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Catmint (Nepeta) Flower Which means and Symbolism within the Language of Flowers

If you need a long-flowering, aromatic plant that deer hate and pollinators love, look no additional than catmint (Nepeta). A member of the mint household, this perennial is a favourite amongst gardeners due to its purple-blue blooms, enticing fragrant foliage, and low upkeep necessities. Together with its many decorative makes use of within the panorama, catmint additionally has culinary, medicinal, and insecticidal properties. On this information, I’ll run by every part it’s essential to learn about Catmint flower that means, symbolism, and cultural significance within the language of flowers. 

Catmint (Nepeta) Flower Meaning and Symbolism in the Language of Flowers

The Symbolic Which means of Catmint – The Necessities

Within the language of flowers, a present of catmint sends a message of happiness and love. It might additionally symbolize fertility. Giving catmint is usually a strategy to inform somebody that they make you content, that you just love them, or that you just wish to be in a romantic relationship with them.

About Catmint

About Catmint

Catmint is a member of the genus Nepeta, which accommodates about 250 species. Nepeta is a gaggle of flowering vegetation — most perennial however some annual — that share traits resembling fragrant, gray-green, heart-shaped foliage.

Nepeta is a part of the Lamiaceae household, often known as the mint household. This huge household accommodates greater than 235 genera and upward of seven,200 species. Lamiaceae are grown worldwide, thanks partly to their simple propagation — most could be propagated by taking stem cuttings.

Many members of this household of vegetation additionally boast foliage that’s each fragrant and edible. In style herbs resembling sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint belong to the Lamiaceae household.

Nepeta is often known as catmint or Fassen’s catnip. Whereas it’s usually mistaken for its relative, catnip (N. cataria), the vegetation will not be the identical.

The commonest sort of catmint discovered within the panorama is N. × faassenii. This perennial reaches about two ft tall and three ft huge. It grows in a spreading clump, with fragrant, toothed gray-green leaves.

The vegetation bloom from spring by summer time with spikes of blue-purple blossoms. Each flowers and leaves launch an intense, spicy perfume when crushed.

The title Nepeta is believed to consult with an Etrurian metropolis known as Nepete, as we speak often known as Nepi. The town was based effectively earlier than Rome and is hailed as the guts of historical Etruscan civilization.

N. × faassenii is a sterile selection developed within the 1930 J. H. Faassen’s Netherlands nursery. It turned a preferred nursery choice within the Eighties and is a hybrid between N. nepetella and N. racemosa.

N. nepetella or lesser catmint, is a local of the Meditteranean area, the place its native habitat ranges from France, Italy, and Spain within the north to Algeria and Morroco within the south. It’s naturalized throughout a part of the U.S. and into Central America.

N. racemosa is native to Turkey, the Caucuses area, and northern Iran. Each N. nepetella and N. racemosa are smaller species that solely develop to about 12 inches tall and 18 inches huge.

In style N. × faassenii cultivars generally present in backyard nurseries embrace:

  • ‘Walker’s Low” is a well-liked cultivar with purple flowers
  • ‘Junior Walker’ is compact with lavender blossoms
  • ‘Blue Marvel’ has blue flowers
  • ‘Six Hills Big’ grows to a few ft tall and has gentle blue flowers

Makes use of and Advantages of Catmint

Nepeta has lengthy been valued for its many culinary and medicinal makes use of. N. nepetella is a prized ingredient in Tuscan delicacies, with an identical taste to oregano.

In European medical traditions, the dried leaves had been utilized in tea type to deal with fever, abdomen illnesses, bronchitis, and as a diuretic. Information point out that the plant might have been used to deal with despair, colic, and insomnia. This can be resulting from chemical compounds within the plant that may have a mildly sedative impact. It can be utilized in a poultice to alleviate swelling and irritation from insect bites.

Nepeta accommodates nepetalactone, an oil that’s been proven to repel sure insect pests, together with mosquitoes. These compounds might have the potential to help in crop safety and different potential advantages.

The vegetation additionally are likely to repel different, bigger backyard pests, resembling deer and rodents. Nevertheless, pollinators resembling bees and butterflies are drawn to the catmint’s long-lasting flowers. Beekeepers usually plant it close to hives to draw bees.

The Which means, Symbolism, and Cultural Significance of Catmint Flowers

The Meaning, Symbolism, and Cultural Significance of Catmint Flowers

Catmint flowers bloom in numerous colours, from deep blue to purple and lavender. Within the language of flowers, catmint is related to happiness, love, and fertility.

A present of catmint is usually a strategy to let somebody know the way completely satisfied they make you or how a lot you’re keen on them. You too can use catmint to inform somebody you’d prefer to be in a romantic relationship with them.

Catmint’s associations with fertility and its beautiful blue and purple blossoms make it an ideal addition to a bouquet for a child bathe or to welcome a brand new child.

And talking of colours, completely different hues had completely different meanings to the Victorians. As an example, purple flowers had been usually related to magnificence, royalty, success, and romance. In distinction, blue flowers usually symbolize peace, concord, openness, and even sympathy.

The meanings related to catmint imply it’s simple to craft a floral present that sends a selected message to somebody you care about is straightforward.

Nepeta can be related to power and braveness. It might appeal to good spirits, good luck, and even friendship. Some previous people knowledge says to carry some catmint in your hand till it grows heat, then take another person’s hand. Your friendship will final so long as you retain the catmint that they touched.

Gardeners have been rising and having fun with completely different forms of Nepeta for hundreds of years. Proof signifies that catmint was grown in previous Roman kitchen gardens. Translated recipes from historical Rome — believed to be written between 4 BC and 70 AD — present using catmint in salads.

1000’s of years later, the vegetation are extra fashionable than ever. Nepeta even seems in poems resembling “August” by MJ Werthman White and “Liberty Tree” by Rene Mullen.

Appropriate Gifting Events for Catmint

Suitable Gifting Occasions for Catmint

Given Catmint’s associations with love and fertility, a present of the beautiful purple flowers is right for joyful events, resembling a child bathe, new child, wedding ceremony, or anniversary.

They will additionally symbolize happiness, making them a sensible choice for a cheerful birthday and congratulations items. Associations with power and braveness are applicable sentiments for those who’re wishing somebody effectively or saying job.

Catmint Flower FAQs:

What do catmint flowers symbolize? 

Catmint flowers are related to love, fertility, and happiness. The flowers can also symbolize braveness and power.

Do catmint symbolize love?

Within the language of flowers, catmint flowers are related to love. They’re a good way to let somebody know you’re keen on them.

Do catmint come again yearly? 

Catmint vegetation are perennials, so they arrive again yearly.

How lengthy do Catmint flowers final? 

Catmint flowers are prized for his or her long-lasting nature. The vegetation usually bloom from spring by summer time with aromatic blue and purple flowers that appeal to bees and pollinators.

Catmint vegetation will not be poisonous; in reality, they’ve culinary and medical makes use of. Nevertheless, deer and rodents are repelled by the vegetation, most likely due to their robust, spicy aroma.

Catmint Flowers – The Remaining Phrase

For a long-flowering plant that produces colourful virtually all season lengthy, you possibly can’t go improper with catmint. As an added bonus, deer and rodents are repelled by Nepeta’s fragrant foliage and flowers, whereas pollinators are attracted. Together with their culinary, medicinal, and insecticidal advantages, these beautiful flowers ship constructive messages, too. Within the language of flowers, a present of catmint symbolizes happiness, love, and fertility whereas sending messages of power and braveness.

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