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Bougainvillea Care Information: How To Look after Bougainvilleas in Pots + Rising Suggestions

Bougainvilleas are stunning vine-like shrubs that are available in quite a lot of vibrant colours and make for a  gorgeous assertion in any dwelling or backyard. They like delicate winter areas and might develop towards a fence, constructing, on a trellis, in containers or as a hedge. With over 250 styles of bougainvilleas on the market, you’ll make sure you discover the right one in your dwelling!

Beneath we’ll cowl correct bougainvillea care in pots, together with solar, water, temperature and different care wants so you may start nurturing your bougainvilleas in containers. We’ve additionally included several types of bougainvilleas and a few incessantly requested care questions so you may turn into aware of these stunning summer season flowers!

Bougainvillea Overview

bougainvillea quick guide

Bougainvilleas are tropical vines with stunning and vibrant bracts (modified leaves) which encompass tiny white flowers. So the colourful components you see if you have a look at a bougainvillea are literally the leaves, not petals! 

This gorgeous plant may be discovered within the warmest components of the world, together with Mexico, India, the Mediterranean and the southern United States. Bougainvilleas go all the way in which again to 1768 when French explorer Philibert Commerçon noticed these flowers of their native dwelling of Brazil and named them after his pal, Louis Antoine de Bougainville. Since then, this gorgeous (however thorny!) plant has been launched to many southern climates and is liked by many. 

With over 250 styles of bougainvilleas on the market, most of them attain between 3 to39 toes in peak. Although these vivid blooms are comparatively straightforward to develop, they like to be in full daylight and require a little bit of upkeep. 

9 Sorts of Bougainvilleas 

Whereas extensively recognized for his or her vivid colours and vine-like options, there are many varieties on the market which have distinctive traits to suit any backyard aesthetic. Beneath are a number of the hottest bougainvillea varieties which are greatest fitted to container progress.

Barbara Karst

barbara karst

Thought-about one of the crucial well-liked varieties, this stunning shrub grows bracts in vibrant shades of magenta and crimson that encompass tiny white flowers. As soon as they’re totally mature, they’ll develop as much as 20 toes excessive. If you happen to dwell in hardiness zones 9-12, contemplate the Barbara Karst!

Camarillo Fiesta

camarillo fiesta

If you happen to dwell in a warmer local weather (zone 11 or increased), contemplate getting Camarillo Fiestas. These fast-spreading vines love the warmth and develop sizzling pink and gold bracts that may typically stand up to 30 toes tall.

Gold Rush

gold rush

These famously gold bracts will add a heat and welcoming contact to your backyard and like hardiness zones between 10 and 12. They’ll develop as much as 15 toes excessive and bloom in early spring to late fall. 

Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom

Because the identify suggests, these bougainvilleas look fairly just like the cherry blossom tree. They develop in stunning shades of sunshine pink with a white middle and are excellent for hanging baskets throughout the summertime. This selection prefers to develop in hardiness zones September 11.

White Stripe

white stripe

Searching for one thing extra elegant? These gorgeous varieties develop clusters of white, spherical bracts that thrive in late spring to early fall. As a result of it tends to unfold shortly, you’ll wish to place it in a spiller container, the place it may possibly spill gracefully over the pot. White Stripes prefer to be grown in hardiness zones 11 and above.

White Madonna

white madonna

Identified for his or her perfume, White Madonnas are sometimes seen in shades of white and typically mild pink. Be certain you present reasonable water and full daylight to make sure the well being and happiness of the plant. White Madonnas want hardiness zones 8 or 9.



These attractive lilac paper leaves are the right accent to any backyard or dwelling and are fairly straightforward to take care of. Not like different bougainvillea varieties, Silhouettes are slow-growing and utterly thornless, so when you’ve got pets or younger youngsters, this can be a good selection for you. If you happen to dwell in hardiness zone 10, this selection would do effectively in your backyard.

Purple Queen

purple queen

This selection is available in a deep shade of purple and also you’ll usually discover small white flowers inside the bracts. These bougainvilleas can develop as much as 20 toes excessive and are excellent should you’re searching for a plant that creates a lovely show in an outside setting. Take into account these vegetation like a hardiness zone of 10 or increased.

Delta Daybreak

delta dawn

If you’d like a extra toned-down and refined bougainvillea, Delta Dawns will be the excellent selection for you. The pastel orange bracts and creamy white leaves are a beautiful addition to any dwelling or patio, they usually develop all year-round! Take into account these vegetation should you dwell in a hardiness zone of 9 or 10.

How To Look after Bougainvillea in Pots

bougainvillea in pot

Bougainvilleas are dazzling shrubs of leaves and flowers which are reasonably straightforward to develop and excellent for many who need a vibrant addition to their backyard. Nevertheless, they’re delicate to chilly temperatures within the winter months and require full daylight, so it’s vital to maintain a detailed eye on them, particularly within the early phases of progress. 


Bougainvilleas love the warmth! They require not less than six hours of full daylight a day and might deal with even the most well liked of summers. If you’d like your plant to provide an abundance of flowers, be sure that it’s sitting in direct daylight. Oftentimes when bougainvilleas battle to bloom, it’s as a result of they aren’t receiving sufficient mild, which is able to trigger the plant to look skinny and sparse. 


Potted bougainvilleas require common watering. Through the sizzling months, you may count on to water your plant not less than as soon as every week. If temperatures attain over 100 levels Fahrenheit, contemplate watering your flowers twice every week to make sure they’re effectively hydrated. Through the winter months, you’ll solely have to water them each 2-3 weeks.


Bougainvilleas are thought of tropical vegetation and like to develop in hotter climates. That being mentioned, established vines can stand up to colder temperatures within the winter months. Nevertheless, bougainvilleas thrive in hardiness zones 9 and above, so if temperatures drop beneath 30 levels, we suggest bringing your potted plant inside.


As a result of sap the plant produces, bougainvilleas are thought of mildly poisonous to pets. The leaves themselves should not poisonous, however a single prick from one of many thorns can result in pores and skin infections or an allergic response, so be sure you keep watch over your pets! 

If ingested by people, bougainvilleas should not poisonous or thought of a toxic plant. Our our bodies can deal with ingesting a plant like this one, however many animals, like cats and canine, could expertise delicate sickness or signs. 

Pests & Issues

Pests: Although bougainvilleas are usually pest-free, they’ll sometimes entice pests like aphids, thrips, spider mites, slugs and caterpillars. If you happen to come throughout a pest downside, contemplate spraying them with a combination of dish cleaning soap and water, utilizing neem oil or shopping for an insecticide in order for you a harsher answer.

Issues: Like many different vegetation, bougainvilleas may be prone to frequent ailments akin to root rot, leaf spots and nutrient deficiencies. To keep away from this, make certain your bougainvilleas are well-drained and obtain sufficient water and daylight.

Repotting and Propagation

Repotting: Since bougainvilleas are recognized for his or her fast-growing habits, common repotting is really useful to make sure they don’t outgrow their pot. Comply with these steps beneath when repotting your plant:

  1. Take away the plant by greedy the stem close to the bottom. 
  2. Slide the bougainvillea out of the container with the pot turned on its facet. 
  3. Rinse out the pot or container with contemporary water and take away any remaining particles. 
  4. Fill the brand new container with 3 inches of potting soil and thoroughly place the plant inside. 
  5. Water evenly to maintain the soil barely moist. 

Propagation: Reduce stems which are not less than 6 inches in size and fill a container with peat and perlite. Place the reducing within the soil combination (about 1-2 inches deep) and take away any remaining leaves from the stem.

Bougainvillea FAQs

Whereas bougainvilleas are comparatively straightforward to handle, you should still encounter some issues or have questions on tips on how to increase them. Beneath are some frequent questions on bougainvillea care and the plant’s life cycle.

Why is my bougainvillea dying?

There could possibly be many components taking part in a job within the decline of your plant’s well being, however one of the crucial frequent causes is overwatering. You’ll start to note the leaves falling off and stunted progress, which is an indication to chop again in your watering routine. 

You should definitely consider the temperature your plant is rising in — within the colder months, you gained’t have to water the plant as usually because the summer season months, when temperatures attain over 100 levels Fahrenheit. 

Do bougainvilleas bloom year-round?

With correct care, bougainvilleas are recognized to final year-round when planted open air. They thrive within the warmth and might stand up to colder temperatures — simply make sure you carry the plant inside if temperatures attain beneath 30 levels to make sure year-round progress.

How do you retain bougainvilleas blooming?

As a way to guarantee considerable blooms on bougainvilleas, be sure that the plant is receiving full daylight. In case your container bougainvilleas are grown indoors year-round, they may expertise shorter blooming durations as a consequence of an absence of daylight. To optimize the quantity of sunshine the plant will get, place it by a south-facing window. Out of doors bougainvilleas which are in containers require a sunny spot, ideally by a south-facing wall. 

Whether or not you select to develop Delta Dawns or Barbara Karsts, you’ll certainly be in for a deal with with these vibrant and multicolored flowers. Bougainvilleas are a should in any backyard and are excellent for all expertise ranges. With a couple of of our ideas in your again pocket, you’ll be mastering the fundamentals of bougainvillea care and can turn into an skilled very quickly!



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