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Columbine Flower That means, Symbolism, and Colour Significance within the Language of Flowers

Whether or not you name it granny’s bonnet, bee’s cap, or Columbine, the Aquilegia genus of flowers is filled with lovely and delicate blooms. These 70 or so species that make up this genus all produce delicate and fairy-like blossoms held above sparse foliage usually. On this information, I’ll take you thru all the things you want to learn about Columbine flower that means, their historical past & origins, makes use of & advantages, plus my high tips about rising these lovely flowers at residence.

Columbine Flower Meaning, Types, Uses, and Growing Tips

Columbine Flower That means – the Necessities

  • Columbine flowers symbolize energy, knowledge, and peace within the language of flowers.
  • They’re generally linked to Christianity as a result of the flowers resemble doves nestling collectively.
  • Columbine flowers additionally function prominently in Greek and Roman mythology and are the state flower of Colorado at present.

Etymological That means

The identify Columbine is derived from the Latin columba, which suggests dove. The flower has the looks of a number of long-tailed doves huddled collectively for heat. This impressed its unique identify, which has endured in varied kinds by way of the centuries. The Latin identify Aquilegia refers back to the lengthy spurs on the flowers resembling the talons of an eagle.

Columbine Flower Colours and Their Symbolism

The Columbine flower is wealthy with that means and symbolism whatever the particular selection, and its symbolism additionally relies upon primarily on the colour chosen.

Orange Columbine Flower That means

Orange Columbine Flower Meaning

Linked to excessive power, joyful, and heat meanings. Provides liveliness and happiness to a bouquet.

Blue Columbine Flower That means  

Blue Columbine Flower Meaning

Encourages serenity, peacefulness, and calm within the recipient. It might probably symbolize hope for therapeutic or restoration.

Pink Columbine Flower That means: 

Pink Columbine Flower Meaning

Pink symbolizes happiness, youth, and charm, particularly within the pom-pom model of Columbine. Best for items conveying love in a non-romantic method.

Purple Columbine Flower That means  

Purple Columbine Flower Meaning

Celebrates the success and accomplishments of the recipient. The colour of royalty and wealth, purple provides luxurious to any floral association.

Crimson Columbine Flower That means 

Red Columbine Flower Meaning

Primarily related to romantic love, pink flowers can even point out intense emotion, energy, and encouragement.

White Columbine Flower That means  

White Columbine Flower Meaning

As elegant as they’re peaceable, white flowers are generally given to assuage grief and to have a good time anniversaries. White is the perfect colour for flowers whenever you’re not making an attempt to ship a particular message both.

Yellow Columbine Flower That means

Yellow Columbine Flower Meaning

Embodies joyfulness and constructive emotions in every sunny bloom. Yellow flowers are perfect for giving to pals or co-workers.

The Cultural Significance of Columbine Flowers

The Cultural Significance of Columbine Flowers

Columbine Flowers in Christianity

The Columbine flower has been used a number of occasions to symbolize various things within the Christian faith. First, the three-part leaves that type across the base of the plant are linked to the trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Many Columbine varieties embrace seven completely different compartments on their flowers, which might symbolize the seven items supplied by the Holy Spirit.

The flowers have 5 distinct spurs that protrude from one aspect, typically used to represent the tails of 5 doves that symbolize the Holy Spirit. Some sects of Christianity previously additionally related the flower with the purity of the Virgin Mary.

The Cultural Significance of Columbine Flowers in Greek Mythology

Due to its delicate form and colourful petals, the Columbine was typically related to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love in Historic Greece. In contrast to most different flowers that had been in style among the many Greeks throughout their empire, they didn’t affiliate it with a particular fable just like the Narcissus is legendary for.

The That means and Symbolism of Columbine Flowers in Roman Instances

Just like the Greeks, the Historic Romans additionally noticed the Columbine as an indication of affection and romantic affection. They related it with Venus, the Roman equal to Aphrodite, throughout that interval. The colourful blossoms, candy scents, and nodding habits of Columbines native to these components of Europe impressed love imagery in Romans and Greeks alike.

The That means and Symbolism of Columbine Flowers in Celtic Tradition

A lot of the info left concerning the Celtic tradition and beliefs is second-hand stories, so comparatively little is understood about them. Nevertheless, there are a number of historic accounts of Celtic perception within the Columbine being a flower that serves as a portal between worlds.

Columbine Flowers in Artwork and Literature

Probably the greatest-known references to the Columbine in artwork and literature is in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Ophelia makes a bouquet, symbolizing her relationship with Hamlet, which is doomed to fail and result in her dying. She consists of Columbines as a result of they had been believed to symbolize ingratitude and self-occupation. Different teachers declare that the Columbines represented the adultery of the king and queen since they had been the precise recipients of the bouquet.

The That means of Columbine Flower Tattoos

A columbine flower tattoo represents magnificence and magnificence, capturing the fragile and swish nature of the flower. It symbolizes love and need, expressing passionate feelings and romantic sentiments.

The columbine flower tattoo can even signify individuality and independence, reminding the wearer to embrace their distinctive qualities and keep true to themselves. It serves as a reminder of resilience and energy, symbolizing overcoming challenges and persevering in adversity.

The State Flower of Colorado

The State Flower of Colorado

The Rocky Mountain columbine is the state flower of Colorado as a result of it’s a wildflower native to the state. It’s one of many tallest species within the genus, with massive petaled upright flowers with a noticeable perfume.

Concerning the Columbine Flower (Aquilegia)

About the Columbine Flower (Aquilegia)

The almost 70 species that make up the Aquilegia genus all share related sufficient appearances that additionally they share normal meanings and lots of botanical traits. This makes mixing and matching completely different colours and varieties straightforward with out worrying about altering the that means of a present or piece of artwork.

The Columbine Flower – Household, Genus, and Taxonomy

The Aquilegia genus is a part of the Ranunculaceae household, making these flowers associated to buttercups and crowfoot crops. Particular person Columbine species throughout the genus embrace:

  • Rocky Mountain blue columbine, Aquilegia saximontana
  • Golden columbine, Aquilegia chrysantha
  • Yellow columbine, Aquilegia flavescen
  • American columbine, Aquilegia canadensis
  • Lengthy spur columbine, Aquilegia longissima
  • Widespread columbine, Aquilegia vulgaris

Botanical Traits, Colours, and Fragrances

Botanical Characteristics, Colors, and Fragrances

All Columbine crops are perennial herbs, with some rising as annuals in colder climates. They develop from thick rhizomes and produce spurred flowers in each colour of the rainbow held on stalks excessive above the basal leaves. Most Columbine varieties have little to no scent, however Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea) has a particular candy odor.

Canadian columbine (Aquilegia canadensis) and customary columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris) are two of probably the most extensively planted columbine species. Most of the extra in style cultivars with sturdy fragrances are bred from the Rocky Mountain columbine (Aquilegia caerulea) as a substitute.

What Areas Are Columbine Flowers Native To?

What Regions Are Columbine Flowers Native To

Most Aquilegia species are native to mountainous and dry areas of North America, with some native to Europe or Asia as a substitute. They’re extensively naturalized in virtually each temperature and excessive altitude a part of the world now.

When Are Columbine Flowers in Season?

Columbines are finest loved from mid-spring to mid-summer in most climates. They have a tendency to cease blooming within the warmth of summer season and wish heat circumstances to start, so the size of the season will rely on native circumstances.

Makes use of and Advantages of Columbine Flowers

Columbine flowers are usually solely used for landscaping and as minimize flowers since they’re poisonous

Bees and butterflies love the single-flowering varieties of those crops for the reason that deep cups make loads of enticing nectar. Scented varieties are probably the most enticing to pollinators.

Appropriate Gifting Events for Columbine Flowers

Columbines are perfect for placing collectively marriage ceremony bouquets or floral items for non secular family and friends members. They’re so colourful however comparatively small, in order that they make an awesome addition to a bigger association celebrating the beginning of a brand new relationship or an anniversary.

The right way to Develop and Take care of Columbine Flowers at House

How to Grow and Care for Columbine Flowers at Home

What Rising Zones Are Appropriate for Columbine Flowers?

Columbine varieties thrive wherever from USDA zone 3 to eight. They like cooler climates with out excessive winter temperatures.

The place Ought to I Plant Columbine Flowers?

Columbines don’t thoughts being blended in with different crops however hold all of them quick so the blossoms can shine. They do effectively in each beds and containers, however they’ll want extra watering in pots.

Soil, Mild, Watering, and Fertilizing Issues

  • Soil: Nicely-draining and unfastened – keep away from planting in any spot susceptible to waterlogging. 
  • Mild: Blended shade to full solar all through nearly all of the day.
  • Watering: Preserve the soil evenly moist for the primary month after transplanting, then water as soon as every week to 1 inch.
  • Fertilizing: A half dose of general-purpose flower fertilizer within the spring.

The right way to Take care of Contemporary-Minimize Columbine Flowers

How to Care for Fresh Cut Columbine Flowers

Columbine flowers are delicate, however placing them in water instantly retains them from drooping. Add a pinch of sugar and a splash of vinegar to the water to feed the blooms whereas stopping bacterial progress.

Columbine Flower That means FAQs:

What does the columbine flower symbolize within the language of flowers?

Within the language of flowers, the columbine flower holds a number of symbolic meanings, together with love and passionate emotions, faithfulness, perseverance, and independence.

What’s the cultural significance of the columbine flower?

The columbine flower holds cultural significance in Native American cultures, the place it was used for medicinal functions and symbolized love and femininity. It’s also the state flower of Colorado, USA.

What do completely different colours of columbine flowers symbolize?

The symbolism of columbine flower colours can differ, however usually, blue represents tranquility, pink symbolizes ardour, pink conveys gentleness, white represents purity, and yellow signifies pleasure.

Can the association of columbine flowers convey particular messages?

The association and mixture of columbine flowers with different blooms can improve the meant message. For instance, combining pink roses can convey passionate love, whereas pairing them with forget-me-nots can symbolize enduring love and faithfulness.

Columbine Flowers – Wrapping Up

Columbine flowers are a lovely and significant addition to any flower mattress or backyard. Contemplate rising these enticing perennials when you’re in an appropriate local weather to take pleasure in their wealthy historical past and symbolic worth.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has educated professionally at main floristry colleges in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial group, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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