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Correct Watering Strategies for Your Ficus Audrey

This information will take you thru my important ideas for when and how one can water Ficus Audrey crops at house. This standard plant (aka Ficus benghalensis) makes a wonderful addition to your indoor assortment and can be the nationwide tree of India! Let’s go.

When and How to Water Ficus Audrey Plants at Home

When Ought to I Water My Ficus Audrey? Key Takeaways

Ficus Audrey crops want routine watering to make sure the soil by no means totally dries out. But, it ought to dry out to the highest two inches between watering cycles to stop root rot. This requires frequent checking to make sure you don’t combine the optimum time to water the plant. Sometimes, I water each 7 to 10 days in spring and summer season and each 10 to 14 days in late fall and winter. 

How Do You Know When to Water?

In most common house environments, a Ficus Audrey plant usually wants watering each 7 to 10 days, in my expertise. Listed here are my go-to methods for checking:

The finger check will inform you when the highest two inches are drying however not wholly bone dry. It’s important to know when so as to add extra water. 

Moisture meters can work properly, however you’ll nonetheless have to find out what measurements correspond to the plant’s wants based mostly on touching the soil. 

Weight testing the plant is much less efficient since Ficus Audrey stays damp sufficient to not change weight a lot when drying.

Environmental Issues

Maintaining your own home hotter and decrease in humidity will result in extra watering on your Ficus Audrey. Inserting the plant close to a heating or air con vent can even create these drying situations. As a result of drying results, fast-draining soil isn’t all the time your best option for these crops.

Seasonal Issues

Ficus Audrey will undergo a dormant interval within the winter and wish extra water in the summertime. Cut back watering to as little as as soon as a month over the winter, based mostly on the soil’s drying charge.

How one can Water

A person watering a ficus audrey plant with a white jug
My favourite watering method is the top-down method

The best technique to water a Ficus Audrey plant is from the highest with a watering can. 

  • Pour water gently into the pot till the water flows freely from the underside of the container.
  • Begin by pouring a small quantity of water and ready a couple of minutes for the soil to soak up the moisture. Then, slowly add extra water till the surplus flows from the drainage gap.
  • Take away any extra water that disperses into the tray. Ficus Audrey crops ought to by no means sit in water, which can result in root rot.

How A lot Water Ought to I Use?

You wish to present the soil base with good saturation so all roots can entry the water. A great rule to observe is to cease pouring when water disperses freely from the drainage holes within the container. If possible, it’s price eradicating any extra water that collects so the plant isn’t standing in water (a little bit is okay, although). 

Indicators You Is perhaps Overwatering

Your Ficus Audrey plant will let you realize in the event you’re overwatering it. Search for indicators similar to:

  • Yellowing leaves
  • Droopy or mushy stems
  • Browning stems
  • Many leaves drop directly
  • Rotting rhizomes (roots)

Indicators You Is perhaps Underwatering

Search for these indicators that your plant wants a drink:

  • Brown or dry leaf ideas
  • Shriveled foliage
  • One leaf dropping at a time
  • Shriveled, wrinkled stems

What to Do In-Between Watering Cycles

Right here’s my go-to guidelines for Ficus Audrey crops: 

  • Mud leaves with a moist material or mist and wipe with a material.
  • Rotate the plant periodically.
  • Take a look at for yellowing, a number of leaves dropping, and mushy stems (indicators of overwatering).
  • Look ahead to brown, crispy leaf ideas and singular leaf drop (indicators of overwatering). 
  • Contemplate repotting your Ficus Audrey plant as and when it’s outgrown the present potting vessel as properly (roughly each 18 months to 2 years).

Watering Ficus Audrey FAQs:

Will Ficus Audrey Profit From Sitting on a Humidity Tray?

Ficus Audrey thrives in humidity. Thus you should use a humidity tray or continuously mist its leaves. Lack of humidity will sluggish development and will trigger the information of the leaves to brown.

Ought to You Contemplate Misting In-Between Watering Cycles?

Sure, Ficus Audrey could be evenly misted, although by no means saturate the leaves as this could entice undesirable pests and bugs.

What Sort of Water is Finest?

Ficus Audrey prefers lukewarm or room-temperature water. Distilled or rainwater are additionally good choices as they usually carry much less fluoride and chlorine.

What are the commonest indicators Ficus Audrey want watering?

The most typical indicators Ficus Audrey wants watering are the decrease leaves drying up and dropping. Lack of misting will trigger the leaves to show brown and crispy.

Is it alright to get water on Ficus Audrey’s leaves? 

It’s alright to get water on Fiscus Audrey’s leaves. They usually get pleasure from a misting or light bathe as they’re initially from a moist local weather, which helps with mud. Nonetheless, don’t use leaf shine on them because it damages them.

What do I do if I overwater my plant?

In case you are overwatering, stop till the soil is totally dry. Once you resume, keep away from backside watering and solely add from the highest when the primary two inches of the soil are totally dry. Much less is extra with a Ficus Audrey, so stop including as quickly as water emerges into the underside tray.

Can I water with faucet water? 

You need to use faucet water for Ficus Audrey, although it’s a good suggestion to let it stand for at least 12 to 24 hours. The water needs to be room temperature, neither chilly nor heat.

Wrapping Up

Ficus Audrey are typically low-maintenance houseplants. Simply regulate your watering cycles to make sure your plant has the perfect situations to thrive.

For extra, see our in-depth information on the place to place Ficus Audrey crops within the house for optimum care and Feng Shui advantages.

Andrew is the Editorial Director at Petal Republic. He holds a BSc diploma in Plant Sciences and has educated professionally at main floristry colleges in London and Paris. In amongst overseeing a worldwide editorial crew, Andrew’s a passionate content material creator round all issues flowers, floral design, gardening, and houseplants.



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