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Calendula Flower That means and Symbolism within the Language of Flowers

Calendula flowers provide easy magnificence with their daisy-shaped flower heads and a cheerful ambiance with their sunny, golden faces. In addition they have a wealth of symbolism and cultural significance that may be loved together with their shiny orange and yellow flowers. On this information, I’ll run by every part it’s essential find out about Calendula flower that means and their cultural significance world wide at this time. 

Calendula Flower Meaning and Symbolism in the Language of Flowers

The Symbolic That means of Calendula – The Necessities

Calendula flowers symbolize grief, despair, and remembrance. They’re additionally related to endurance, longevity, prophecy, and pleasure. As a result of flower’s historical past of medicinal use, it’s also related to well being.

About Calendula

About Calendula


Calendula is a genus of 12 accepted species of crops that belongs to the Asteraceae (aster, daisy, composite, or sunflower) plant household throughout the Asteroideae subfamily. Vegetation of the Calendula genus are generally referred to as marigolds or pot marigolds.

Botanical Traits

Calendulas are herbaceous flowering crops that may be both annual or perennial. The crops can develop to be greater than two toes in peak with verdant lanceolate to rectangular leaves. The daisy-like flowerheads are produced atop thick, inexperienced stems. The capitula encompass a number of rings of ray florets that encompass a dark-brown central disc floret. The flowers are largely shiny orange or yellow however may also be present in white, cream, purple, and pink shades.

Calendula flowers are likely to have a musky but candy natural scent.

Historical past and Origins

Vegetation of the Calendula genus originate in Europe, northern Africa, the Mediterranean, the Center East, and southwestern Asia.

Etymological That means

The genus title “Calendula” comes from a diminutive type of the Latin phrase calens which interprets roughly to “the primary of the month.” It’s thought that this refers back to the flower’s capability to bloom all year long in delicate climates.

The frequent title marigold comes from “Mary’s gold” and refers to an previous custom of putting these golden-colored flowers on the toes of statues of the Virgin Mary as choices to accompany one’s petitions for prayers.

Makes use of and Advantages of Calendula

Uses and Benefits of Calendula

Calendula has quite a lot of makes use of and advantages. The flowers have a historical past of getting used as a treatment for complications, toothaches, and purple eyes. Right this moment, calendula oil remains to be used medicinally for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antigenotoxic results. It may be present in topical ointments and skincare merchandise designed to appease burns, cuts, pimples, and different kinds of pores and skin irritation.

Since its flowers are edible, calendula additionally has a number of culinary makes use of. It may be used contemporary or dried in salads, and it’s also generally utilized in stews and soups – therefore the frequent title for Calendula offincinalis, pot marigold. The flowers are additionally used for his or her golden pigmentation to paint cheese, custards, and liquors.

Calendula flowers are additionally used to create pure dyes.

Calendula Flower Colours and Their That means and Symbolism

Calendula Flower Colors and Their Meaning and Symbolism

The Calendula flower has been related to numerous symbolic meanings all through the ages. Right this moment, they carry these meanings along with others which have been extra lately attributed to the flowers. Calendula flowers symbolize grief, remembrance, and despair. Conversely, they’re additionally related to pleasure and well being. Because of their lengthy blooming time, calendula flowers additionally symbolize longevity and endurance.

Flower colours may attribute their very own particular person symbolic meanings to the flowers themselves. Calendula flowers mostly blossom in shiny orange and yellow hues. Some cultivars and hybrids have additionally generated white, purple, pink, and bicolor calendula flowers. The symbolic that means of a calendula flower can change relying on its shade.

Orange Calendula Flowering That means 

In flowers, orange symbolizes pleasure, pleasure, vigor, enthusiasm, ardour, and optimistic power.

Yellow Calendula Flowering That means 

Yellow flowers are additionally related to pleasure and optimistic power. In flowers, yellow additionally symbolizes friendship, confidence, optimism, and happiness.

Purple Calendula Flowering That means 

Purple flowers are mostly related to real love and romantic love. They will additionally symbolize braveness, need, and respect.

Pink Calendula Flowering That means 

Pink flowers symbolize femininity, happiness, gentleness, and delicate affection.

White Calendula Flowering That means

White flowers historically symbolize purity and innocence or are related to mourning, grief, and sympathy.

The Symbolic That means of Calendula within the Victorian Language of Flowers

Within the Victorian language of flowers, calendula (referred to by its frequent title, marigold) symbolizes grief. Victorian floriography additionally associates calendula with prediction. It represents despair, notably the despair that may be led to because of love.

Calendula and October Beginning Flowers

The Calendula flower (together with different kinds of marigolds and cosmos) is the beginning flower for the month of October.

Calendula Flowers and Their Affiliation With Prophecy and Safety

Calendula Flowers and Their Association With Prophecy and Protection

Calendula flowers have held robust associations with safety and prophecy. Putting their petals beneath one’s mattress was thought to protect in opposition to the hazards of thieves and robbers coming within the night time. If somebody did fall sufferer to theft, the petals have been additionally stated to result in prophetic goals in order that an individual would be capable to acknowledge and catch the thief.

Moreover, the mixed token of calendula and bay leaf was thought to guard one from the hazards of spreading gossip.

Calendula Flowers and Good Luck

Calendula flowers are additionally thought to carry good luck, particularly in authorized issues. In case you have a day in courtroom, for instance, carrying a calendula flower or petals in your pocket or carrying a calendula flower in your lapel might show you how to win your case.

Calendula Flowers and the Virgin Mary

Calendula’s frequent title, marigold, is assumed to return from the observe of venerating the Virgin Mary with the golden-colored flowers that have been as soon as merely known as “gold.” They offered a approach for poor Christians to honor Mary with a tribute.

Right this moment, marigold flowers are nonetheless strongly related to the Virgin Mary in Christian traditions. As Mary wears a crown of gold, each golden-colored flower – particularly the marigolds carrying her title – is seen as a token of reward, honor, and veneration of Mom Mary.

The Lore of Calendula Flowers

Traditionally, calendula has had a number of magical or mystical makes use of and associations. For instance, calendula was included in a Sixteenth-century recipe for a potion that was used to disclose fairies. Simmered in white wine and honey, a powdered mix of calendula, wormwood, thyme, and marjoram was used as an ointment to assist a single lady with two suitors decide which was her real love match.

Calendula Flower Use in Historic Civilizations

The traditional Greeks and Romans wove garlands and crowns of calendula flowers to be used in rituals and ceremonies.

Appropriate Gifting Events for Calendula

Because of their affiliation with Mom Mary, calendula is related to venerating moms. Consequently, calendula crops, seeds, or minimize flowers make beautiful Mom’s Day presents or presents for a mom’s birthday.

Because the beginning flower for October, calendulas are additionally nice for celebrating birthdays throughout that month.

Calendula crops are merely cheerful-looking flowers. Because of this alone, they make lovely presents for any blissful or celebratory event.

Calendula FAQs:

What Do Calendula Flowers Symbolize?

Calendula flowers symbolize grief, despair, and remembrance. They’re additionally related to endurance, longevity, prophecy, and pleasure. As a result of flower’s historical past of medicinal use, it’s also related to well being.

Do Calendula Flowers Symbolize Love?

Calendula flowers have many symbolic meanings, however love will not be amongst them.

Do Calendula Flowers Come Again Each 12 months?

Calendula flowers are perennial and return yearly in USDA hardiness zones 9 by 11. They are often grown as annuals all the way down to zone two.

How Lond Do Calendula Flowers Final?

With correct deadheading and upkeep, calendula crops can bloom repeatedly all through summer season and into the autumn. Particular person flowers, nonetheless, solely final for 2 or three days.

Are Calendula Flowers Poisonous?

Calendula will not be poisonous to people, canine, or cats. Nevertheless, pregnant girls mustn’t ingest or use calendula merchandise as a result of they include chemical substances that may trigger uterine contractions.

The Coloration of Treasure and a Wealthy Symbolic Historical past

Calendula flowers not solely don the colour of gold, however additionally they have a wealthy historical past of symbolic, medicinal, and cultural traditions. Whether or not you merely recognize the story of this lovely flower or select to develop them in your backyard, there’s no denying that calendula flowers have helped to form a comparatively vital a part of the human expertise in lots of elements of the world.

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