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9 Ideas for Digging and Storing Dahlia Tubers

You’re lacking out when you haven’t caught on to the dahlia craze but. These attractive backyard beauties stand out within the panorama, and their spectacular blooms make fantastic lower flowers to deliver indoors or share with a pal.

Likelihood is that you simply’ve discovered your approach right here as a result of you’ve got some dahlias and have to know easy methods to deal with overwintering them. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. 

Dahlias are native to Mexico and are hardy, which means they are often left within the floor over the winter, solely in zones 8-12. Our winters right here in zone 8 might be unpredictable. Nevertheless, we had a chilly streak final yr that may have killed my tubers, so I opted to retailer them for the winter and re-plant them within the spring. 

For those who reside in zone 8 or increased, you must have the ability to go away them within the floor over the winter, however each couple of years, you must dig them up and divide them to forestall them from getting over-crowded and to maintain the newer tubers wholesome by eradicating lifeless weight.

For those who backyard north of zone 8, your tubers are unlikely to outlive the winter within the floor. Nevertheless, the character of the dahlia root system makes it straightforward to retailer them for the winter with out taking over a lot area. Listed here are some recommendations on correctly getting ready and storing your dahlia tubers for the winter

Harvest on the Proper Time

With her hands, a woman carefully excavates dahlia tubers, exposing their intertwined roots caked in moist soil. The earth beneath her fingers is a deep, earthy brown, mirroring the garden's fertile grounds.
Timing is essential to make sure profitable dahlia tuber storage and regrowth in spring.

The primary consideration when digging up your dahlia tubers is ready till the appropriate time. A lot of the multiplying of tubers happens early within the yr, however these new tubers won’t mature till a lot later. Ready till the tubers are absolutely mature will give them the very best probability of surviving storage and popping again up within the spring. 

Dahlia tubers can deal with some chilly climate. They’re chilly hardy to zone 8, which might see some temperatures within the 20s come December and January. The very best time to dig up your tubers is after the foliage has died again for the winter. For those who reside north of zone 7, don’t wait till a tough freeze hits, as this may kill off tubers. 

Letting the foliage die again naturally is an effective approach to make sure you’re ready lengthy sufficient. It’s also possible to look ahead to the primary frost. All of it is dependent upon what local weather you backyard in. In northern climates, you could discover this time comes as early as October, whereas hotter climates might not see their dahlias die again till effectively into December.

Getting a head begin on prepping crops for the chilly might be tempting. Nevertheless, ready out your dahlias till the appropriate time provides you with the strongest tubers, which can get the very best begin within the spring. Extra mature tubers imply extra dahlia crops and extra attractive blooms

Prep for Harvesting

A woman wields pruning shears to snip the sturdy stems of dahlia plants, nestled in the brown soil. The leaves from nearby trees have gently fallen, forming a rustic carpet beneath her meticulous work.
Bear in mind to make use of a clear and sharp chopping instrument when working with crops to forestall illness transmission.

A couple of days earlier than you plant to reap your dahlia tubers, there are a few issues that you are able to do to prep them. The primary is to trim the stems. Trim the lifeless stalks to some inches above the bottom. This can pressure the eyes to come back out, which makes them a lot simpler to divide. 

If there may be any probability of rain between the time you narrow your stalks and the day you propose to reap the tubers, cowl the tops of the lower stems with foil or plastic to guard them from filling with water.

Dahlia stems are hole, which is nice for transporting water to their flowers. Their flowers require loads of water. Nevertheless, you don’t need these hole stems to fill with water within the days earlier than you harvest the tubers, as this will result in root rot. 

Be certain to make use of a clear, sharp instrument and to chop and clear your instruments between crops. This helps forestall the transmission of illnesses from one plant to a different. You’ll be able to dip your shears into an answer of 10 components water to 1 half bleach between crops to maintain them additional clear.

Tread Frivolously with the Shovel

Amidst brown soil and scattered tree leaves, a man diligently wields a pitchfork to unearth dahlia tubers. Their roots cling to the soil as they emerge, showcasing their tenacious connection to the earth.
When digging up dahlia tubers, deal with them delicately.

Dahlia tubers will likely be delicate at this stage, so it’s essential to go straightforward whenever you’re digging them as much as watch out and light-handed. Utilizing a backyard fork or small spade, loosen the soil in a one-foot radius across the stem. For those who run right into a tuber, develop your circle so that you simply don’t tear the cluster aside. 

Use your backyard fork or different instrument to dig beneath the tubers and elevate them up gently. The cluster ought to come away simply so long as the soil just isn’t too compacted. 

The neck will likely be fairly fragile at this stage, so it’s best to set them apart and permit your entire cluster to dry for a number of hours. This helps to stiffen up that neck and make it simpler to deal with with out breaking up. You need to have the ability to make your individual selections about the place to divide your tubers.

Clear Your Tubers

A gardener uses a hose to gently rinse off soil from freshly dug dahlia tubers. The water trickles over the roots, revealing their intricate structure. In the background, a lush garden landscape adds to the serene atmosphere.
Be certain to softly take away as a lot soil as doable, paying shut consideration to the areas between the tubers.

Soil incorporates microorganisms and, doubtlessly, fungi and micro organism. You don’t wish to retailer your tuber with the soil on them, as you would possibly return to a field stuffed with rotten tubers. That is the explanation it’s so essential to scrub earlier than you retailer tubers.

Even when you retailer them in peat moss or one other substrate, it needs to be a clear, contemporary substrate. Gently brush off as a lot soil as doable, taking note of the areas between tubers. 

Subsequent, to make sure they’re clear, use a mild stream from the hose or a utility sink and rinse any leftover soil away. Study your tubers for any broken or rotting root tissue. This needs to be lower away to guard the remainder of the tubers from rotting. 

Separate Clumps

On a brown table, a substantial clump of dahlia tubers lies strewn about, each exhibiting unique root structures. Their earthy connection remains, with traces of soil still clinging to their forms.
Finding and distinguishing the eyes, the place contemporary shoots will emerge, is essential.

That is the purpose the place you need to determine whether or not you wish to go away the tubers intact or separate them. You’ll be able to at all times separate them within the spring earlier than planting, however it’s an additional step you’ll in all probability wish to take, because it means extra dahlia crops.

Once you separate your clumps of tubers, you wish to search for and determine the eyes. There are the locations the place new sprouts will kind. It may be harder to determine the eyes within the fall, so because of this, you could determine to attend till spring when they’re extra pronounced and apparent. 

Once you separate, guarantee every part has no less than one eye, otherwise you’re not more likely to get any progress. Establish the mom tuber, the one which grew final season’s dahlias. That is going to be the darkest brown tuber. Take away this one from the brand new tubers and discard it. 

If grime is left in your newly divided tubers, rinse them off once more. All the time use a clear instrument when separating, otherwise you threat introducing pathogens. Newly lower tissue is extra weak. Consider this as an open lower. It wants to remain clear till it heals over. 

Prep for Storage

Washed dahlia tubers are thoughtfully arranged within a blue plastic crate, showcasing their intricate roots. Below the crate, a carpet of green grass is strewn with the remnants of leaves from towering trees.
Contemplate laying tubers on a display screen for improved air circulation and quicker drying.

Earlier than storing, tubers should dry out to forestall mould or fungus from rising over the winter. You probably have a display screen you possibly can lay them on, they may get higher air circulation this manner and require much less time to dry. 

You wish to be sure that they’re totally dried earlier than storing them. This will take anyplace from a number of days to some weeks. Set them in a spot that gained’t expertise freezing temperatures that’s in oblique daylight, and allow them to dry till the pores and skin begins to wrinkle.

Select the Proper Storage Technique

Two containers on a brown table brim with vermiculite, dispensed using a small shovel. These containers are intended to serve as storage vessels for the meticulously cleaned dahlia tubers.
Gardeners have a variety of container decisions with regards to storing tubers.

Quite a lot of completely different containers work effectively for storing. I like shallow bins with vermiculite as a result of I like to put my tubers flat and never on prime of one another. Some gardeners use plastic wrap, which prevents them from drying out

You don’t need your tubers to get any extra dried out than they already are at this stage, or the eyes will dry out and never sprout. You should use paper baggage, milk crates, or bins stuffed with vermiculite. Some gardeners wish to wrap them in newspapers, though print newspapers should not fairly as prevalent as they was. 

Labeling your dahlias is elective, after all. You probably have many alternative varieties, it may be good to know which of them are which. Not all dahlias develop to the identical top, so that you wish to keep away from planting shorter crops behind taller ones, or the shorter ones gained’t get sufficient mild. I’ve tried this and had few to no flowers on the smaller crops. 

Retailer Them within the Proper Place

Inside a wooden crate, clusters of dahlia tubers are visible, their roots exposed and adorned with clinging soil particles. The earthy remnants tell the story of their recent extraction.
Your storage location alternative ought to rely in your space’s prevailing local weather circumstances.

Retailer your tubers of their containers in a cool, dry, darkish place. You need these tubers to take a pleasant lengthy nap, staying as near their current state as doable. If the eyes sprout a tiny bit, it will likely be okay, however you don’t need them rising in storage with out water or daylight.

The perfect temperature to retailer your dahlia tubers is within the vary of 40°-45°F. This can preserve them dormant for months in solitude. Don’t retailer them in an area that might freeze. Keep away from exposing them to loads of moisture, which might rot them.

Relying in your local weather, your storage may very well be an ideal storage location. Retailer them up towards the facet of the home to keep away from any unexpectedly chilly climate that might deliver the temperature to freezing. 

Take a Peek from Time to Time

Amidst vibrant green grass, wooden crates are brimming with freshly harvested dahlia tubers. Each tuber bears earthy remnants, evidence of their recent extraction from the fertile soil.
Look out for mould or fungus progress, as it will probably unfold and doubtlessly smash all of your tubers if left unattended.

As soon as your dahlias are correctly saved, you possibly can chill out till spring. So long as the air stays cool and dry however not too chilly, they may probably be in nice situation within the spring. 

With that being stated, it’s a good suggestion to examine in on them sometimes simply to be sure that issues are staying as they need to. Verify for any mould or fungus progress, as this will unfold, and you could find yourself with a whole field of rotten tubers when you don’t take away the supply rapidly. 

One other issue to examine on is moisture basically. You don’t need your tubers to dry out. There’s a effective stability, which sounds counterintuitive, but when they’re drying out an excessive amount of, you’ll wish to rehydrate them. You’ll be able to rehydrate them by misting the packing materials with some water. It is a nice motive to make use of some vermiculite or peat moss when storing. 

Don’t be afraid to take away tubers that look lower than wholesome. For those who discover any have change into hole, shriveled, or have absolutely dried out, lower them off. Verify for indicators of progress, and if the eyes appear to be they’re rising, don’t add any moisture, as you possibly can find yourself with rotten eyes.

Last Ideas

Storing your dahlias for the winter is a simple course of that can save money and time in the long term, as you possibly can preserve those self same tubers going for years. I hope your tubers survive the winter and you might be graced with a bounty of lovely blooms subsequent season!



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