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6 Ideas On How To Prune Curry Leaf Plant

Curry leaf plant, also referred to as Murraya koenigii, has been used as a spice in India for hundreds of years. The plant is native to Sri Lanka and India and is historically utilized in cooking. It’s also known as curry leaves, Kari Patta or kadipatta in India. It belongs to the household of Apiaceae and has fragrant leaves which can be used as a spice in Indian delicacies.

The curry leaf plant must be pruned recurrently to maintain it wholesome and productive. It’s utilized in many recipes, so understanding easy methods to develop and prune this plant properly is necessary. Right here is an final information on easy methods to prune curry leaf plant.

How To Prune Curry Leaf Plant
Bought some assist pruning a curry leaf tree! through Reddit

Curry Leaf Plant Care Factors

Curry leaf crops are very simple to take care of. They require little water, however it is very important prune them at the very least annually to keep up their form and well being. Listed here are all the necessities of the curry leaf plant intimately.

Kind Of Soil

As for the soil, the place to plant curry leaf crops, sandy soils with an excellent drainage capability work greatest.


Curry leaf crops don’t require a lot water to start with or survive. Nevertheless, it isn’t immune to drought and due to this fact wants correct irrigation. When the soil on the base of the plant turns into dry, please give it an excellent watering after which solely water it intermittently (relying on climate circumstances).

Loads Of Daylight

Curry leaf crops just like the solar, so attempt to discover a sunny spot whenever you plant them. If achieved in a pot, put them in a window that faces south if north is your hemisphere.

Low Temperature

Curry leaf crops originate from the tropical areas of India. They will’t bear the chilly and must be saved above 4ºC.


Fertilization will considerably fluctuate whether or not curry leaf crops are within the floor or pots. It is best to apply fertilizers within the dry soil to make the absorption faster and simpler. The necessity for fertilizers will increase if the plant is within the pot.

Ailments And Infestations

Curry leaf crops are wholesome & resilient. However the mealybug might be one of many extra widespread pests that assault it. And if there’s an excessive amount of water, root rot will begin to develop.


Pruning is amongst one of many fundamental necessities of this evergreen plant. Let’s take a look at this facet intimately beneath.

Why Is Pruning Curry Leaf Plant Necessary?

Curry leaf crops are very simple to take care of. They require little water, however it is very important prune them at the very least annually to keep up their form and well being. Pruning curry leaf plant is necessary for a couple of causes:

  • The plant can develop as much as 3 toes tall, so it is going to must be pruned to keep up that top.
  • Pruning additionally helps the plant steer clear of illnesses by chopping off useless branches, decreasing the danger of illnesses and bettering air circulation.
  • Pruning removes useless and dying branches and stubs.
  • It permits room for brand new development.
  • It protects your own home and passerby from hurt.
  • Moreover, it prevents your curry leaf plant from pests and animal infestation.
  • It retains your plant wanting good and contemporary.

6 Ideas On How To Prune Curry Leaf Plant

Pruning is known as the method of eradicating useless, broken, diseased, or crossing branches of a plant to enhance its well being and look. It’s chopping or culling away useless, overgrown, and unhealthy branches of a tree to enhance productiveness. It’s normally achieved to cut back crowding the place too many branches are shut collectively.

It’ll permit extra mild into the tree’s inside components and provides it extra space for new development. Curry leaf plant wants loads of care and a focus, however it may be a manageable plant with some easy pruning. Listed here are fast 5 suggestions that can let you understand how to prune curry leaf crops.

Instruments You Want For Pruning

It is suggested to make use of clear and sterilized instruments to prune your curry leaf crops. Warning with sharp instruments is important, and ensure there aren’t any pets or children round when you find yourself about to start out your pruning job. Let’s see what we’d like in pruning this well-known herbaceous plant.

Disinfection earlier than and after every pruning is essential to maintain your plant from pests and illnesses contagion from one plant to the opposite.

  • Take medium-sized gardening shears. You don’t want a big-sized pruner as this plant has a median top. A handbook pruning shear would suffice.
  • In distinction, should you prune your curry leaf plant grown within the floor, you may want lengthy shears. Take one which higher suits your dimension and ease.

Let’s transfer to our suggestions!

1.     Finest Time To Prune Curry Leaf Plant

The most effective time to prune the curry leaf plant is in late winter or early spring when making new shoots. The incorrect time to prune the curry leaf plant is throughout summer time or autumn, as this could disturb its pure development cycle and will impair its capability to flower in winter.

The most effective time to prune this plant is early in its rising stage. The typical top of the curry leaf plant is round 12 inches, and we suggest leaving 3-5 inches from the highest and trimming it there.

2.     Make A Sharp Minimize

A pointy lower with sharp pruning shears is important, so the department doesn’t have any tears or holes that entice filth, water & germs.

3.     Take away Previous Leaves And Weak Growths

Begin by pruning again previous leaves and weak development stems. Minimize the skinny shoots from the bottom and leafless stems to boost stronger development.

4.     Proper Angle

The cuts must be at an angle of 45°. It helps the highest of the stem to shrug off the water.

5.     Take away Thick Branches

Minimize thick branches by ½ to 1/3 of the size to maintain your plant wanting higher, and air can flow into simply among the many branches.

6.     Apply Fertilizer

Give fertilizer to your curry go away crops after pruning to advertise high-quality development. Should think about the next factors whereas fertilizing your plant:

  • In case your curry leaf plant is in a pot, then apply the fertilizer on the rim of the pot.
  • Whether it is within the floor, then sprinkling fertilizer on the plant’s cover could be the most suitable choice.
  • Making use of fertilizer each third to 4th week is important to advertise plant development.

Advantages of Curry leaf Plant

Curry leaves are an exquisite herb that’s utilized in Indian delicacies. It’s identified to have many well being advantages equivalent to:

  • Curry leaves are a superb supply of nutritional vitamins A, C, and Okay.
  • Additionally they comprise minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.
  • It could possibly assist with digestion and cut back fuel
  • It could possibly decrease blood sugar ranges


Curry leaf crops are cool, aromatic little crops which can be simple to develop. Now that you realize the assorted well being advantages of this plant, you should be planning to purchase one. If you have already got one in your yard, discover your reply on easy methods to prune curry leaf crops.

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