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Agapanthus That means, Symbolism, Myths, Folklore, and Cultural Significance

Daring and crowd pleasing cluster blossoms are uncommon sufficient in nature to deserve a spot of honor within the bouquet or backyard. The Agapanthus positively suits the invoice with its ball-shaped clusters of starry flowers. For those who’re searching for a flower wealthy with symbolism so as to add layers of that means to your subsequent floral association, you’ve discovered the correct blossom. On this information, I’ll run via all the pieces you might want to learn about Agapanthus that means and symbolism within the language of flowers.  

Agapanthus Meaning, Symbolism, Myths, Folklore, and Cultural Significance

Agapanthus Flower That means & Symbolism

For those who’ve ever seen the unique Agapanthus in individual, you have been doubtless wowed by its dimension and shade. But there’s extra to the fantastic thing about this flower, because of centuries of symbolic affiliation.

Agapanthus That means within the Victorian Language of Flowers

Agapanthus is never referenced in lots of the hottest sources for Victorian floriography or the language of the flowers. Nevertheless, it’s instantly linked with Queen Victoria, for whom the whole period was named. She was the primary to import this plant from South Africa and develop its cultivation within the cooler local weather of England. 

Previous to her enlargement of the plant’s use, it was not often used to have fun the start of a child. Explorers unfold the crops within the seventeenth century from their native vary within the south of Africa, however they solely turned well-liked in the UK across the Victorian period.

After the Queen made it extra well-liked amongst rich Victorians, it gained an affiliation with a chaste or hid love as an alternative of start. 

There’s a well-known story that Agapanthus flowers have been used to adorn her casket when she died as properly, however this isn’t verified. 

Nonetheless, few flowers are as instantly linked to Queen Victoria because the Agapanthus. The variability named ‘Queen Mum’ isn’t named for Victoria, although, however slightly for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mom.

Agapanthus Colours and Their That means & Symbolism

Agapanthus Colors and Their Meaning & Symbolism

Agapanthus flowers characteristic among the most intense violet and blue shades you’ll see in taller clustered flowers. Different widespread colours embody pastel shades of blue, purple, and pink, together with some white varieties. It’s essential to think about how the colour of the flower you add to a bouquet alters its general that means.

  • Blue: Serenity, therapeutic, peace, calmness, knowledge, and development
  • Violet: Ardour, depth, magnificence, magic, and enchantment
  • Gentle Blue: Belief, innocence, youthfulness, and pleasure
  • Gentle Pink: Playfulness, sweetness, femininity, and enjoyable
  • Gentle Purple: Success, adoration, flirtation, calmness, and knowledge
  • White: Therapeutic, restoration, contemporary begins, and dedication

The That means of Agapanthus Blossom in Historical Instances

The title Agapanthus is derived from Greek mythology, linking it to historical instances even when it wasn’t so extensively unfold in the course of the precise interval. 

The title comes from the mixture of the phrase agape, which implies love, and anthos, which implies flower. This title was given to it in the course of the Victorian period, so it solely took on the that means of affection at the moment. 

In native southern African practices, the Lily of the Nile was gifted to new moms and hung in garlands round their necks to want them good well being.

Agapanthus That means in Japanese and Chinese language Flower Languages

For the reason that Agapanthus isn’t native to Asia, it solely options in trendy Hanakotoba. In each Japan and China, it’s extensively used to represent romance, love, and romantic intentions. Some individuals even alternate it as a method to ask for a date with somebody they’re solely nonetheless getting acquainted with.

Myths and Folklore Related to Agapanthus

Myths and Folklore Associated with Agapanthus

Some cultures affiliate the Agapanthus flower with mysticism and magic. It’s typically seen as a protecting attraction towards the harm from thunderstorms, which can come from its complicated clustered form and intense shade. 

The flower has the strongest associations with childbirth and wholesome moms. It was additionally a type of conventional medication for teams just like the Xhosa. Whereas some southern Africans nonetheless think about it an aphrodisiac, others favor simply to benefit from the magnificence and symbolic that means of romance it conveys.

Agapanthus That means in Artwork and Literature

Certainly one of Monet’s most placing impressionist work is entitled ‘Agapanthus’ and shows the plant’s delicate lavender blooms and strap-like leaves.

About Agapanthus

About Agapanthus

Widespread Names

The Agapanthus was as soon as believed to be a real lily, so it’s not shocking considered one of its widespread names is Lily of the Nile. It’s also called an African Lily or Queen Lily by some. These widespread names primarily seek advice from its native vary in South Africa.


The title Agapanthus is a mixture of two Greek phrases. It acquired the title in the course of the Victorian period, and it’s a mixture of agape and anthos. ‘Agape’ means love, and ‘anthos’ means flower, making it actually a flower of affection.

Rising Agapanthus

Agapanthus is barely thought-about a hardy perennial in USDA rising zones 7 and above. Nevertheless, many individuals in cooler areas like England develop the crops by digging up the bulbs and placing the crops in containers to maintain them heat over the winter. 

Greenhouse tradition may develop, the place they’ll develop again 12 months after 12 months. Be sure they keep well-fertilized and purpose in direction of conserving them barely root-bound after they’re in containers.

Agapanthus is a whole genus of some dozen carefully associated flowers. It’s a part of the bigger Amaryllidaceae household, together with different clustered flowers with lily of their widespread title. This makes these flowers carefully associated to each Alliums like onions and Amaryllis crops like Daffodils.

Native Vary

All the species within the genus are native to some a part of southern Africa, similar to Mozambique, South Africa, and Lesotho. It has naturalized in hotter areas like Mexico and Australia, the place the situations are comparable. Some varieties are extra cold-hardy and develop on their very own in locations like North America and Europe with out the necessity for interventions like lifting the bulbs within the winter.


Agapanthus has skinny, slender foliage that’s typically described as strap-like. It often has a bluish solid that’s engaging by itself. 

The flowers seem in spherical clusters, not in contrast to the blooms of Alliums, however with a extra star-shaped look to every blossom. 

The colours vary from white to pastel and daring shades of blue, pink, and purple. The peak of sure varieties can vary from 8 inches for dwarf varieties to five toes or extra for full-sized cultivars.


The plant is filled with saponin, a toxin extremely irritating to people and animals. It protects the plant from bugs and wildlife that may eat it. Nevertheless, it will probably additionally result in nausea and vomiting in a pet that’s too curious. 

Contemplate planting one other clustered flower with much less toxicity if you need the same look with out risking a vet’s go to. For those who’re slicing the flowers or dealing with a whole lot of reduce plant materials, put on gloves because the sap is a pores and skin irritant.

Caring for the Lower Flowers

Lower Agapanthus flowers are inclined to final for every week or longer earlier than dropping their shade and drying out. With care, you possibly can proceed displaying the pale flower as a dried show for months. 

Be sure to vary the water each day and add a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide to stop micro organism from weakening the stems. Lower the stems additional lengthy till you’re able to put collectively a floral association to increase the life whereas the flowers are in chilly storage.

Agapanthus That means and Symbolism – Wrapping Up

Agapanthus crops are wealthy in that means and symbolism and are additionally fast and straightforward to plant in your backyard, because of the actual fact they develop from bulbs. You’ll admire the magical look and colourful show that may final for months with care. Take advantage of these spectacular blossoms by giving them away as a token of your affection.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry colleges in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a world editorial workforce, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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