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Camellia Japonica Plant Care and Rising Information (Important Suggestions)

Camellia japonica, often known as the Japanese camellia, is a placing decorative shrub identified for its massive, stunning flowers. As such, Camellia japonica is likely one of the hottest kinds of camellia. On this article, I’ll run by means of the basics of Camellia japonica plant care and necessities rising ideas in your backyard.

Camellia Japonica Plant Care and Growing Guide (Essential Tips)

About Camellia Japonica

Camellia japonica is an evergreen shrub from the tea household (Theaceae). Camellia japonica is native to elements of Asia similar to Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan and grows finest in USDA Zones 6 to 10.

This bushy shrub has shiny, darkish inexperienced elliptical leaves that may have serrated edges. Camellia japonica blooms from January to March, producing gorgeous pink, purple, yellow, and white flowers with overlapping petals.

These camellias can attain as much as 10 toes or extra in peak as soon as absolutely mature. 

What’s the Distinction Between Camellia Japonica and Different Kinds of Camellia?

What's the Difference Between Camellia Japonica and Other Types of Camellia?

The principle distinction between Camellia japonica and different kinds of camellias is the timing of the blooming season. Camellia japonica is a spring-blooming camellia that flowers from January till March. Different common varieties, like Camellia sasanqua and Camellia sinensis each bloom from fall till early winter.

Camellia japonica might be the most typical camellia grown in gardens. As such, there are literally thousands of Camellia japonica cultivars available on the market. Listed below are a few of the hottest cultivars:

Camellia japonica ‘Ave Maria’ – This elegant camellia is an award-winning cultivar with beautiful gentle pink flowers. ‘Ave Maria’ enjoys a protracted flowering season from October till March.

Camellia japonica ‘Need’ – This stunning Camellia japonica cultivar has gorgeous pink double flowers. ‘Need’ blooms for a number of months in the course of the spring.

Camellia japonica ‘Grand Slam’ – This vibrant camellia has brilliant purple double or semi-double blooms with overlapping petals and yellow facilities. It is a midseason camellia that flowers from late winter till early spring.

Rising & Caring for Camellia Japonica

Growing & Caring for Camellia Japonica

Rising from Seed or Planting a Mature Plant

Whereas it’s simpler to purchase a mature plant, Camellia japonica vegetation will also be grown from seed. Within the fall, soak your camellia seeds for 12 hours earlier than sowing them into small pots of well-draining seed compost. Preserve the soil moist and place the pots in brilliant gentle till germination happens. As soon as your seedlings are roughly 4 inches tall, transplant them outdoors.

For extra, see our in-depth information on how lengthy camellia vegetation take to develop

The place and How you can Plant

Camellia japonica shrubs develop finest in USDA Zones 6 to 10. Plant Camellia japonica in wealthy, well-draining soils which can be barely acidic. Camellia japonica shrubs additionally develop properly in containers.

Plant your Camellia japonica in the course of the fall to assist it set up a sound root system earlier than winter arrives. Dig a gap massive sufficient for the basis ball of your camellia. Gently place the camellia within the gap and fill in round it with soil earlier than firming the soil down together with your fingers. Water your camellia completely.

Daylight Necessities

Camellia japonica shrubs develop finest in partial shade. Nonetheless, they might tolerate some full solar or full shade for brief intervals. Place your Camellia japonica in an east or southeast-facing location that gives just a few hours of direct morning daylight. These areas present shade in the course of the afternoon.

Temperature & Humidity

Camellia japonica vegetation choose comparatively heat temperatures and average humidity in Zones 6 to 10. Though Camellia japonica shrubs can tolerate temperatures as little as 10ºF (-12ºC), they have to be shielded from chilly winds. Attempt to present temperatures between 60 and 90ºF and humidity ranges between 50 and 60%.

Soil Necessities

Camellia japonica shrubs want fertile, well-draining, acidic soils. The soil pH needs to be between 5.0 and 6.5. This may increasingly require you to amend your current soil utilizing ericaceous compost. Clay, loam, and peat-based soils are perfect for Camellia japonica shrubs.


Camellia japonica shrubs like pretty moist soil however hate being waterlogged. Water younger or newly-planted Camellia japonica shrubs each time the highest two to 4 inches of soil really feel dry. Established Camellia japonica vegetation shouldn’t want additional water besides throughout dry, sizzling summers.


Though Camellia japonica shrubs want a lot of vitamins, they solely want fertilizing a few times yearly. Fertilize your Camellia japonica with ericaceous fertilizer as soon as it finishes flowering within the spring. You may as well apply a second dose of fertilizer in midsummer.

Pruning & Deadheading

Deadhead your Camellia japonica all through the blooming season to encourage extra flowers. As a slow-growing shrub, Camellia japonica shouldn’t require a lot pruning. If it’s worthwhile to scale back its dimension, prune your established shrub after flowering has completed.

Over Winter Care

Camellia japonica shrubs ought to survive winter temperatures as little as 10ºF in Zones 6 to 10. Nonetheless, making use of a thick layer of mulch and wrapping the plant or its pot in fleece is a good suggestion. In colder areas, develop Camellia japonica vegetation in pots and produce them indoors in the course of the winter.

Widespread Pests & Ailments

Widespread Camellia japonica pests embody aphids, scale bugs, and spider mites. Camellia japonica ailments embody camellia dieback and yellow mottle virus. Remove pests utilizing horticultural oils or insecticidal cleaning soap. Preserve your Camellia japonica in good situation to cut back the chance of illness.

Camellia Japonica Plant Care FAQs:

The place is the Greatest Place to Plant a Camellia Japonica?

Plant your Camellia japonica in a sheltered location that gives partial shade. East or southeast-facing areas are superb. Plant Camellia japonica shrubs in wealthy, well-draining, acidic soils.

Do Camellias Develop Nicely in Pots?

Camellia japonica shrubs develop properly in pots, particularly in colder areas. Fill the pot with ericaceous compost and supply good drainage. Water each time the highest 4 inches of soil really feel dry.

How Do You Take Care of Camellias In the course of the Winter?

Shield Camellia japonica shrubs in the course of the winter by making use of a thick layer of mulch and wrapping them in fleece. In areas colder than Zone 6, develop these shrubs in pots and produce them indoors in the course of the winter.

Camellia Japonica Plant Care – Wrapping Up

Camellia japonica shrubs are beautiful decorative vegetation identified for his or her beautiful flowers. They develop finest in Zones 6 to 10 and require fertile, well-draining, acidic soils. Camellia japonica shrubs thrive in partial shade however want safety from chilly winds.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the finest companion vegetation for camellias, recommendations on coping with camellia buds not opening, flowers that pair properly with camellias in floral bouquets, and find out how to dry and protect camellia flowers.

Edd is a budding content material author and gardener residing in the UK. He has a bachelor’s diploma in Artistic and Skilled Writing and has written for a number of gardening publications on-line. He’s captivated with nature and sustainability with a concentrate on gardening and wildlife.



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