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Are Myrtle Flowers Invasive? All the pieces You Have to Know

Crape myrtles, also referred to as crepe myrtles or myrtle flowers, are stunning flowering shrubs or timber. Nonetheless, earlier than you plant this species, it’s best to know its invasive tendencies. Be a part of us as we reply whether or not or not myrtle flowers are invasive.

Are Myrtle Flowers Invasive? Everything You Need to Know

What Are Myrtle Flowers?

What Are Myrtle Flowers?

Individuals refer to a couple various kinds of flowering crops as myrtles. These embody crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica), Lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora), true myrtles (Myrtus spp.), and customary myrtle (Vinca spp.).

For the aim of this text, we’re going to be speaking about crape myrtles.

These crops are native to areas together with Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. Nonetheless, they’re now grown in areas worldwide, together with the USA.

The crops have easy bark and multi-branching trunks. They develop as massive shrubs or small timber reaching as much as 25 toes tall.

Throughout the hotter months, the crops produce many clusters of flowers. These flowers will be shades of pink, pink, white, or purple.

Are Myrtle Flowers an Invasive Species?

Are Myrtle Flowers an Invasive Species?

Earlier than you plant crape myrtles, it’s sensible to find out whether or not or not they’re invasive.

Invasive species are identified to rapidly unfold and choke out different vegetative. Invasive species are sometimes non-native, however some native species will also be thought of invasive.

To find out whether or not myrtle flowers are invasive, let’s take a look at how they unfold.

Crape myrtles unfold through seeds fairly than rhizomes or stolons. Meaning the crops should produce flowers and seeds to breed.

Wholesome crape myrtles can produce hundreds of seeds. After these seeds expertise a chilly interval, they are going to readily germinate in heat and moist situations.

Meaning one crape myrtle can produce plenty of timber!

When you’re not cautious, these seedlings can take over an space. Nonetheless, eradicating seedlings that happen will help restrict crape myrtles from turning into invasive.

How Can I Forestall Crape Myrtles from Turning into Invasive?

How Can I Prevent Crape Myrtles from Becoming Invasive?

One of the simplest ways to stop crape myrtles from turning into invasive is to keep away from planting them within the first place. When you don’t plant a crape myrtle, the plant can’t unfold!

Nonetheless, when you do plant a crape myrtle, you possibly can nonetheless take steps to stop the plant from spreading. Since crape myrtles solely unfold through seeds, hold a watch out for seedlings.

If you see crape myrtle seedlings rising, take away them. Eradicating small seedlings can simply be achieved by hand.

When you let the seedlings develop into massive crops, you could must dig the roots out with a shovel. 

Alternatively, you possibly can lower the plant’s trunk after which work to stop the emergence of suckers. You are able to do this by grinding the stump or by portray it with an herbicide like glyphosate.

Are Crape Myrtle Roots Invasive?

Are Crape Myrtle Roots Invasive?

Since crape myrtle can develop into comparatively massive crops, you could marvel if their roots are invasive.

Will crape myrtle roots destroy sidewalks? Are you able to plant crape myrtles near your home?

Normally, crape myrtle roots will not be very damaging. Though the timber can develop over 20 toes tall, the roots sometimes don’t bust by concrete and asphalt.

That’s why individuals typically plant crape myrtles subsequent to sidewalks and in highway medians.

Crape myrtle roots may coexist with different crops’ roots.

What Are Native Options to Crape Myrtles?

When you’re involved in regards to the non-native and probably invasive nature of crape myrtles, you could be searching for options. Luckily, you possibly can choose from varied native and non-invasive small timber.

Take a look at this listing of flowering massive shrubs and small timber which are native to varied areas of the USA.

  • Native to the South: Jap redbud, flowering dogwood, white fringe tree
  • Native to the Midwest: Allegheny serviceberry, jap wahoo, pagoda dogwood
  • Native to the West: Saskatoon serviceberry, pink osier dogwood, wild plum
  • Native to the Northeast: spicebush, easy blackhaw, American witch-hazel

Are Myrtle Flowers Invasive? FAQs: 

Are Crape Myrtles Native to the USA?

Crape myrtles will not be native to the USA. Though they’re grown all through the US, they’re native to components of East Asia and Australia.

Can Crape Myrtles Develop into Invasive?

Since crape myrtles readily reseed, they will turn into invasive. Nonetheless, eradicating ensuing seedlings will help cease the crops from taking on an space.

Is Creeping Myrtle Invasive?

Creeping myrtle, also referred to as frequent periwinkle or Vinca minor, is a particularly invasive vining plant. It might rapidly overtake landscapes, so it’s best to solely plant it in areas the place you possibly can simply comprise it.

Contemplate the Invasiveness Earlier than You Plant

Earlier than you add an attractive plant like a myrtle flower to your yard, it’s best to take into account whether or not or not the crops are invasive. Whereas crape myrtles can turn into invasive, they are often simply contained and managed.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the which means and symbolism of myrtle flowers.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at residence.



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