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Camellia That means and Symbolism within the Language of Flowers

Whereas most flowering shrubs are at their peak in the summertime, Camellia is exclusive in that it primarily blooms within the late winter and early spring months. They’ve been bred for hundreds of years to increase their pure vary to allow them to be grown in areas too chilly for virtually another plant to bloom throughout this era. On this information, I’ll run by means of every little thing you’ll want to know in regards to the which means, symbolism, and cultural significance of camellia flowers all over the world in the present day.

The Ultimate Guide to Camellia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Camellia Flower That means – The Necessities

Native to China, camellia flowers have a deep symbolic which means related to romantic love and devotion. White camellia flowers in Western cultures symbolize adoration and care; pink camellia flowers specific longing; and crimson camellia flowers symbolize need, romance, and keenness.

About Camellia Flowers

About Camellia Flowers

The Taxonomy of Camellia Flowers

Camellia is technically a genus of almost 300 totally different species and hundreds of various cultivars. Camellia sasanqua sorts bloom within the winter, whereas Camellia japonica begins early within the spring whereas it’s nonetheless chilly. As a member of the Ericales order, these shrubs are associated to azaleas and tea vegetation.

Botanical Traits and Colours

Camellia flowers develop on evergreen shrubs, making them a precious addition to any panorama. The darkish inexperienced foliage is waxy and customarily simple to take care of, whereas the flowers are giant multi-petaled blossoms, and plenty of function robust fragrances. 

Camellias are typically restricted to pink and crimson colours, with choices starting from vivid white to reds that just about look black or purple.

Etymology of the Camellia Identify

Georg Joseph Kamel was the botanist first to explain the Camellia as he explored the island of Luzon, the place it’s native. Carl Linnaeus named the genus after him when creating the fashionable type of botanical taxonomy nonetheless used in the present day. The identify honors his discovery, however it additionally has a lyrical sound that leads many individuals to make use of it as a woman’s identify.

Native Vary and Season

Camellia Flower Growing Seasons

First found and described by European botanists of their native house of the Philippines, Camellias are additionally present in Indonesia, Japan, and China. 

They’ve been bred and domesticated for a whole lot of years throughout Asia and almost as lengthy within the West as properly. 

Some Camellia varieties bloom through the winter and others within the spring, however all of them bloom throughout cooler climate and are evergreen the remainder of the 12 months.

Pollinator Friendliness and Toxicity

Camellias are enticing to many necessary pollinators as a result of they’re a productive supply of nectar. 

Select open blooms with fewer overlapping petals to encourage hummingbirds and butterflies to go to them. 

The plant has no particular toxicity, so it shouldn’t be any threat to curious kids or pets.

Historical past and Origins of Camellia Shrubs

Many Camellia varieties have been bred for hundreds of years of their native houses of China and Indonesia, together with the associated tea plant. 

Western explorers found it within the 1700s and started culturing it in glass greenhouses as early because the 1730s.

Makes use of and Advantages of Camellia Flowers

Most Camellia varieties are used just for ornament and landscaping, particularly Camellia japonica and sasanqua. 

Camellia oleifera has a precious seed oil that’s used for cosmetics and in cooking in lots of Asian cultures. The Camellia sinensis is the tea plant, so it’s extensively used the world over as a drink and meals supply. Camellia flowers themselves will not be edible or secure to make use of for tea.

Camellia Flower Colours and Their That means & Symbolism

As with many flower varieties, the intrinsic which means and symbolism in flowers’ language can usually differ relying on the colours displayed. While camellia flowers have a protracted symbolic affiliation with romance and devotion, there are delicate variations to concentrate on primarily based on their distinctive shade traits

White Camellia Flower That means

White Camellia Flower Meaning

This shade of Camellia blossoms reveals you could have adoration and care for somebody however no romantic curiosity. It’s a wonderful flower to present to a member of the family or good friend you wish to specific platonic affection for.

Pink Camellia Flower That means

Pink Camellia Flowering Meaning

Pink blossoms from this plant specific longing, so that they’re appropriate for any state of affairs the place you miss somebody. They will have a romantic or platonic which means relying on what they’re paired with.

Crimson Camellia Flower That means

Red Camellia Flower Meaning

Crimson Camellia flowers have a passionate and romantic which means that’s laborious to overlook. They signify a deep need for somebody, making them nice to pair with traditional crimson roses.

Camellias in Chinese language Tradition

This plant is native to China, so it’s no shock it’s thought of an indication of romantic love and devotion between a person and a girl. It is because the flower falls off the plant with out shedding its petals. The bottom and the petals fall collectively, representing the dedication between the 2 lovers. It’s a really romantic flower in Chinese language tradition, whatever the shade.

Japanese Tradition and Camellia Significance

The Cultural Significane of camellia flowers in Japan

Tsubaki is the Japanese identify for Camellia flowers, and it was an indication of an honorable demise for the samurai class previously. Immediately’s meanings are much like these in different cultures, with most individuals exchanging them as symbols of passionate love and devotion to at least one one other. Crimson Camellias are most popular for this function in Japan as in China, with white having a connotation of mourning and demise that will be inappropriate for different events.

Brazil and Camellia Meanings

Brazil’s abolitionist motion used the Camellia as an emblem of their combat in opposition to slavery through the Imperial Period of the nation. The plant was extensively planted to sign the battle to safe freedom for enslaved folks.

New Zealand and the Camellia Flower

Camella flowers and the women's suffrage movement in New Zealand

One cultural use of white Camellia flowers, particularly, was to represent the girls’s suffrage motion in New Zealand. As a result of temperature however heat local weather, the plant flourished there and was an ideal image of the combat for the vote for ladies in 1893.

Artwork and Literature That Mentions Camellias

Lots of of artistic endeavors present or point out these aromatic flowers, however among the greatest recognized embody:

The Official State Flower of Alabama

Camellia Flowers are the state flower of Alabama

The gorgeous Camellia flower can be the official state flower of Alabama. It may possibly develop in a lot of the state’s local weather zones, so it’s extensively planted as a landscaping addition for its evergreen leaves as a lot as its showy blossoms. 

Camellia Flowers and Tattoos

The Camellia can be generally seen in tattoos symbolizing love, devotion, or harmless purity, relying on the colour used for the illustration.

How To Develop Camellia Flowers at House

How to Grow Camellia Flowers at Home

Camellia shrubs can develop in additional zones than earlier than resulting from cautious breeding, however they’re nonetheless restricted to USDA zones 5 to 9. They will’t deal with the new summers of 10 and above and freeze in 4 and under. With their giant development habits and spreading form, they’ll have to be positioned in their very own beds or dotted throughout the panorama to shine. 

Potting and Planting Camellia Flowers

Massive containers like whiskey barrels may go for some smaller varieties. Single-flowered varieties are higher for pollinators, however double-flowered sorts are filled with petals and supply extra magnificence. Strive each to mix one of the best options in the identical panorama.

Gentle Preferences

Camellia shrubs favor full solar to partial shade, with the C. sasanqua dealing with essentially the most solar. They need to be planted within the fall to present them time to determine themselves. 

Permit Loads of Spacing for Camella Vegetation to Develop

Give every plant 10 toes or extra throughout for area to develop. 

Watering and Fertilizing Camellia Flowers

Water them weekly through the first few months after planting, then ease again to month-to-month watering solely by means of the summer time. 

Feed the plant every early spring with a fertilizer for azaleas and rhododendrons

Camellia Flower Care and Upkeep

Reduce the flowers off as quickly as they dry up and shrivel to encourage the shrub to bloom as a lot as doable and for the longest interval every year. Staying on high of deadheading could make a plant bloom for months as a substitute of weeks, particularly if the temperatures are proper.

Appropriate Gifting Events for Camellia Flowers

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Camellia Flowers

Because of their reference to romantic love and devotion, Camellia flowers are perfect for gifting on Valentine’s Day, wedding ceremony anniversaries, and the birthday of a partner or associate. 

Pink Camellias could be a playful method to point out a crush or let somebody know you miss them even when there are not any romantic emotions concerned. Since white Camellias are much less romantic and extra harmless, they’re good items for when somebody is grieving or is coping with a breakup. They present you care and wish to supply assist with out sending the mistaken message. 

Reside Camellia shrubs are a neat present for {couples} or newlyweds who’ve simply moved in collectively and may plant them to represent their relationship.

The Camellia flower not solely makes for an ideal present as a part of a bouquet, however it’s additionally a gorgeous addition to the panorama.

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Camellia Flowers FAQ:

What month do camellias flower?

Camellia flowers bloom within the later winter and early spring months because the seasons simply start to alter.

The place is one of the best place to plant a camellia?

With their giant development habits and spreading form, Camellia flowers have to be positioned in their very own beds or dotted throughout the panorama to shine. Massive containers like whiskey barrels work higher for some smaller varieties. Camellia shrubs favor full solar to partial shade,

What do camellia flowers symbolize?

Camellia flowers are native to China the place it’s thought of an indication of romantic love and the devotion between a person and a girl.

Are camellia flowers toxic to people and animals?

The camellia flower is non-toxic to people and animals.

How lengthy do camellia flowers final?

A camellia flower sometimes blooms for between 3 to five weeks.

Camellia Flower That means – Wrapping Up

Camellia flowers maintain vital meanings and symbolism. They’re usually related to love, affection, and deep devotion, particularly the crimson varieties. Camellias additionally symbolizes perfection and excellence resulting from their symmetrical magnificence. These flowers are exchanged in numerous cultures as tokens of affection and admiration.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry faculties in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial group, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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