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Discover Good Fortune With The Chinese language Cash Plant

The good-looking Chinese language Cash Plant has taken the world (and web) by storm, well-known for its distinctive coin-shaped leaves and deep inexperienced color. However don’t let its delicacy intimidate you! These attractive crops are straightforward to look after and, with slightly endurance, will make a superb, propagation-friendly addition to your indoor jungle.

chinese money plant in pot

Meet the Chinese language Cash Plant

The Chinese language Cash Plant, or Pilea peperomioides, originates from the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in southern China, the place it likes to develop on rocky mountainsides. This flowering magnificence belongs to the nettle household, however don’t fear, it gained’t sting you!

Actually, it was as soon as believed to convey success resulting from its distinct, coin-like leaves. It is usually generally referred to as Pilea, Pancake Plant, UFO Plant, or Friendship Plant.

These crops sometimes develop to succeed in 30 cm in peak and in the suitable situations can double in measurement in solely a 12 months, making them excellent and rewarding indoor companions for each dwelling and residence dwellers.

If you happen to’re prepared to speculate further care into this plant, you would even see it bloom, revealing delicate white or pink flowers grown from a purple stem. Beneath I’ll present you ways straightforward it’s to assist your pilea thrive.

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chinese money plant care

Chinese language Cash Plant Care


Trying to maintain your Chinese language Cash Plant wanting as stunning as while you purchased it? This plant loves a brilliant room saved between 13°C to 30°C—in case you have an east-facing window, this little man would like to be close to it in a ceramic pot with a very good drainage gap.


The Chinese language Cash plant loves brilliant, oblique gentle. It’ll love a window, however not the scorching solar! If positioned in a west-facing window that will get intense afternoon solar, you’ll see the leaves burn and lighten, and in an excessive amount of shade the plant might develop tall and lanky.

In case your solely window choices get a number of direct daylight, concern not! Investing in a easy, sheer curtain will do that plant a world of excellent.

Chinese money plant babies


Yr-round you may let pilea virtually dry out between waterings (however not bone dry!), because it doesn’t prefer to be soaked. Usually you may count on to water your Chinese language Cash Plant as soon as per week, however be sure that to provide the soil a fast contact earlier than watering to verify it isn’t already damp. If you happen to raise your plant and it feels very gentle, you might need waited too lengthy between waterings and it might use a very good drink.

If sooner or later you see among the leaves yellowing—the worst, I do know!—it’s seemingly resulting from overwatering. Attempt to not panic and ensure to let the soil dry out earlier than giving it its subsequent water. In case your plant is sitting on a saucer that fills after watering, don’t let it sit in that further water for greater than a few hours.

chinese money plant


Your plant will thanks if given well-drained potting soil, because it doesn’t prefer to be soggy. Ideally, a soil primarily based on peat coir fiber and perlite will give your plant all of the vitamins and drainage it wants to remain glad and rising.


Although it may be tempting to generously fertilize this beautiful plant within the hope of speedy development and new daughter crops, the Chinese language Cash Plant solely wants fertilization as soon as a month throughout spring and summer season when it’s actively rising. It’s finest to not fertilize dry soil, so strive including your diluted fertilizer a day after your typical watering.

Frequent Points

A standard downside you would possibly face with Pilea is yellowing leaves, typically resulting from overwatering. If you happen to see this begin to occur, don’t panic! Gently take away the yellow leaves and permit the soil to dry out earlier than your subsequent watering.

If you happen to’re noticing your plant begin to droop, it’s thirsty! Give it a very good drink and permit the water to empty out of the pot.

dying pilea leaf

The best way to Propagate Chinese language Cash Vegetation

Chinese language Cash Vegetation are beneficiant propagators, therefore its nickname the Friendship Plant! As your plant grows, you would possibly begin to see small daughter crops, additionally referred to as offsets or pups, rising close to the bottom of the unique plant which you can separate and share along with your fellow plant-lovers.

As soon as these offsets develop to an inch or two tall, you’ll have the ability to separate them into their very own pot. Dig gently into the grime across the daughter plant to reveal the roots, then snip it free from the unique plant with a clear, sharp pair of scissors.

propagating chinese money plants

There needs to be a small variety of roots hooked up to the brand new plant to be planted in its new pot with contemporary soil. If you happen to by accident reduce off all of the roots of this new offset, all will not be misplaced. Pop the reduce finish of the plant into slightly little bit of water and wait for brand spanking new roots to develop, then repot into the brand new soil.

chinese money plant pup

Continuously Requested Questions About Chinese language Cash Vegetation

What’s the Which means of Chinese language Cash Plant?

The Chinese language Cash Plant earned its title from its spherical, round leaves that resemble cash. They was thought of good luck and able to bringing their proprietor’s success, and with how straightforward it’s to propagate them, I prefer to imagine they nonetheless can!

Why Are My Chinese language Cash Plant’s Leaves Curling?

If you happen to discover your plant’s leaves begin to curl, there may very well be quite a lot of causes. Mostly this means too little gentle—your leafy pal would possibly want a brighter spot in your house.

It may be resulting from temperatures being too low or too excessive (this plant’s candy spot is often 13°C to twenty°C) or incorrect watering. Be certain to comply with the care ideas above and given slightly time and correction, these curled leaves ought to unfurl.

Observe: new leaves will all the time develop in curled, however they need to flatten out over time as they get larger.

Are Chinese language Cash Vegetation Secure for Cats?

Chinese language Cash Vegetation actually are a success for pet lovers! These beauties are non-toxic to each cats and canines and thus are secure to maintain in your house with curious furry pals.

Pilea Peperomioides

Do you will have a Chinese language Cash Plant at dwelling? Let me know every other care questions you might have within the feedback down beneath!

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