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Chocolate Lily Flower That means, Symbolism, Makes use of, and Rising Ideas

Chocolate lilies are pretty uncommon to come across within the wild, which makes them much more particular when noticed on a hillside or cultivated in a backyard. Whereas they’ve some pretty particular habitat necessities, it’s potential to duplicate these circumstances in your summer time backyard or greenhouse. On this information, I’ll run via every thing you want to learn about Chocolate lily flower that means, their makes use of, rising suggestions, and appropriate gifting events. 

Chocolate Lily Flower Meaning, Symbolism, Uses, and Growing Tips

Chocolate Lily Flowers – The Necessities: 

Plant Household: Liliaceae
Genus: Fritillaria
Scientific Identify: Fritillaria biflora
Native Vary: Western North America
Colours: Darkish maroon, chocolate brown
Traits: Bell-shaped flowers with a chocolate-like scent
Mature Peak: 1 to 2 ft
Flowering Season: Spring to early summer time
Rising Zones: 4 to eight
Daylight: Partial shade to full solar
Watering: Common watering with well-draining soil
Soil: Moist, well-draining soil
Fertilizing: Fertilize in early spring with a balanced slow-release fertilizer
Pests: Usually pest-free
Pruning: Take away spent flower stalks and lifeless foliage
Symbolism: Represents rebirth, purity, and renewal

About Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora)

About Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora)


Fritillaria biflora belongs to the Liliaceae (lily) plant household within the Lilioideae subfamily inside the Lilieae tribe. It’s considered one of 158 accepted species belonging to the Fritillaria genus. Fritillaria biflora is usually referred to as chocolate lily, mission bells, or California chocolate lily.

Botanical Traits

The chocolate lily is an herbaceous perennial with bulbous root techniques. They’ve vibrant inexperienced, strappy foliage and durable stalks that may develop to be practically two ft in peak at maturity. The stalks produce bell-shaped flowers with six petals every and outstanding yellow and inexperienced stamens. 

The flowers themselves are sometimes purplish-brown in coloration (like chocolate), however they will additionally generally bloom in greenish-purple or yellowish-green colours. The petals are additionally usually noticed or flippantly variegated with inexperienced or yellow.

Native Vary

Fritillaria biflora is native to California and northwestern Mexico.

Fritillaria biflora has two accepted forms of infraspecies which embrace:

  • Fritillaria biflora var. biflora
  • Fritillaria biflora var. ineziana Jeps.

The Fritillaria camschatcensis is one other species of the identical genus that can be generally known as a chocolate lily (or Kamchatka fritillary). With equally brown, lily-like flowers, this species is analogous in look to the Fritillaria biflora.

The That means and Symbolism of Chocolate Lilies

The Meaning and Symbolism of Chocolate Lilies


Fritillaria biflora has a barely sophisticated etymology.

In 1570, an apothecary named Noël Capperon found Fritillaria meleagris. He described the plant in a letter and mentioned that the native individuals referred to it as “fritillaria” as a result of the flower had a sample that resembled a checkerboard. Nevertheless, “fritillus” is the Latin identify for the field containing cube that have been utilized in a sure sport performed within the area.

The precise epithet biflora means “two flowered.”

The widespread identify chocolate lily refers back to the chocolate-like flower coloration of this lily’s flowers. It’s thought that its different widespread identify, mission bells, refers back to the flower’s form and its location in California and northwestern Mexico, a area the place many Catholic missions have been constructed.

That means and Symbolism Overview

Chocolate lilies carry the symbolic that means of innocence, purity, and rebirth. In addition they have a powerful affiliation with the Virgin Mary in Christianity. In flowers, the colour brown symbolizes nature and heat. Brown flowers additionally signify stability, energy, and willpower.

Moreover, within the language of flowers, the Chocolate lily represents the next: 

Pure Magnificence: 

Chocolate Lily symbolizes the fantastic thing about the pure world. Its distinctive and fascinating look reminds us of the range and surprise discovered within the plant kingdom.

Subtlety and Sensitivity: 

Chocolate Lily is commonly seen as an emblem of subtlety and sensitivity. Its mild and unassuming presence conveys a message of delicacy and mindfulness.

Hidden Charms: 

The chocolate-like scent of the flowers provides a component of thriller and hidden attraction to Chocolate Lily. It symbolizes the invention of hidden magnificence and the attract of the unknown.

Chocolate Lilies in Spiritualism

Chocolate lilies and their essence are utilized in religious practices to assist promote steadiness and concord between the chakras. The chocolate lily is really helpful to assist deal with points akin to feeling disconnected from the physique or the Earth, struggling to deal with on a regular basis duties, feeling unsafe, feeling insecure, experiencing monetary issues, and missing boundaries.

In religious practices, chocolate lily flowers are believed to attach the basis chakra with the crown chakra and align the human physique to obtain religious data and optimistic power. That is believed to launch anger, stress, and unfavorable power from the hips, pelvis, and base of the spinal column.

Moreover, chocolate lily is believed to assist people achieve perception into their previous lives and present lives to attain a brand new perspective on and a greater understanding of demise.

Makes use of and Advantages of Chocolate Lily Flowers

Uses and Benefits of Chocolate Lily Flowers

Native Plant

In California and northwestern Mexico, chocolate lilies are native crops. In consequence, they contribute to supporting the well being of the pure ecosystem in these areas.

Sadly, they’re fairly uncommon. The truth is, the Fritillaria biflora var. ineziana number of chocolate lily is listed as a uncommon, threatened, or endangered plant in California and elsewhere. This critically endangered plant can solely be discovered rising naturally in San Mateo County.


The chocolate lily helps native pollinator populations, together with numerous butterflies and moths. In addition they have a barely putrid scent that draws flies for pollination.

Conventional Meals Supply

Chocolate lily flowers have traditionally been used and cultivated by Native American tribes alongside the Pacific coast of america as their bulbous roots, sometimes called “Indian potatoes,” may present a nutritious supply of meals.

Tips on how to Develop Chocolate Lily Flowers

How to Grow Chocolate Lily Flowers

Rising Zones

Chocolate lilies are appropriate for rising in USDA Hardiness Zones 9a to 11.

Backyard Makes use of and Selecting the Proper Location

Chocolate lilies are bulbous, herbaceous perennials that require full solar to thrive. They’re appropriate for wildflower gardens, xeric gardens, cottage gardens, reducing gardens, and meadow planting.

Soil Necessities

Chocolate lilies develop naturally in serpentine soil formations discovered beneath the grasslands and hillsides of California and northwestern Mexico. They require fast-draining, sandy soil with a impartial pH.

Planting Ideas and Methods

Chocolate lilies might be planted both from seed (collected from dried seed pods). Seeds might be sown immediately within the soil within the fall or began indoors in winter.

They may also be propagated by dividing and planting the bulbous roots and offshoots that develop.

Watering, Fertilizing, and Mulching

Chocolate lilies are drought-tolerant and don’t deal with overly moist soil. New crops might be watered when the soil has dried out, however established crops sometimes don’t require watering. Chocolate lilies thrive in arid climates and don’t require frequent watering. Mulching these crops can even end in overly moist soil circumstances that may result in root rot.

Chocolate lilies might be fertilized flippantly in early spring with a well-balanced, diluted liquid fertilizer.

Caring for Chocolate Lily Flowers

Caring for Chocolate Lily Flowers

Pruning and Deadheading

Chocolate lilies don’t require common pruning or deadheading. As soon as flowers are spent, take away the dried seed pods from the crops to additional propagate. Lower away lifeless foliage on the finish of the rising season or earlier than early spring.

Frequent Pests and Ailments

Chocolate lilies are prone to bulb rot and fungi akin to rust and leaf spot. One of the best ways to guard chocolate lilies from these points is by not overwatering them. If a plant contracts fungicide, deal with it (and neighboring crops) with a fungicide.

Overwintering and Storage

If chocolate lilies develop exterior of zones 9a via 11, the crops should be overwintered indoors. Deliver the crops inside to a cool and dry location.

Finest Companion Vegetation for Chocolate Lilies

Since chocolate lilies are a wonderful native plant to develop in California and northern Mexico, they’re finest paired with different native crops which have comparable wants, akin to native grasses, herbaceous perennials, annual wildflowers, and different geophytes (crops with bulbous, tuberous, or rhizomatic root techniques).

Artistic Makes use of for Chocolate Lilies

Chocolate lilies might be difficult to domesticate exterior of their pure rising zone. They’ll, nevertheless, be loved as annuals in different places. Rising them could be a enjoyable problem and likewise give you the bizarre expertise of getting chocolate lilies in your backyard.

Should you dwell inside the pure habitat and rising zones of chocolate lilies, then you possibly can develop them in your backyard to help the native ecosystem. In California, they’re a improbable selection for native plant gardens and xeric gardens.

Chocolate Lily Flower Crafts

Since chocolate lily flowers are so uncommon, you shouldn’t decide them while you discover them rising within the wild. The truth is, they could be a welcome addition to a seed backyard so that you could assist propagate them round their native habitat.

Should you’re rising chocolate lilies in your backyard for enjoyable, then you possibly can incorporate them into totally different crafts, akin to dried flowers or freshly lower floral designs. In addition they make a beautiful reward, accompanying a field of sweets.

Chocolate Lily Flower FAQs:

For How Lengthy Do Chocolate Lily Flowers Bloom?

Chocolate lily flowers sometimes bloom all through March and April of their native habitat.

What Is the Ultimate Local weather for Rising Chocolate Lilies?

The Chocolate lily flower thrives in USDA hardiness zones 9a via 11. Their native habitats sometimes obtain between 10 and 70 inches of annual precipitation and not more than two inches of precipitation in the summertime. They require low to average humidity and temperatures between 38°F and 80°F.

Can Chocolate Lilies Develop in Containers or Indoors?

Sure, chocolate lilies might be grown in containers, given satisfactory soil drainage and daylight.

How Usually Ought to I Water My Chocolate Lilies?

Chocolate lilies are drought-tolerant and solely require routine watering when crops are first getting established.

When Is the Finest Time of 12 months to Plant Chocolate Lilies?

Chocolate lily seeds might be planted open air within the fall or began inside throughout the winter.

How Can I Defend My Chocolate Lilies From Pests and Ailments?

One of the best ways to guard chocolate lilies from pests and ailments is to keep away from overwatering them. An excessive amount of water can result in the event of root rot and fungal infections. Moreover, chocolate lilies shouldn’t be planted in areas the place fungi have beforehand affected different crops.

How Can I Lengthen the Lifespan of My Chocolate Lilies After They’ve Been Lower?

After reducing chocolate lilies, place the stems in water as quickly as potential, change the water often, and don’t show them in direct daylight.

A Candy Tooth’s Dream Backyard

Chocolate lilies may not scent candy, however they’ve a reputation and coloration that may fulfill your candy tooth – and your love for native crops. To honor this uncommon magnificence, take into account planting a number of chocolate lilies in your backyard this 12 months.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has skilled professionally at main floristry colleges in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial crew, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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