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Backyard Showstopper: Simple Information to Blue Daybreak Morning Glory

If you happen to’re in search of the proper vine to embellish a fence or trellis, look no additional than the blue daybreak morning glory (Ipomoea indica). This flowering plant produces vigorous trailing stems, heart-shaped leaves, and exquisite blue flowers. The bottom line is waking up early sufficient to catch them in bloom. Right here, we’ll take you thru the whole lot it’s essential to learn about rising blue daybreak morning glory flowers at house, together with planting, soil concerns, watering, fertilizing, pruning, propagating, and pest management.  

How to Grow Blue Dawn Morning Glory (Ipomoea indica)

Rising Blue Daybreak Morning Glory (Ipomoea indica) – The Necessities: 

Botanical Identify: Ipomoea indica
Additionally Identified As: Blue Morning Glory, Blue Daybreak Flower, Koali Awa, and Oceanblue Morning Glory
Hardiness Zones: Winter hardy at USDA zones 11 and up
Flowering Season:  Late spring to the primary frost of fall. Bloom time will fluctuate relying on location, however it is going to be round June by October.
Rising Issue: Simple, appropriate for brand new gardeners
Sort of Plant:  Flowering perennial vine
Gentle Necessities: Round six to eight hours of full daylight per day. Could tolerate partial shade.
Temperature and Humidity: Tolerant of varied temperatures and humidity ranges. If planting seeds, wait till soil is at the very least 65 levels Fahrenheit. If temperatures drop beneath 45 levels Fahrenheit, the plant could also be annual moderately than perennial. 
Watering Wants: Round one inch of water per week through the rising season. Scale back frequency within the winter.
Soil Preferences: Moist however well-draining soil with a impartial pH stage.
Feeding: A low-nitrogen, liquid fertilizer each 4 weeks or so through the rising season.
Progress Expectations: Vines can develop as much as 10 toes lengthy, and crops can unfold as much as six toes vast.
Toxicity: Poisonous to people and pets.

Methods to Develop Blue Daybreak Morning Glory

Bright Blue Dawn Morning Glory flowers in bloom

What Are the Finest Places to Plant Blue Morning Glory? 

Given their twining nature, it’s possible you’ll wish to develop blue morning glories on a fence or trellis. This plant does greatest in a spot that receives at the very least six to eight hours of solar per day. It should tolerate a barely shaded location, however it could not produce as many blooms.

What Are the Finest Occasions of 12 months to Plant Blue Morning Glory? 

If you happen to’re rising this species from seeds, plant them between late spring and early summer time. Make certain the soil temperature is above 65 levels Fahrenheit earlier than planting seeds. 

Rising Blue Morning Glory from Seed vs. Younger Nursery Vegetation 

You might marvel when you ought to begin morning glories from seed or nursery crops. Merely put, this plant is straightforward to include into your backyard regardless of which choice you select.

Nevertheless, there are just a few causes gardeners favor utilizing seeds. It’s straightforward to sow morning glory seeds, and their fragile roots can problem transplanting. You should purchase blue morning glory seeds at a neighborhood backyard store or ask a gardener you recognize for seed pods from their plant. 

Wait till after the final frost in spring to plant morning glory seeds. If you happen to’re beginning them indoors, you may plant them a month or so earlier than the final frost. Then, transplant them to your backyard after the final frost.

What to Do Earlier than Planting 

Earlier than you plant blue morning glories, discover a place with loads of solar. This plant must obtain between six and eight hours of daylight per day to provide one of the best blooms.

Moreover, it would be best to be sure that morning glories have place to climb, like a fence or trellis. Hold morning glories just a few toes from delicate crops, as they will overtake them.

Due to their vigorous progress behavior, it’s possible you’ll decide to develop morning glories in a dangling basket or container. This is able to spotlight the plant’s vines with out placing different crops in danger. Make certain the container has a drainage gap to remove extra moisture.

Earlier than planting, you have to to gather obligatory objects, like soil and gardening instruments. Discover a detailed checklist of the supplies and instruments to have readily available within the Important Instruments part beneath.

What’s the Finest Soil for Blue Morning Glories?

A garden tool in the soil

Blue morning glories get pleasure from moist however well-draining soil. The plant does effectively in loamy soil with a impartial pH stage. Nevertheless, it’ll tolerate numerous rising situations.

Methods to Plant Blue Morning Glories

Now that you simply’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to plant blue morning glories. Listed here are the steps to take when planting Ipomoea indica in your backyard. 

  • As soon as the final frost has come and gone, you may put together seeds to plant. Since this species has arduous seeds, it’s possible you’ll wish to scratch or soak them in a single day in water to facilitate germination.
  • Discover a spot to plant morning glories. If beginning them indoors, you should utilize a peat pot to plant within the floor later, so that you don’t need to transplant them.
  • Create a well-draining soil combine by including one half perlite to potting soil.
  • Plant seeds about half an inch beneath the soil’s floor. Place them a number of inches away from one another. 
  • Guarantee these new crops obtain direct daylight through the day. Hold their soil moist till they turn out to be established crops.

Blue Morning Glory Gentle Preferences 

Blue Morning Glory bloom in the full sun against a blue sky

Blue morning glories want round six to eight hours of shiny, direct daylight per day. They’ll tolerate a evenly shaded atmosphere. Nevertheless, they’ll get pleasure from as a lot solar as they will get, particularly throughout their first rising season.

Blue Morning Glory Temperature and Humidity Preferences 

The Ipomoea indica is tolerant of varied temperatures and humidity ranges. If you happen to’re planting blue morning glory seeds, wait till the soil is at the very least 65 levels Fahrenheit. 

If temperatures dip beneath 45 levels Fahrenheit, this plant will likely be annual. In hotter environments, it may be a perennial, which means it’ll come again the next yr. 

Methods to Take care of Blue Daybreak Morning Glory

Blue Dawn Morning Glory flowers vining up a wooden pole

Watering Blue Morning Glory

Blue morning glories have completely different watering wants throughout their lifetime. Hold soil moist till they develop leaves and turn out to be established. 

Mature crops will want round one inch of water per week through the rising season. They might additionally profit from mulch on the soil’s floor for moisture retention. Scale back your watering schedule within the winter months. 

Fertilizing Blue Morning Glory

This plant doesn’t require an excessive amount of fertilizer. You possibly can apply a low-nitrogen, liquid fertilizer once you first plant it. Then, fertilize each 4 weeks or so throughout its rising interval.

Pruning Blue Morning Glories

A small cluster of Blue Morning Glories in bloom

Whereas blue morning glories don’t require pruning. Nonetheless, many gardeners select to trim vines and deadhead previous blooms to stop overgrowth. 

Deadheading blooms helps the plant keep wholesome and stop new seeds from forming. Use your fingers to pinch and take away the withered blooms to encourage wholesome progress. 

If you wish to trim again overgrown vines, achieve this in the summertime months. You possibly can lower as a lot as half of the size right now. If any vines seem contaminated or broken, you may trim them again everytime you’d like. 

Propagating Blue Morning Glories

Morning glories path alongside the earth and may develop roots on the bottom’s floor. You need to use this progress behavior to propagate new morning glories by following the steps beneath.

  1. Use scissors or a knife to softly graze the floor of a vine that trails alongside the bottom. This may create a wound and encourage new roots to type. 
  2. Place the vine again on the bottom and canopy it with a handful of soil. Water completely. 
  3. New roots ought to type in about one month. As soon as they’ve, lower the vine just a few inches above the place the place roots have grown with clear, sharp shears to create your new plant. 
  4. Reduce the foliage on this vine, leaving just some leaves on the high. This may make sure the plant is allocating most of its vitality to creating its new root system.
  5. Place the lower finish of the vine right into a well-draining soil combine and water completely. You might wish to connect it to a stake for extra assist whereas this new plant develops and grows.


If the local weather is simply too chilly for blue morning glories, contemplate planting them in a container to convey inside. This can assist you retain them as perennial crops even in a colder space. Place the container close to a window that receives loads of direct daylight. 

Repotting Blue Morning Glory Vegetation Grown in Containers 

A collection of flowering Blue Morning Glory Plants

If you happen to plant morning glories in a container, it’s possible you’ll must repot them when you discover the foundation system is poking out of its drainage holes. Listed here are some steps for repotting blue morning glories. 

  • Discover a container twice as vast as the present pot. Fill it with the identical well-draining potting combine you used for its earlier container.
  • Place a trellis within the heart of the planter when you’re utilizing one. 
  • Take the plant out of its present pot. Take care to keep away from damaging its fragile root system.
  • Create a gap within the new container’s soil to create space for the plant’s root ball.
  • Add soil to fill any gaps and water completely. 

Frequent Blue Daybreak Morning Glory Issues and Methods to Deal with Them

Blue Dawn Morning Glory flowers growing low to the ground

Morning glories don’t face too many points, however listed here are just a few issues which will come up when rising Ipomodea indica. 

Indicators of Watering Points 

If you happen to overwater mature morning glories, they will develop fungus-related points like leaf spot, thread blight, or stem rot. They might additionally develop a fungal illness referred to as rust, which causes yellowed leaves. 

If you happen to discover these points, take away any affected areas. Decrease the plant’s hydration schedule and water on the base to keep away from getting foliage overly moist. 

Indicators of Lighting Points in Blue Morning Glories

Blue morning glories love loads of gentle, however they could not flourish in low-light environments. If you happen to discover yellowing leaves, it’s possible you’ll wish to transfer your plant to a sunnier location. 

Indicators of Temperature Points

Morning glories received’t survive winter temperatures beneath 45 levels Fahrenheit. Hotter environments will assist the plant bloom extra abundantly. If temperatures drop beneath 45 levels, you need to contemplate shifting the plant inside through the colder months. 

Frequent Pests and Illnesses 

Now, pests are unusual for morning glories, however listed here are just a few of the potential foes this plant could face. You need to use an natural pesticide to remove and stop these points.

  • Aphids
  • Leaf miners
  • Leafcutter caterpillars

A selection of gardening tools

Right here’s our checklist of instruments to have readily available for planting and caring for blue morning glories. 

  • Nicely-draining soil
  • Perlite
  • Watering can
  • Slicing scissors or shears
  • Low-nitrogen fertilizer
  • Peat pot if beginning seeds indoors
  • Container with a drainage gap if planting inside
  • A stake if wanted for propagating new vines
  • A fence or trellis for vines to climb on
  • Natural pesticide

Rising Blue Morning Glory FAQs

Do blue morning glories come again yearly?

Sure, blue morning glories are perennial in lots of places, so they’ll come again yearly. Nevertheless, if temperatures drop beneath 45 levels Fahrenheit, this plant won’t bloom once more the next yr.

Do blue morning glories appeal to bees?

Sure, blue morning glories appeal to bees and different pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies.

Do blue morning glories bloom the primary yr?

Sure, blue morning glories ought to bloom within the first yr. The bottom line is giving them sufficient time to determine themselves earlier than their blooming interval.

Do you deadhead blue morning glories?

Sure, deadheading blue morning glories can stop overgrowth and hold the plant wholesome.

The place is Ipomoea indica native?

Ipomoea indica is native to temperate, tropical, and subtropical areas throughout the globe. The plant grows natively in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and a few islands within the Pacific.

Are Ipomoea thought-about invasive?

Sure, Ipomoea is taken into account invasive in some areas. These embody New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, South Africa, and California. It’s listed in New Zealand’s Biosecurity Act 1993.

Wrapping Up

Blue morning glories delight the eyes and make overlaying fences simpler than ever. With a little bit of care, you’ll be ready to develop as many Ipomoea indica vines as you want. Simply bear in mind to set your clock to rise early, so you may catch this plant’s blooms in all their glory.

Brandy Wells is an American copywriter and content material author residing in Spain. From climbing in her hometown close to the Smoky Mountains to digging within the dust in rural Oregon, she has all the time put a love of nature on the coronary heart of her endeavors. Nowadays, you’ll catch her writing content material, and naturally, taking breaks to are likely to her rising houseplant assortment.



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