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9 Forms of Pothos to Add To Your Plant Assortment

Pothos is without doubt one of the first houseplants that many plant novices begin out with, and for good purpose. It’s simple to look after and extremely versatile, as you possibly can:

  • Develop in hanging pots and it’ll cascade downward
  • Develop it up a plant totem or moss pole
  • Develop it horizontally on desk tops, mantles, or windowsills

You may develop it in low gentle, however it’s going to actually thrive in brighter indoor areas. It additionally doesn’t require a variety of water— you simply have to make sure that the potting soil will get moist, not dripping moist.

One of the best bit is that there are such a lot of distinctive varieties out there, so you possibly can develop your very personal pothos jungle full of colourful variegation and trailing magnificence.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos house plant for air purification and sleep
The most well-liked selection, golden pothos is also referred to as Satan’s Ivy. Supply

You may simply discover golden pothos at your native backyard heart or nursery, since they’re the commonest of all pothos plant varieties. They’re simply identifiable as they’ve telltale heart-shaped inexperienced leaves which are splashed with golden hues.

Also called Satan’s Ivy, they’re fairly resilient and doubtless the best to develop of the entire pothos varieties on the market.

Marble Queen Pothos

Pothos leaves curling can be due to many reasons
Marble Queen has an exquisite variegation, however wants a bit extra gentle to thrive.

Marble queen is one other frequent number of pothos on the market, and has a ‘cheesecake’ kind of look to it. The white and darkish inexperienced are interwoven collectively sort of like a tapestry or knit blanket, forming a stunning variegation.

They’re a extremely variegated selection, and because of this will develop slower as there’s much less chlorophyll in every leaf. You might wish to transfer them nearer to a lightweight supply or windowsill to spur their development.

Neon Pothos

A light, lime-green color across the entire leaf makes neon pothos true to its name
A light-weight, lime-green coloration throughout your entire leaf makes neon pothos true to its identify. Supply: Josh’s Frogs

Neon pothos is a singular kind of pothos. The center-shaped leaves a vibrant, lime inexperienced coloration! The youthful, budding leaves have brighter hues, whereas the older, mature ones have a deep tinge of neon to them.

In order for you your Neon pothos to have that signature placing neon coloration, then develop them beneath vibrant gentle. In low or dim gentle, the leaves have a tendency to stay uninteresting and darkish.

Jessenia Pothos

Jessenia has more speckled and marbled coloration, but yellow instead of white
Jessenia has extra speckled and marbled coloration, however yellow as a substitute of white. Supply: Houzz

Jessenia pothos have inexperienced heart-shaped foliage spiked with greenish-yellow hues. Each leaf of Jessenia pothos will prove completely different than the remainder, similar to Marble Queen. Jessenia additionally tends to develop a lot slower than non-variegated pothos resulting from lack of chlorophyll.

You’ll be capable to simply differentiate between Marble Queen and Jessenia because the limey-green variegation of Jessenia is way darker than the lighter, whiter variegation of Marble Queen.

Manjula Pothos

Manjuula has a combination of marble queen and N'Joy coloration
Manjuula has a mixture of marble queen and N’Pleasure coloration. Supply: Fronde on Etsy

Manjula Pothos is definitely a patented number of pothos, which was initially produced by the College of Florida. The important thing differentiator between Manjula and different varieties of pothos is that the guts formed leaves of Manjula pothos have curvy edges that refuse to put flat.

Additionally, the leaves are variegated with hues of cream, silver, white, and inexperienced. As with different pothos varieties, your Manjula pothos leaves can even differ from one another; some could have massive inexperienced patches and others will probably be closely freckled and painted with the opposite hues.

Plus, the variegation of Manjula leaves isn’t clear lower, so you possibly can anticipate specks of inexperienced on the whiter areas.

Pearls and Jade Pothos

Pearls & Jade has white-tipped leaves
Pearls & Jade has white-tipped leaves. Supply: Hirt’s Gardens

That is additionally a patented kind of Pothos and was produced by the College of Florida. Pearls and Jade Pothos has inexperienced leaves which are variegated with silver-gray and white hues. You may spot it out amidst an assortment of pothos varieties by in search of their variegation patterns.

The variegation on their leaves seems on the perimeters quite than the middle. Plus, the whiter parts of the foliage are often clouded with inexperienced and silver-gray shades. Pearls and Jade Pothos have comparatively smaller leaves than different varieties they usually are likely to develop slower too.

Silver / Satin Pothos

One of the most striking coloration patterns, Scindapsus pictus is one of the only varieties not named Epipremnum
One of the placing coloration patterns, Scindapsus pictus is without doubt one of the solely varieties not named Epipremnum. Supply: wlcutler

This number of pothos sports activities attractive darkish inexperienced, coronary heart formed foliage. The darkish inexperienced of the leaves is speckled with silver. One of these pothos is also referred to as Satin Pothos or Silver Pothos. The foliage of Silver Pothos is smaller than different varieties.

The vine like high quality and the glowing look of the leaves makes it a incredible addition to your indoor jungle. Simply place it in a dangling pot and let the leaves go the place their hearts need. For the brightest shades of silver, ensure you hold it in vibrant but oblique gentle.

N-Pleasure Pothos

N'Joy almost doesn't even look like pothos with its striking variegation
N’Pleasure virtually doesn’t even appear to be pothos with its placing variegation. Supply: blumenbiene

This is without doubt one of the newer varieties of pothos out there available on the market. It additionally has variegated inexperienced leaves which are closely dappled with white, and the variegation is basically distinct. You may make the white variegation develop and unfold on the foliage if you happen to hold N-Pleasure Pothos beneath vibrant gentle.

Pothos N-Pleasure will probably be as simple to develop for you as another kind of pothos. Simply hold it close to a lightweight supply in your house and see the vine thrive! Nevertheless, be affected person with it because it grows slowly.

Cebu Blue Pothos

Striking arrow-shaped leaves that split as they mature make up the Cebu Blue pothos.
Placing arrow-shaped leaves that break up as they mature make up the Cebu Blue pothos.

It is a particular number of pothos and  is the closest to my coronary heart. In case you are questioning why, nicely, it doesn’t sport the signature coronary heart formed foliage of pothos. As a substitute, Cebu Blue Pothos have arrow formed blue-green leaves. Additionally, often these leaves have a slight bluish-metallic gleam to them that makes it distinctive from different varieties

The youthful leaves are often vaguely formed like arrows, however if you happen to give Cebu Blue Pothos sufficient brightness, then the leaves will enlarge and type pure splits! Nevertheless, they do require time to mature, so that you’ll must be affected person.

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