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Do you have to Prune Hydrangeas within the Fall?

When to prune your hydrangeas is usually a little bit of a fancy subject, and due to this, it provides gardeners a bit of tension. Fall feels just like the pure time to do pruning as a result of so many crops profit from being lower utterly again right now of the 12 months. 

Pruning timing all comes right down to what sort of hydrangea you could have rising in your backyard. After you have this data, you may make an informed resolution on when you must do your pruning. 

The most typical drawback I hear is, “They simply didn’t bloom this 12 months.” There’s multiple motive this will occur, however pruning on the mistaken time is on the high of the checklist. As a result of hype of shedding blooms, we’ve got all develop into a bit timid about pruning. Let’s dig deeper into hydrangea pruning to grasp one of the best timing for every species and tricks to make this backyard job a breeze!

The Brief Reply

Hydrangeas produce flower buds in two alternative ways: on previous wooden or on new wooden. Due to this, the timing of pruning can develop into sophisticated. If what sort you might be rising, you may make an informed resolution. In case you are nonetheless figuring out what you might be working with, it’s best to not prune within the fall.  Pruning your hydrangeas on the mistaken time may end up in a summer season with out blossoms in your backyard.

The Lengthy Reply

Hydrangeas don’t typically require pruning, however there are occasions when it may be helpful. These shrubs can develop into unruly and want a recent begin. Different occasions, pruning can assist rejuvenate a plant. Let’s break down the variations and decide when to prune.

Outdated Wooden vs. New Wooden

There are various completely different varieties, which come from about six completely different species. Every species is a bit completely different, however the essential distinction to notice in pruning is when every species produces its flower buds. 

Outdated Wooden

Oakleaf Hydrangea plants display their unique maroon-colored leaves and beautiful flowers, creating an appealing contrast of colors and textures in this garden setting.
Decide if in case you have a plant that flowers on previous wooden or new wooden.

Varieties that develop their flower buds on previous wooden will produce them towards the tip of the summer season or early fall. Whereas previous wooden hydrangeas will nonetheless produce new stems and foliar development within the spring, these new stems is not going to produce the cherished blossoms. Flowers will solely develop on the older wooden.

New Wooden 

Close-up of a flowering Hydrangea paniculata bush in a sunny garden. Hydrangea paniculata, commonly known as the panicle hydrangea, is a deciduous shrub that features elongated, conical clusters of creamy pink flowers. The leaves are large, oval, with serrated edges, dark green.
Pruning in late winter or early spring encourages new development and considerable blooms within the upcoming season.

People who develop their flower buds on new wooden is not going to produce that new wooden till spring. These hydrangeas supply extra flexibility on the subject of pruning.

Hydrangea species breakdown:

Outdated Wooden Bloomers New Wooden Bloomers 
Bigleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) Panicle Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata)
Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) Easy hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens)
Mountain Hydrangea (Hydrangea serrata)
Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala)

When to Prune Outdated Wooden Varieties

Close-up of female hands with blue pruning shears in a raspberry jacket trimming faded hydrangea flowers in the autumn garden. The plant has vertical brown stems with large hemispherical inflorescences at the tops. These inflorescences consist of many dry brown four-petaled flowers.
Varieties that bloom on previous wooden don’t require common pruning.

Bigleaf, mountain, and climbing hydrangeas are all species that produce their flower buds on previous wooden or wooden a minimum of one season previous. These will produce flower buds shortly after the present blooming interval ends. 

These species don’t sometimes should be pruned usually. Causes for pruning could possibly be wanting to take care of a sure dimension or form, eradicating any broken branches, or rejuvenating an older plant. 

Outdated wooden hydrangeas ought to be pruned as rapidly after blooming as attainable. Pruning whereas deadheading is a good way to make sure you aren’t snipping off any newly produced flower buds. You do not want to prune these hydrangeas within the fall.

When to Prune New Wooden Varieties

Close-up of a gardener's hands in camouflage gloves pruning faded Panicle Hydrangea flowers using blue pruning shears. Hydrangea is a bushy shrub with medium-sized, oval, dark green leaves with jagged edges. Hydrangea produces large, cone-shaped panicles that consist of pale green, four-petaled flowers that turn pink as they age.
Varieties that bloom on new wooden in spring supply flexibility in pruning.

The pruning of panicle and easy hydrangeas might be extra versatile than previous wooden sorts. These new wooden bloomers is not going to produce their flower buds till spring. The flower buds seem on new development from the present season. 

Whereas there are smaller, or dwarf, species of panicle and easy hydrangeas, these shrubs will get a bit bigger than the opposite species. Usually, these hydrangeas can be pruned to about knee peak or at floor degree. This isn’t all the time crucial, however it’s a gardener’s choice. 

Pruning of recent wooden varieties ought to be executed at any level after blooming, together with fall. Any slicing should be executed by late winter to keep away from snipping off any flower buds. In case your hydrangeas are giant, think about leaving just a few canes in place. These canes can supply help for newer branches that are producing very giant blooms. 

What About Reblooming Varieties?

Close-up of Endless Summer hydrangea blooming in the garden. The Endless Summer hydrangea is a variety of Hydrangea macrophylla known for its large, mophead-type blooms. These blooms vary in color from blue to purple to pink. The plant has broad, dark green leaves with serrated edges.
Reblooming varieties like ‘Countless Summer season’ are favored for his or her double blooms in a single season.

Reblooming sorts, comparable to ‘Countless Summer season’, are fashionable and delightful crops. These hybridized hydrangeas bloom twice per season, whereas most others will solely produce one set of blooms. This works as a result of reblooming hydrangeas produce flower buds on each previous and new wooden

To be protected, it’s best to prune these instantly after blooming has ended, which can happen in late summer season or early fall. Deal with your reblooming hydrangeas like previous wooden hydrangeas to salvage subsequent 12 months’s blossoms. 

Pruning Ideas

Close-up of a gardener's hand in a green glove cutting the hydrangea bush back to the ground using green pruning shears. The hydrangea bush has vertical woody stems and shoots of new young leaves of bright green color.
Reducing canes to the bottom can promote extra blooms, and eradicating previous canes promotes higher well being in new wooden sorts.

Whether or not you determine to sort out or forego a fall prune in your hydrangeas, just a few key factors will make it easier to alongside the way in which. 

  • Utilizing the right instruments will make all the pieces a lot simpler. I like to make use of basic hand pruners for this job. They’re small and match simply in my palms, however they’re robust sufficient to chop via hydrangea stems. 
  • Prune one cane at a time, trying again at your progress. You’ll be able to all the time make a second lower. 
  • It’s useful to take away spent flowers so that you get a greater view of the shrub’s form. 
  • In case your hydrangea is a brand new wooden bloomer, slicing the canes again to the bottom will help promote a extra prolific bloom.
  • Take away older canes first. Eradicating these previous canes or lifeless wooden will assist the general well being of your hydrangea. This may enhance airflow inside the shrub, limiting the danger of fungal ailments. 
  • Check out your hydrangea. Flower buds are straightforward to identify. In case you see the flower buds current on the stems of your hydrangea, don’t prune!

Keep in mind that you could be not have to prune in any respect. It’s not required. Sure, there might be advantages to this gardening job, however typically, hydrangeas will thrive with none pruning in any respect. 

Closing Ideas

In the end, you don’t want to prune hydrangeas within the fall. Don’t let pruning stress you out. These crops have gained a repute for being excessive upkeep, however that’s unfaithful. In case you are not sure what sort of hydrangea you could have, skip pruning for a season so you are able to do some further analysis. In case you are okay with lacking a season of flowers since you want a rejuvenating prune, simply go for it. These flowering shrubs are resilient and can survive. Joyful pruning… or not!



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