the plant produce refined aesthetic passion without being excessively elaborate. 26.

Aglaonema 'Red Anjamani'

Aglaonema ‘Red Anjamani’

If mistakenly misinterprets this Chinese evergreen for a poinsettia, nobody would certainly criticize you. The Aglaonema ‘Red Anjamani’ creates leaves in a red tone that would certainly be ideal for commemorating the holiday. The somewhat lance-shaped fallen leaves of this cultivar are practically totally intense red in shade, with the exception of the plant’s stems and also the slim edges of eco-friendly around the fallen leave sides.

Aglaonema Plant Care at Home

Aglaonema Plant Treatment in the house

Finest Dirt for Aglaonema Plant Kingdom Aglaonema plants expand finest in a peat-based, freely loaded, somewhat acidic (5.6 to 6.5 pH) potting mix

that is well-draining and also includes perlite. In a pinch, a basic potting mix made for orchid plants can function well.

Light Direct Exposure Aglaonema plants expand finest with intense, indirect/filtered sunshine

Straight sunlight will certainly swelter their fallen leaves. Chinese evergreens can additionally endure reduced light problems. They will certainly not expand as rapidly in reduced light. Furthermore, the much more greatly variegated an aglaonema’s fallen leaves are, the much more sunshine it requires to remain healthy and balanced.

Temperature Level and also Moisture Aglaonema plants like an ambient temperature level that varies in between 65 ° F and also 75 ° F

and also modest to high moisture varying from 70-90%. If your residence is completely dry, you can raise moisture by misting your plant, running a humidifier near the plant, or positioning the plant in addition to a water-filled pebble tray. When and also Just How Frequently to Water Aglaonema Plant Kingdom

Aglaonema plants need a

modest quantity of water, When the leading fifty percent of the dirt is completely dry, they must be sprinkled. When your strategy calls for water, a dampness meter or dirt probe can aid you establish. The regularity will certainly raise or reduce depending upon the period and also the quantity of wetness airborne.

When sprinkling an aglaonema, saturate its dirt up until water drains pipes via the plant’s container, and also enable all excess water to drain pipes.

When and also Just How Frequently to Feed Aglaonema Plants

Aglaonema plants must be

fed as soon as a month

throughout the expanding period (springtime and also summer season). Water down a healthy (20-20-20-), all-purpose, fluid houseplant plant food to half toughness and also use it month-to-month to the dirt. Development Assumptions Aglaonema plants expand gradually, generally calling for concerning one to 2 years to reach their complete, fully grown dimension.

Various ranges of Chinese evergreens expand to be a selection of dimensions. Small ranges remain relatively tiny, expanding to be much less than a foot large and also high, while bigger kinds can rise to concerning 3 feet high and also large.

Typical Aglaonema Plant Vermin and also Conditions

Specific illness and also bugs much more typically impact aglaonema plants. Watch out for indications of aphids, crawler termites, whiteflies, mealybugs, and also nematodes, along with indications of microbial fallen leave place, origin rot, and also anthracnose.

Why Select a Low-Maintenance, High-Impact Chinese Evergreen?(*) The genuine inquiry is why pass by a Chinese evergreen? These plants are simple and also exceptionally eye-catching to expand, making them the ideal suitable for any type of workplace, way of living, or residence. Whether you expand one or accumulate as several as you can, several sorts of aglaonema plants are an easy method to boost the appearance of your indoor rooms.(*) If you’re searching for your following Aglaonema plant to include in your collection, see our comprehensive overview to the (*) finest plant stores providing Chinese Evergreens across the country(*)(*)



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