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Anthurium Regale – 6 Caring Suggestions and three Propagating Strategies

Anthurium Regale is a superb houseplant. It belongs to the Araceae household. This plant delights its homeowners with vivid colours even when chilly, gloomy, and damp outdoors. If correctly cared for, the plant will bloom all yr spherical. Furthermore, anthurium regale comes with engaging ornamental leaves, which have a wide range of shapes.

There are heart-shaped, spatulate, rounded, and dissected leaves. The leaves flip with the solar within the homeland and within the tropical rainforest. Anthurium regale can develop between 5 and eight ft tall with excellent care. Additionally, the leaves can develop to about 4 ft in measurement if there’s correct humidity and daylight.

Anthurium Regale
“New leaf on an Anthurium regale rising properly.” by way of Reddit

Caring suggestions for anthurium regale

1.       Lighting

Correct and enough lighting for anthurium regale is vital in correct plant care. Direct rays can burn the leaves, which can spoil the plant’s look. To offer a tropical visitor with a cushty keep within the Home, window sills going through west or east are appropriate. In winter, the plant will be positioned on the window on the south facet.

If the solar actively illuminates the room, it’s higher to put in a flowerpot with anthurium regale at a distance of a meter from the window in order that the solar’s rays don’t hurt the plant. An inadequate quantity of sunshine adversely impacts it. The plant stops flowering and begins to wither, which turns into noticeable by the deformation of the leaves. On this case, the flower wants to choose up one other place. 

2.       Temperature

Anthurium regale completely adapts to room temperature. In its pure surroundings, it grows within the tropics. Within the heat season, the optimum temperature can be 20-25 °C. 16-18 °C can be sufficient in winter, however the plant have to be protected against heat radiators. Drafts and sudden temperature modifications may cause the loss of life of a flower. 

3.       Air humidity

The birthplace of anthurium regale is tropical rainforests, so the plant must create a particular microclimate within the house. Dry air within the room won’t go well with it. It’s higher to get a humidifier or use different confirmed strategies. For instance, put a flower pot on a tray with moist expanded clay. On this case, extra moisture mustn’t fall into the pot.

For anthurium regale to really feel comfy, its air have to be periodically sprayed. Water can’t fall on the leaves; in any other case, they are going to be lined with white limescale. Due to this, the plant loses its attractiveness.

Anthurium Regale 2
“Anthurium regale leaf vs my hand” by way of Reddit

4.       Watering guidelines 

Anthurium regale is sort of demanding on watering, for it requires ample watering. Extreme moisture and drying of the soil will hurt the plant. After watering, verify the pallet. If there’s water left in it, it have to be poured out. The flower is watered because the topsoil dries up. Watering is elevated at excessive temperatures within the room, and at low temperatures, it must be decreased.

In summer season, the plant is watered 2-3 occasions per week, and in winter, as soon as can be sufficient. Water for irrigation must be heat and mushy. Since anthurium regale grows primarily in acidic substrates, the leaves flip yellow from lime water. 

5.       Prime dressing

Caring anthurium regale ought to embrace periodic high dressing. To stimulate flowering in summer season, fertilizers with excessive potassium and phosphorus are used. In winter, if the plant doesn’t bloom, cease feeding. If it blooms, you’ll be able to feed based on the established scheme. Fertilizer is utilized each 2-3 weeks. Additionally, the plant may be very conscious of natural feeding. You need to use hen manure or mullein infusion – not more than as soon as a month. 

6.       Switch

For the plant to develop nicely and please with its flowering, it have to be consistently replanted, including a contemporary earthen combination to the pot. The soil within the pot must be gentle, nutritious, and nicely breathable. It’s extra expedient to make use of bought soil meant for aroid. Primarily, it is extremely vital to position the drainage on the backside of the pot. A small and slim pot helps to stimulate the flowering of anthurium regale. In a big and vast pot, drainages are extra usually fashioned.

Propagation strategies

a)      Propagation by seeds

The seeds are sown in a pot, not sprinkled with earth, and lined with a clear lid. This methodology is probably the most time-consuming and prolonged and isn’t practiced at residence. 

b)      Propagation by division

Aspect shoots with roots are separated from the bush and transplanted right into a flowerpot with appropriate soil when propagated by division.

c)       Propagation by cuttings

For propagation by cuttings, the stems with a size of a minimum of 15–20 cm are used. The leaves planted in separate containers (plastic cups) are crammed with vermiculite to a depth of about 5 cm. After a few month, the cuttings can have roots, and they are often planted in particular person flowerpots.

Illnesses and pests

Yellowed leaves point out an insufficiently excessive temperature within the room the place the plant lives. Additionally, it may well point out inadequate lighting within the room, lack of vitamins, and too massive a flowerpot. On this case, it’s higher to switch the flower to a hotter room, quickly lowering the humidity of the air.

A standard illness of anthurium regale can also be downy mildew. On this case, the affected plant has yellowing and twisting of the leaves and a lower of their measurement. Along with illnesses, the plant will be affected by pests similar to aphids, spider mites, and scale bugs. To stop the looks of pests, it is sufficient to wash the leaves with heat water usually. If the an infection has already occurred, remedy with a soapy resolution or insecticide will remove the pest. 

Anthurium regale can also be susceptible to fungal and infectious illnesses. As you’ll be able to see, these vegetation require consideration, however caring for them isn’t very troublesome or time-consuming for a houseplant lover. A little bit consideration and care proven to this plant will flip into nice pleasure from considering the results of your efforts. 


Anthurium regale is a stupendous plant that has broad and stylish leaves. It’s well-known for its magnificence and is the popular indoor flower by individuals who love so as to add easily-to-maintain tropical vegetation to their homestead. Primarily, if you happen to observe the above caring suggestions, anthurium regale can be inexperienced and wholesome.



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