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5 Easy Strategies for Drying Roses: A Step-by-Step Information

Roses are stunning woody perennials famed for his or her aromatic, colourful flowers. Roses are normally planted outdoors and loved in full bloom from late spring till early fall. Nonetheless, you possibly can dry and protect roses to understand them indoors at any time of 12 months. On this article, I’ll discover 5 of the perfect strategies for drying and preserving roses.

5 Simple Methods for Drying Roses: A Step-by-Step Guide

Finest Strategies For Drying Roses – The Necessities

You may dry roses by hanging them in a cool, dry, darkish place. It’s also possible to dry roses utilizing a microwave or a desiccant like silica gel—alternatively, dry roses by urgent them utilizing a flower press or a heavy ebook. Dried roses take one to 3 weeks to dry and sometimes final for one to 3 years.

About Roses

Roses (Rosa spp.) are deciduous perennials from the Rosaceae household. Roses are native to Asia, Europe, North Africa, and North America. Most roses are divided into three foremost teams; outdated backyard roses, species roses, and fashionable or hybrid.

Roses have single, double, or semi-double flowers that may produce intoxicating musky or heady fragrances. Roses even have alternate leaves with serrated margins. Most roses develop as shrubs or climbing vines with woody vines lined in thorns.

How Lengthy Do Dried Roses Final?

How Long Do Dried Roses Last?

Relying on the way you dry them, dried roses can final for about one to 3 years. Dried roses are delicate objects that should be dealt with with care. To assist your dried roses final so long as attainable, maintain them in a dry place away from direct daylight.

The longer you retain dried roses, the extra they may fade. Use orange or yellow roses if you happen to can, as these retain their colour higher than pink or purple roses. Pink roses also can step by step lose their colour and normally flip brown.

Tips on how to Put together Roses For Drying

To get the perfect outcomes, making ready your roses appropriately earlier than drying them is necessary. Harvest your chosen roses simply earlier than you begin drying them. Utilizing contemporary roses makes it simpler to protect the colour and construction of every flower.

When selecting roses for drying, decide ones with flowers which can be virtually absolutely open or have solely simply opened. Don’t decide flowers which can be already shedding petal, as these received’t be contemporary. Keep away from any wilting roses which have brown spots on the petals.

When you’ve lower your roses, trim the stems down barely and depart an angled lower on the base of the stem. Then, maintain your roses in a vase of water when you put together the tools to your chosen drying methodology.

5 Finest Strategies For Drying Roses

There are 5 main strategies of drying roses. Some strategies, akin to air-drying or urgent, are simple and don’t require many instruments. On this part, we’ll have a look at every course of and clarify the way to dry your roses.



Air-drying is the best and least costly methodology of drying rose flowers. This methodology works finest if you wish to dry plenty of roses directly. It’s additionally a great way of drying longer rose stems for bouquets or vases. Right here’s a information explaining the way to air-dry your roses:

  1. Choose a bunch of contemporary roses and take away many of the leaves.
  2. Utilizing some string, twine, or rubber bands, tie your bunch of roses collectively.
  3. Tie an extended size of string on the backside of the bunch and dangle them from a rack. Guarantee that the flowers are the wrong way up and dealing with the ground.
  4. Hold your bouquet someplace cool, dry, and darkish for about two to 3 weeks. Don’t depart the flowers in daylight as they may lose their colour.
  5. As soon as the flowers are dry, you possibly can spray them with regular hairspray. This stiffens the flowers, serving to them retain their form and last more. In the event you do spray them, depart them for 2 or three extra days to let the spray dry.

Air-Drying Roses in a Vase

Air-Drying Roses in a Vase

One other straightforward strategy to dry roses is to allow them to dry naturally in a vase. That is one other type of air-drying however doesn’t require a dangling rack. Right here’s a fast information detailing the way to dry roses in a vase:

  1. Clear out a ceramic vase or different container with heat, soapy water and let it dry.
  2. Select some contemporary roses and take away the leaves.
  3. Lower the stems of your roses to suit the vase and place them within the vessel.
  4. Go away the vase in a cool, dry place in a darkish space for about two to 3 weeks.
  5. As detailed above, you possibly can spray the roses with some hairspray as soon as they’re dry. In the event you do, depart them for a number of extra days till the hairspray has additionally dried.

Utilizing Silica Gel

Using Silica Gel

Some of the environment friendly methods of drying rose flowers is to make use of a desiccant like silica gel. Silica gel is accessible on-line or in craft shops. Utilizing silica gel produces essentially the most pure outcomes and helps protect the colourful colour of your rose. Nonetheless, this methodology is healthier suited to quick stems or giant flowers quite than roses with lengthy stems.

  1. Select contemporary, wholesome roses and lower down the stems to about an inch or so.
  2. Fill an hermetic container roughly midway with some silica gel.
  3. Use a paper towel to softly take away any remaining moisture out of your rose flowers.
  4. Place every flower face down into the gel with the stems dealing with upwards.
  5. Use extra silica gel to utterly cowl your flowers.
  6. Seal the container and depart it in a cool, dry, darkish place for a couple of week.
  7. Take away the flowers and gently shake off any remaining silica gel.

Utilizing a Microwave

Using a Microwave

It’s also possible to use a microwave to dry your rose flowers. Nonetheless, care have to be taken with this methodology to keep away from burning the flowers. This methodology doesn’t work for lengthy stems as they received’t slot in most microwaves. Right here’s the way to dry your rose flowers utilizing a microwave:

  1. Choose some contemporary, wholesome roses and trim down the stems in order that they slot in your microwave.
  2. Lay your roses on a sheet of greaseproof or wax paper and place them within the microwave.
  3. Utilizing the bottom attainable setting, microwave your roses till they’re absolutely dry.
  4. Examine your roses each 30 to 45 seconds to guarantee that they aren’t burned.
  5. As soon as executed, take away your roses from the microwave and allow them to settle down in a dry, darkish place.



Urgent is among the most fulfilling methods of drying rose flowers. Pressed rose flowers might be framed for show or utilized in varied craft initiatives. Whereas specialist flower presses can be found, you can even use a few heavy books.

  1. Open a big, heavy ebook in the direction of the again and place a sheet of blotting paper on the web page.
  2. Trim down the stems of some contemporary, wholesome roses to suit your ebook or flower press.
  3. Place your roses on high of the blotting paper and canopy them with one other sheet of blotting paper.
  4. Shut the ebook rigorously and add one other heavy ebook on high. In the event you’re utilizing a flower press, put the roses in with the blotting paper and tighten the flower press.
  5. Go away your roses in a cool, dry space in a darkish location for about two to 3 weeks.
  6. Open the ebook or press each few days and exchange the sheets of blotting paper till your flowers are dry.
  7. Gently take away your flowers and retailer them in a cool, dry, darkish place.

5 Finest Strategies For Drying Roses FAQs:

How Do You Dry Roses to Hold Them Without end?

Regardless of the way you dry them, dried roses received’t final ceaselessly. Even with the perfect care, dried roses normally final not more than three years.

How Lengthy Does It Take to Dry a Rose?

Relying on which methodology you employ, it takes a few days to about three weeks to dry a rose. Utilizing a microwave or silica gel is normally the quickest methodology.

How Do You Dry Roses within the Microwave?

To dry roses in a microwave, place them on some greaseproof or wax paper. Utilizing the bottom setting, microwave your roses till they’re absolutely dry. Examine them at 30-second intervals to verify they don’t burn.

How Lengthy Will a Dried Rose Final?

Dried roses normally final between one and three years. To assist dried roses last more, spray them with hairspray after you’ve dried them.

How Do You Protect Roses With Hairspray?

Hairspray helps protect dried roses a bit of longer by stiffening them. Spray your dried roses with hairspray and depart them for a number of extra days till the spray has additionally dried.

Wrapping Up

Dried roses final for about one to 3 years with delicate dealing with. Air-drying or urgent are the best methods to dry roses. It’s also possible to dry roses in a microwave or utilizing silica gel. At all times use contemporary roses with flowers which can be almost or lately absolutely open. Relying in your chosen methodology, drying roses takes between two days and three weeks.

For extra, see our in-depth information on the way to make roses last more in a vase, important suggestions for rising potted roses, and 3 straightforward strategies to press roses at dwelling.

Edd is a budding content material author and gardener residing in the UK. He has a bachelor’s diploma in Inventive and Skilled Writing and has written for a number of gardening publications on-line. He’s keen about nature and sustainability with a give attention to gardening and wildlife.



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