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Birds Of Paradise Leaves Curling- 7 Alarming Causes And How To Repair Them?

birds of paradise leaves curling

The fowl of paradise is a tropical plant identified for its large leaves and hanging yellow flower that appears like a tropical fowl. Through the years I’ve witnessed its rising recognition, however on the identical time many house owners attain out to us for recommendation with a typical regarding problem, and it’s none apart from curling leaves of the plant. 

So if you’re dealing with the identical downside, don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

You might need queries like why are your birds of paradise leaves curling? and the way do you repair it? 

To reply all of your queries I made this submit. I’ll break down seven fundamental elements which might be chargeable for curling leaves and provides out options. Alongside will that I’ll talk about what’s their splendid rising situation in order that after reviving them again to well being you possibly can have a tendency them the way in which your tree will respect. 

What’s the fowl of paradise plant?

I do know individuals who personal the plant are already conscious of all of the traits of the plant, however if you’re curious in regards to the plant or planning to personal one and landed right here to organize your self beforehand to keep away from the problem, this part is very for you. 

The fowl of paradise is a tropical plant and is carefully associated to the banana plant. It received the title as a result of its flower has a detailed resemblance to the tropical fowl with the identical title. Their flower emerges upright from the leaves making them seem like a stupendous yellow fowl sitting on the plant. That is the explanation for its rising recognition but in addition these crops are pretty simple to keep up if you happen to evaluate it with different tropical plant species. 

Info Descriptions 
Widespread title Chook of Paradise, crane flower
Scientific title Strelitzia reginae
Household Strelitziaceae
Plant sort Herbaceous perennial
Peak 3.5-6 ft. tall
Leaves  12 to 18 inches lengthy leaves
Flower  Yellow or white
Bloom time Early spring

What does a wholesome fowl of paradise seem like?

These crops are comprehended for his or her extensive, paddle-like leaves and flashy, brilliant blossoms. The leaves are often outlined as being leathery. They lengthen to about 18 inches lengthy and sit on the finish of elevated leafstalks. Right here’s an image for reference;

birds of paradise

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What does “leaf curling” imply?

Birds of Paradise Leaves Curling sometimes means the sting of the leaves or all the leaf has a rolled or curved formation. Leaves curl is a course of to deal with extreme solar publicity, underwater, overwater, or different environmental stress. Let’s undergo them one after the other intimately.  

7 explanation why Birds of Paradise leaves curling?

Does underwatering trigger birds of paradise leaves to curve?

Dehydration is without doubt one of the main causes behind your birds of paradise leaves curling. These tropical crops have large leaves and so they use them to evaporate water each single day. Tropical crops naturally require fixed moisture and the fowl of paradise being a big-leafed plant requires much more. After they don’t get the wanted moisture, they curl their leaves inwards from the perimeters to create a smaller space for much less evaporation. 

Methods to determine

Together with the sting curling additionally, you will discover the tip and edges of the leaf are drying and wilting. 

Methods to repair it?

  • Water extra usually however appropriately. It’s time to offer them a drink if half or 2-3 inches of the higher floor of the soil feels dry. 
  • Use a superb nozzle can to water the plant, this manner each single inch of the soil might be moist.
  • The pots you’ll use ought to be outfitted with drainage holes. When watering, the additional water ought to glide out by way of drainage holes swiftly, with out retaining it for days.
  • A humidity tray will assist to moistness across the large leaves of the fowl of paradise.

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Does overwatering trigger depart curl?

One factor folks mistake with tropical water-loving crops like birds of paradise is that they’ll stand any degree of water. It’s true once I mentioned these bushes love water, however they hate it when the water within the soil retains it moist always or for an extended time frame. Underwatering provides the tree a irritating survival scenario however overwatering will straight up rot the roots and kill them, Leaf curling is just a bit aspect symptom. I’ve noticed overwatering is extra widespread when the plant resides indoors. 

Methods to determine

Leaves curl outwards and switch yellow from stem to tip. 

Methods to repair

  • Take the Chook of Paradise out of the container and look at the roots. If decay is seen, wash the roots from the soil and clear them correctly.
  • Make use of a clear pruning software like shears to take away all diseased tissue and spray with a fungicide to forestall the rot from spreading any additional.
  • Re-pot the Chook of Paradise in a container with drainage holes. The soil ought to be easy-drained and freed from pathogens.
  • After you see any indicators of restoration, you need to use the watering methods I’ve talked about within the earlier part. 


It’s not an important level that’s why I didn’t embrace it in the primary checklist, however water high quality will also be a explanation for birds of paradise leaves curling. The faucet water you employ may include some chemical compounds that aren’t adaptable to the plant. If the substance reaches the leaves it could curl itself out of rejection. 

To make the leaves flare at their full glory begin utilizing filtered water or if you’re out of choices, fill the faucet water in a bath, let it sit for 24 hours, and apply it to your plant. 

Do birds of paradise leaves curling up because of the solar?

Sometimes birds of paradise crops are referred to as sun-loving crops, they’ll devour a number of hours of solar daily. However when the solar publicity is excessive and fixed it closes in an effort to forestall themselves from sunburn. 

When the plant is cultivated indoors and hastily receives unfiltered solar, the atmospheric fluctuation makes them delicate and to deal with it they begin to curl. 

Methods to determine

You’ll discover small darkish burning spots everywhere in the leaves. 

Methods to repair

  • Transfer the plant indoors, particularly in mid-summer, and place it close to your east or west-facing window. Use your curtains to make the daylight much more filtered and step by step improve the daylight. Observe the tree alongside the method to find out its healthiest section, this manner you’ll perceive what’s the splendid daylight to your plant.
  • Improve the quantity of water barely for fast restoration.


Should you discover any utterly dried-up curled leaves, it could not get well, so higher trim it out and provides different elements of the plant your utmost consideration. 

Is transplant shock the explanation behind the Birds of Paradise leaves curling?

I’ve talked about earlier that re-potting is required if the plant is curling from overwatering, but when it doesn’t obtain an excellent atmosphere after re-potting or getting uncovered to the tough atmosphere hastily, the plant will get into its transplanting shock section. The plant will present signs by means of wilting and curling its leaves however if you happen to ignore it it is going to find yourself dying. 

Methods to determine

Together with curling and wilting, there might be yellowing of the tissue between the veins of the leaves. 

Methods to repair

  • Don’t transplant when they’re most lively, significantly keep away from rising seasons spring and autumn.
  • Maintain the newly transplanted plant within the shade for a few weeks and step by step improve the quantity of solar and water it receives. 

How Soil high quality can have an effect on the birds of paradise leaves curling?

The soil high quality can extremely have an effect on the curling of the leaves of birds of paradise. If the soil is simply too alkaline the plant can have a tough time absorbing microelements from the soil and in consequence, it is going to develop chlorosis. Lack of vitamins within the soil forces the plant to shut their leaves in a curling formation. 

Methods to determine

The curling might be inwards and the leaves will flip yellow with inexperienced veins. 

Methods to repair

  • The plant will want splendid soil circumstances for a complete rising season to get well.
  • Add extra compost to the soil. Compost will make the soil extra acidic and can cut back chlorosis. 
  • Give slow-release fertilizer yearly in between rising months. 

How Pests and ailments are chargeable for leaves curling?

Some pests and ailments can curl the leaves with totally different processes, for instance, let’s speak in regards to the widespread intruder of each plant, spider mite. These sap-sucking tiny creatures left the spot after sucking, fluidless, and in consequence, the leaf begin to curl. 

Some ailments can also make the leaves dry and power them to curve and wilt. 

Methods to determine

Pests will be detected with eager statement, for instance, spider mites have small webbing everywhere in the leaves and stems. Ailments often depart brown spots.

Methods to repair

  • Wash Chook of Paradise after inserting them below the sink. Since mites don’t like dampness, on occasion these sorts of bathe is adequate to do away with them.
  • If the mites don’t depart then it’s worthwhile to sprinkle the plant with neem oil or soapy water.
  • Use multipurpose fungicides to fight infections. 

How Small root system have an effect on leaves curling?

Because the crops develop it requires an even bigger place to reside, however many plant house owners fail to appreciate the price of re-potting. To outlive and maintain their progress intact the foundation system of birds of paradise begins coiling over one another, making a ball-like form. At first higher a part of the tree grows usually however the decrease elements proceed to reside in compact house and form. Regularly the roots fail to provide wanted water and vitamins to the higher a part of the tree. At this stage, the leaves curl themself to compact their measurement to fight the scenario. 

Methods to determine

Together with the curled-up leaves, you’ll discover them getting dry and yellow. 

Methods to repair

  • Choose a measurement container the place the roots can develop freely for the subsequent one to 2 years.
  • Examine the drainage holes on occasion, if the roots are peeking from there. 
  • Aside from that observe the information I’ve talked about within the transplantation shock part. 

Key takeaways in a desk format:

Chlorosis within the leaves and curled leaf Methods to detect the problem? Methods to repair it?
Underwatering Leaf curl and dry edges Improve the frequency of watering and use a superb nozzle can water the plant. 
Overwatering Outward leaf curl and yellow leaves. Lower the frequency and make the soil extra draining. 
Daylight Leaf curl with burnt spots Transfer the tree close to a sunlit window and improve the quantity of sunshine step by step. 
Transplant shock Wilting and curling leaves Maintain the plant within the shade for no less than two weeks and don’t transplant in spring. 
Soil Chlosis within the leaves and curled leaf Add compost to make the soil acidic.
Pests and illness Seen bugs and brown spots together with curling leaves. Use insecticide or fungicide.
Small root system Curl, dry, and yellow leaves. Transplant the plant in a barely larger pot. 

Another widespread points your birds of paradise could be dealing with:

Go away splitting:

birds of paradise leaves

Leaf splitting is definitely regular and doesn’t do any hurt to the tree. Within the wild leaves of birds of paradise usually cut up resulting from animals or climate. When they’re cultivated as a houseplant, cut up leaves affect their decorative worth.

Methods to repair it?

Keep away from locations with excessive temperatures or dry wind the place it could dry up the leaves and cut up them. 

Yellow Leaves:

birds of paradise leaves

The decrease and matured leaves often flip yellow first, which is a sign of imbalance. Most ceaselessly, like hibiscus leaves the issue is generated by overwatering or under-fertilizing the plant. 

Methods to repair it?

Feed your fowl of paradise plant within the rising season with half-strength fertilizer and water solely when the soil feels dry to the contact. 

Brown Spotty Leaves:

Birds Of Paradise Leaves Curling- 7 Alarming Reasons And How To Fix Them?

Brown spots will be generated by a lot of issues. Among the extra typical causes are loads of pure daylight, extreme fertilization, fungal illness, and pests. 

Methods to repair it?

Study your fowl of paradise and your upkeep behavior to resolve the explanation for the brown marks; then you possibly can deal with the plant correctly.

What’s the best rising situation of the Birds of Paradise plant?


Typically, they require every day watering in summer time and spring, apart from that concentrate on the soil to maintain it moist however don’t let it get water clogged or sit in a pool of water. 

Ultimate Temperature:

Attempt to maintain the temperature above 60 levels Fahrenheit. Birds of paradise crops usually are not chilly hardy in order that they want safety from frost. 

Proper Humidity:

Being tropical crops they thrive in humidity. You possibly can maintain a sprig bottle with you and mist the leaves now a then. 

Proper Soil:

Use wealthy, quick-draining soil with added compost.


I’m assured that your birds of paradise will return to their healthiest self if you happen to observe the article to detect the problem. Remedy your plant and provides it the best rising situation it deserves. When you’ve got observed another signs in your plant attain out to us, we might be pleased to assist. 



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