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Bonsai. It is All About The Timber!

Warning: Pretentious opinionated bullshit follows!


I’m not the primary to say, of late, that the world has gone insane. To be truthful planet earth is simply fantastic and carries on a lot because it at all times has completed with it’s ups and downs, it’s the bit that we people inhabit that’s gone nuts. Personally I not really feel the assemble we now have created for ourselves is worthy of habitation. In actual fact it seems so much like we are going to create our personal mass extinction throughout the subsequent cup-full of many years and never by the means the media and politicians would have you ever imagine. That may kind out local weather change and the earth will get well with out us and life will go on in some type or one other, twas ever thus.

Inside that paragraph there are two phrases we have to give attention to World and Earth. I take advantage of these to imply the next…

World: humankind; the human race; humanity and the construction of our society

Earth: A biosphere, this planet as the present habitation of people

The madness throughout us is nearly completely of our personal making. It’s largely all the way down to our lack of respect for the useful resource we got, greed, selfishness and a self serving aggressive nature. You recognize solely too properly I might be the primary to level the finger of accusation at our pathetic bathe of political leaders however sadly we’re all equally culpable. Solely a idiot would suppose there’s a means out of all this mess primarily based on our present trajectory. It’s like a fly caught in a bowl of shit soup on the lookout for an island of croutons (cretins?) to avoid wasting itself. It seems to me just like the human species was doomed from the outset hoisted by our personal petard of smug cleverness. While we could also be intelligent sufficient to dodge some trifling factor like Covid there are graver enemies on the door. The one means by way of is to reside our personal life, the very best we are able to and with respect and honour. Within the phrases of Robert FrostThe woods are pretty, darkish and deep. However I’ve guarantees to maintain, and miles to go earlier than I sleep.” Time to get busy.

Speaking of poets jogs my memory of East Coker from T.S. Eliot’s  4 Quarters. The poem discusses time and dysfunction inside nature that’s the results of humanity following solely science and never the divine. Leaders are described as materialistic and unable to grasp actuality. The one means for mankind to search out salvation is thru pursuing the divine by trying inwards and realising that humanity is interconnected. Solely then can individuals perceive the universe.

“So right here I’m, within the center means, having had twenty years-
Twenty years largely wasted, the years of l’entre deux guerres (between two wars)-
Making an attempt to make use of phrases, and each try
Is a completely new begin, and a special sort of failure
As a result of one has solely learnt to get the higher of phrases
For the factor one not has to say, or the way in which by which
One is not disposed to say it. And so every enterprise
Is a brand new starting, a raid on the inarticulate,
With shabby gear at all times deteriorating
Within the basic mess of imprecision of feeling,
Undisciplined squads of emotion. And what there may be to beat
By power and submission, has already been found
A couple of times, or a number of occasions, by males whom one can not hope
To emulate – however there isn’t a competitors –
There’s solely the battle to get well what has been misplaced
And located and misplaced repeatedly: and now, underneath situations
That appear unpropitious. However maybe neither acquire nor loss.
For us, there may be solely the making an attempt. The remaining will not be our enterprise.”
― T.S. Eliot, 4 Quartets

So, what’s all this jabbering acquired to do with bonsai bushes? With my advancing years I start to see there are two worlds we’re uncovered too. One is a deafening cacophony of discordant noise characterised by worry, anger, doubt, violence and destruction and silliness. The second world is the one which was right here earlier than us and can proceed lengthy after we’re gone. We’d name it the pure world with it’s cycles of life and loss of life, chilly and warmth, mild and darkish. It’s the place we got here from and as soon as our “miles” are completed it’s the place to which we are going to return, of that there isn’t a doubt. We might spend our waking moments and days on this human assemble however make no mistake when this all ends we’re not more than fertiliser for the bushes we bonsai folks love a lot.

That’s nonetheless a bit cryptic so within the phrases of a politician ‘let me be clear’. Bonsai success can solely be attained by way of an understanding and appreciation of time and the pure world, it’s rules, cycles and rhythms. This esoteric knowledge is obtainable to all who can quiet their souls sufficiently to search out it. It’s like a wisp of morning mist laying on grass earlier than a rising summer season solar. Sadly most of us by no means make it as a result of the writhing cacophony of the world retains us from it.

Nonetheless not acquired it? ‘let me be clear’……. once more. There’s the proper method to do one thing and there may be the favored method to do one thing. It’s a uncommon day certainly that these two converge. I feel we may all agree that mendacity and deception are improper however that doesn’t cease politicians doing it and since it’s ever current we simply waft quite than make a fuss. Bonsai is a bit like that. As of late our plate is piled excessive with goodies and, very like a chumpster at an all-you-can-eat buffet, we all know what we like however determining what’s really good, or crucial is a complete different concern. Simply because lots of folks inform you one thing is ‘proper’ doesn’t make it so, particularly in a world the place recognition is usually lauded above truth or fact.

This is called ‘crowd pondering’ to which we’re doubly prone in periods of transition or uncertainty. We query the knowledge of the previous and even our personal experiences and discovered behaviour. As billionaire investor Warren Buffet says….

I’ll inform you the key to getting wealthy on Wall Road. You attempt to be grasping when others are fearful. And also you attempt to be fearful when others are grasping.

I might name that swimming in opposition to the tide, not simply going with the circulation. That’s robust however whenever you do a few issues occur. Firstly you can be extra prone to discover new concepts in a quiet much less crowded house and secondly you might be additionally going to search out cracks, points and issues with the favored place. A skeptical eye is priceless. And even when you waft, you’ll see the potential pitfalls and will likely be extra able to succeed than others choosing the trail as a result of it’s the preferred.

Just a little peace and quiet for the thoughts, a skeptical eye and an assumption that something is feasible opens doorways. Being able to close out the noise and sluggish issues down can actually make all of the distinction. It’s what Kevin Willson calls ‘a second of readability’. However, we now have to create the chance for it to occur. Simply watch out what you set in your plate, simply because it’s served up in entrance of you don’t, for a second, assume it’s good for you. If a blind squirrel can discover a nut or a rustic clod-hopper like me can produce a pleasant bonsai tree now and again how significantly better are your personal prospects?

Bonsai is about an virtually religious reference to nature by way of the medium of a residing respiration tree. We’d wish to suppose we’re bending the plant to our will. In actual fact the other is definitely true, as soon as we grasp the artwork it’s the tree that bends us to it’s will. If we fail to yield, the tree will seemingly die and we are going to lose our soul. The perfect bonsai are created by those that respect their crops and perceive them and the way this all suits collectively. It’s not all about wiring, styling and carving it’s all about respect, cooperation and understanding and step one is to thoroughly dis-regard the opinions of different folks in pursuit of our personal particular person journey. All that issues is that silent little tree that’s completely dependant upon you for it’s life and survival. It could possibly be stated our bushes are our prisoners however I want to contemplate myself a prisoner to my love of these little fellows whom I respect and care for thus deeply and that give me a lot in a completely over crowded noisy and ruinous world.

With out bushes all human life on earth can be misplaced. Timber are our air filtration system not only a supply of wooden for us to pillage. If bonsai can train us something it’s that OUR total existence is due to them and never the opposite means round. A lot of the bushes on earth have already been misplaced. Bonsai is one thing that may assist re-connect us to our most essential ally. It’s not about profitable a trophy or bragging rights, it’s not a contest, that’s all bullshit. It’s ALL in regards to the bushes we want a lot and our very survival relies upon upon. As bonsai folks we must always know this. We’d like extra bushes!  Unfold the phrase!

As Mr Eliot stated  “there isn’t a competitors – There’s solely the battle to get well what has been misplaced”



Bonsai. It's all about the trees

Bonsai. It’s all in regards to the bushes



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