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Caring for Spider Crops: Preferrred Temperature and Humidity Indoors

To assist your spider plant thrive, you’ll want to supply the optimum environmental situations. On this information, I’ll run by way of the perfect temperature and humidity ranges indoors and the way I maintain my spider plant glad and wholesome year-round.

Spider Plant Temperature and Humidity Tolerances (Ultimate Guide)

Spider Plant Temperature and Humidity Tolerances – Key Takeaways

Spider vegetation (Chlorophytum comosum) will develop greatest indoors in a room with ambient temperatures between 65-85ºF. These vegetation favor reasonable to excessive humidity, between 40-80%. In-room humidifiers or humidity trays might be useful to supply your spider plant with best rising situations.

Preferrred Temperature and Humidity Ranges

Vibrant yellow and green spider plants growing in a hanging planter indoors
Spider vegetation love heat and humid situations indoors

Spider vegetation are native to a lot of Africa, from Ethiopia to Nigeria and all the way in which right down to South Africa. Whereas they’ll develop in varied habitats, they’re usually present in sizzling and humid rainforests. Some spider plant varieties develop within the dappled understory, whereas others might be discovered close to the brighter forest edges.

Since spider vegetation are native to such an in depth vary, they’re used to numerous temperatures. Nevertheless, nearly all of their native vary experiences temperatures between 50-90ºF all through a lot of the 12 months.

Preferrred Temperature Indoors

Spider vegetation favor temperatures between 65-85ºF. That stated, they’ll tolerate quick temperatures outdoors this vary.

The easiest way to test your indoor temperature is with a thermometer. Measure the temperature the place your spider plant lives, as temperatures differ all through a home.

In addition to offering the right temperature, it’s best to keep away from cold and warm drafts. Subsequently, it’s best to keep away from inserting your spider plant close to an exterior door, poorly insulated window, fire, or heating vent.

Lastly, keep away from massive swings in temperature. Whereas these vegetation can tolerate sluggish temperature modifications, drastic modifications may cause stress. Subsequently, keep away from all of a sudden transferring your plant from a chilly room to a heat room. As a substitute, permit your plant to acclimate over time.

Preferrred Humidity Indoors

Concerning humidity, spider vegetation will thrive with reasonable to excessive humidity, between 40-80%. It will permit your vegetation to placed on numerous wholesome new progress.

With that stated, spider vegetation can do exactly high quality at decrease humidity, lower than 40%. Nevertheless, they won’t thrive as they might at larger humidity.

The easiest way to measure humidity is with a tool referred to as a hygrometer. It will give you a exact measurement of the humidity.

Nevertheless, you can even sense the humidity primarily based on the time of 12 months and really feel. Your own home sometimes has a humidity degree above 40% throughout hotter months. Nevertheless, indoor humidity usually drops throughout the winter for those who reside in a chilly local weather.

In case your pores and skin feels dry and also you’re experiencing nosebleeds, the air is probably going too dry on your spider plant. To maintain your plant glad, take measures to spice up the humidity in your house.

One possibility is to make use of a humidifier. It will assist maintain your humidity at a constant degree. Different choices embrace inserting a tray stuffed with pebbles and water beneath your plant’s pot.

Choosing a Location

As talked about above, it’s best to maintain your spider plant away from cold and warm drafts. You’ll need to have a look at a number of different elements when you discover a location with correct temperature and humidity.

Spider vegetation like vibrant, oblique mild. They will additionally survive low mild, however they won’t thrive.

Some good areas for a spider plant embrace the inside of a vibrant room or a number of ft away from a south-facing or west-facing window. You need to guarantee it doesn’t obtain direct mild irrespective of the place you set your plant. 

Though spider vegetation aren’t thought of poisonous to people, it’s prudent to put on gloves all through any prolonged houseplant care venture.

For extra, see our in-depth information to the greatest positions for Spider vegetation to thrive within the house or workplace.

How one can Enhance Humidity in Your Dwelling 

A plant humidifier surrounded by a collection of tropical houseplants indoors 
Plant humidifiers might be an effective way to spice up moisture ranges within the air

A humidifier is the easiest way to spice up the humidity in your house. Many humidifiers include options permitting computerized shut-off as soon as the specified humidity degree is reached. This enables for simple care.

Like most home equipment, humidifiers can be found in varied types and costs. Yow will discover primary variations like this one for as little as $30 and feature-full ones like this (by way of Amazon).

Since these units increase the humidity in a complete room, they’re useful when you’ve got lots of vegetation that like excessive humidity.

In case you don’t need to spend the cash on a humidifier, there are different methods to extend humidity. Spritzing the air round your plant with water can quickly enhance the humidity. Nevertheless, this will additionally result in spider plant fungal illnesses.

Inserting a tray stuffed with water and pebbles beneath your planter can even increase humidity. Nevertheless, since this methodology works by way of evaporation, it is not going to be very efficient at low temperatures.

Spring and Summer time Care

Whereas most spider vegetation will thrive outside within the spring and summer season, you have to monitor your indoor surroundings. If excessive temperatures lead you to activate the air-con, make sure the temperature will not be too low on your spider plant.

Take notice to maintain your plant away from AC vents and different drafts.

Over Winter Care

As temperatures drop within the winter, it’s possible you’ll activate the warmth to maintain your house heat. Whereas these larger temperatures will maintain your spider plant glad, they might additionally decrease the humidity.

If your house turns into dry within the winter, it’s possible you’ll have to look into growing the humidity round your spider plant. A humidifier will permit your plant to thrive.

Issues to Watch Out For

A larger green and yellow spider plant growing in a hanging white planter indoors near a bright window
Hot and cold drafts can stress spider vegetation indoors

In case you present your spider plant with improper temperature and humidity, your plant might endure. Listed below are some widespread indicators that point out it’s possible you’ll have to appropriate your plant’s surroundings.

Brown Leaf Edges

In case you discover the information of your plant’s slender leaves are turning brown or probably drooping, then one thing is off. Whereas there are numerous the explanation why this will likely occur, low humidity is one attainable trigger.

Different potential causes embrace dry soil and poor water high quality. 

For see our information to the greatest soil combine for spider vegetation and when and tips on how to water

Poor Progress

Whereas spider vegetation can survive temperatures outdoors of the perfect vary, they received’t thrive. In case you discover your plant isn’t rising, it’d signify the air is simply too chilly.

In case your plant is stored in an space the place the temperature is constantly under 65ºF, it received’t develop very a lot. Rising the temperature will result in new progress.

Fertilizing your spider plant also can assist to supply a progress increase. 

Mushy Foliage

The sudden onset of soppy, mushy foliage signifies that your spider plant was uncovered to chilly temperatures. Beneath-freezing temperatures will trigger plant cells to increase and burst, making a mushy look.

Even for those who transfer your plant to a hotter space, the leaves is not going to recuperate. Nevertheless, for those who trim again the broken leaves, the roots might produce new progress.

The Remaining Phrase

You’ll be able to maintain your plant glad now that about optimum spider plant temperature and humidity. Keep in mind to maintain the humidity on the upper aspect and maintain the temperature heat.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at house.



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