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Discovering Mandevilla: Unraveling the Flower’s Symbolic Message

Mandevilla flowers, generally referred to as rocktrumpets, are massive, colourful, and ornate. Plus, they develop on vines which implies they will present nice versatility, along with their symbolic worth. On this information, I’ll run by means of every thing you should know concerning the Mandevilla flower’s which means and cultural significance within the language of flowers.

Mandevilla Flower Meaning, Symbolism, Types, Uses, and Growing Tips


About Mandevilla

Mandevilla is a genus containing 177 accepted species of flowering vines that belong to the Apocynaceae (dogbane) plant household throughout the Apocynoideae subfamily and the Mesechiteae tribe. Vegetation of this genus are generally referred to by the genus identify Mandevilla and likewise generally known as rocktrumpets.

Mandevilla was first categorised as a genus in 1840, and the genus was named after Henry Mandeville, who was a British gardener and diplomat. The widespread identify “rocktrumpet” refers back to the trumpet-like form of mandevilla flowers, trumpets that appear to develop up from the rocks.

Symbolism and That means

The Meaning and Symbolism of Mandevilla

Within the Language of Flowers, the mandevilla symbolizes delicate magnificence, the standard of being delectable, engaging, gentility, sensitivity, and being vulnerable. These flowers are additionally related to adaptability, resilience, and energy. As well as, Mandevilla flowers can signify: 

Love and Romance: 

Mandevilla flowers are sometimes related to love, ardour, and romance. They are often given as a present to a romantic associate to precise affection and devotion.

Magnificence and Magnificence: 

The mandevilla plant’s massive, colourful blooms symbolize magnificence and class. They’re typically utilized in floral preparations and as ornamental vegetation in gardens and outside areas.


The Mandevilla plant requires a level of care and a spotlight to thrive, which might make it an emblem of perseverance and willpower.


In some cultures, the mandevilla flower is an emblem of transformation and non secular development. It’s believed to signify the journey of the soul and the transformational energy of nature.

Mandevilla Flower FAQs:

How Lengthy Do Mandevilla Bloom for?

The Mandevilla blooms throughout summer time and into the autumn.

How Can I Prolong the Lifespan of Mandevilla After They’ve Been Minimize?

Mandevilla flowers are usually not common lower flowers. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to prolong the freshness of lower mandevilla flowers by putting them in water instantly after chopping, altering their water each two to 3 days, conserving their stems clear, and conserving the vase out of direct daylight.

Rising and Loving Your Mandevilla Flowers

Mandevilla vines are comparatively simple to develop if they’re given hospital rising situations and vertical assist to assist them attain nice heights. Use them to provide your backyard a splash of colour and enjoyable whereas bringing its development into a brand new dimension.

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