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Dracaena Marginata Temperature Level & Moisture Tolerances

The Most Effective Temperature Level as well as Moisture Array for Dracaena Marginata Plant Kingdom Indoors

The attractive Dracaena Marginata plant (also known as The Dragon Tree), with its brilliant environment-friendly sword-like fallen leaves, is a preferred plant for workplaces as well as residences. Dracaenas are not requiring as well as are taken into consideration low-maintenance plants generally. Offering ideal ecological problems is important for success. When expanded inside, this overview will certainly take you via every little thing you require to understand regarding Dracaena Marginata’s temperature level as well as moisture resistances.

Dracaena Marginata Temperature Level as well as Moisture Tolerances– The Fundamentals

Dracaena Marginata plants like temperature levels varying in between 65 ° as well as 78 ° F( 18 ° to 25 ° C ). They prefer reasonably high as well as wet moisture series of 60% to 80%. Dracaenas do refrain well in regularly transforming temperature levels yet will certainly endure drier problems than their liked moisture variety.

Normal Temperature Level as well as Moisture Varies Dracaena Marginata Plant Kingdom Obtain in Their Indigenous Environments.

Typical Temperature and Humidity Ranges Dracaena Marginata Plants Receive in Their Native Habitats

Dracaena Marginata is belonging to Mauritius as well as Madagascar along the Indian Sea. The islands delight in an exotic environment where the temperature levels usually stay constant in between 75 ° F( 25 ° C ), as well as the greatest is 95 ° F( 35 ° C) throughout much of the year.

The dampness as well as family member moisture in the location is high as well as hardly ever decline listed below 80%.

It can be testing to reproduce these temperature levels as well as moisture arrays in any type of living setting, despite area. Interior temperature levels in residences are usually consistent throughout the year varying in between 65 ° to 78 ° F( 18 ° to 25 ° F), which is simply great for Dracaena Marginata plants to be comfy as well as grow.

Dracaena Marginata plants do not such as consistent modifications in area temperature level. In addition, if the house has breezy locations, position the plant in a cozy area where it will certainly not be impacted by the trendy air flow.

The moisture in residences is drier than the all-natural environment of Dracaena plants, yet they endure a little drier problems.

Indications Your Dracaena Marginata is Subjected to the Incorrect Temperature Level as well as Moisture

Signs Your Dracaena Marginata is Exposed to the Wrong Temperature and Humidity

Your Dracaena plant will certainly usually present the adhering to indicators if the ambient temperature level as well as moisture aren’t rather ideal:

Temperature Level

If the fallen leaves of your Dracaena Marginata plant are transforming brownish, the temperature level in the area can be the issue. In rising and falling or severe temperature levels, Dracaena plants end up being worried as well as quit bring nutrients to their fallen leaves. When put also close to open up home windows or air conditioning devices,

A Dracaena plant can be revealed to drafts. The plant will certainly reveal indicators of brownish fallen leave pointers as well as crinkling brownish fallen leave margins therefore.


Ac system as well as main home heating in residences make it challenging to maintain the moisture constant. Dracaena plants like high moisture degrees, as well as when the degrees are reduced, the fallen leaves dry out. Dehydration will certainly lead to the pointers of the fallen leaves passing away as well as transforming brownish. Wilting, sagging, or fallen leave decline are various other typical indicators that the plant is under a level of stress and anxiety.

The Most Effective Temperature Level as well as Moisture Varies Inside

  • Dracaena plants are happiest with the adhering to temperature level as well as moisture arrays:
  • The very best interior temperature level arrays for Dracaena plants are 65 ° -78 ° F( 18 ° -25 ° C).

Dracaena Marginata plants can endure a moisture of 60– 80%.

How to Monitor Ambient Temperature and Humidity in Your Home

Exactly How to Display Ambient Temperature Level as well as Moisture in your house The very best means to keep track of ambient temperature level is by utilizing a electronic thermostat or sensing unit.

Make use of the tool in the center elevation of the area in a well-ventilated area, enabling the air to flow openly. Action the temperature level worths over the size of a day to identify the optimum as well as minimum ambient temperature levels to obtain a precise standard. Gauge the moisture in the house with a hygrometer

Location the tool in a living-room, far from the dampness generated in the cooking area or restroom. Moisture degrees ought to be in between 30% as well as 50% for optimum convenience.

Finest Settings to Location Your Dracaena Marginata Indoors Your Dracaena Marginata plants grow in brilliant, indirect light

  • problems. The very best placement to position your Dracaena plant inside is:
  • In a bright, southern, or west-facing home window in the North hemisphere
  • Near a home window dealing with north or west if you stay in the Southern hemisphere

Not in straight sunshine. Filter the sunshine by hanging a clear blind or large drape before the home window.

How to Boost Humidity in Your Home?

Exactly How to Increase Moisture in your house?

Dracaena plants grow in wet air, so if the moisture in your house is also completely dry, there are a few of the very best techniques to minimize this.

Moisture Trays Location the Dracaena plant in its container on a moisture tray or pebble tray loaded with water

The water ought to not touch all-time low of the pot. As the water vaporizes, it will certainly raise the moisture degree bordering the plant.

Humidifiers The utmost choice would certainly be to make use of an electrical humidifier

that you can ready to produce the excellent moisture degree for your Dracaena.

Should I Haze my Dracaena Marginata?

Haze the Dracaena by splashing the fallen leaves as well as the air bordering it. Because of this, the water will certainly evaporate instantly as well as raise the moisture. Simply beware not to over-saturate the fallen leaves, which causes undesirable bugs as well as conditions.

Do Plant Kingdom Gain From Being Grouped With each other? Location your Dracaena with various other plants in your house to develop a team. Plants shed water from their browse small stomata pores

throughout a procedure called transpiration.

The water vapor gets in the air around the plant, raising the moisture. Similarly, a team of plants will substantially enhance the area’s moisture.

Caring for Dracaena Marginata Plants in Spring and Summer 

Looking After Dracaena Marginata Plant Kingdoms in Springtime as well as Summer Season

If the moisture is completely dry, haze the plant a minimum of daily with rainfall or pure water as well as make use of a moisture or pebble tray to raise moisture.

Looking After Dracaena Marginata Plant Kingdoms Over Winter Season

  • The Dracaena plant will certainly enter its inactivity duration throughout winter months, as well as there will certainly be restricted development as the plant remains in its remainder setting. Because of this, the plant’s treatment ought to be readjusted:
  • Water the plant just one or two times a month throughout winter months. Watering does depend on where the plant is put throughout the chilly period. It might require water much more usually if the plant is obtaining complete sunlight.
  • Do not feed the plant throughout winter months. The plant is relaxing as well as does not call for any type of nutrients for development.
  • Maintain the plant far from any type of home heating devices as this will certainly dry out the air around the plant.

Dracaenas do not such as chilly temperature levels, so locate a cozy place for the plant throughout the winter, for instance, before a shut warm home window.

Dracaena Marginata Temperature Level as well as Moisture Resistances Frequently Asked Questions:

What temperature level is also chilly for Dracaena Marginata plants?

Dracaena Marginata plants are intolerant to chilly, as well as the temperature level ought to not go down listed below 55 ° F( 13 ° C).

What temperature level is also warm for Dracaena Marginata plants?

Dracaenas endure optimal temperature levels of 95 ° F( 35 ° C) in their all-natural environment. Temperature levels over this degree would certainly be also warm for this plant.

Are Dracaena Marginata warm delicate?

Dracaena Marginate plants are not conscious warm. They like cozy temperature levels yet are delicate to the cold.

Can I leave my Dracaena Marginata plant outside?

In winter months, Dracaena plants ought to just be outdoors in cozy environments where temperature levels do not go down listed below 63 ° F( 16 ° C).

Exactly how do I understand if my Dracaena Marginata is healthy and balanced?

You can inform if your Dracaena plant is healthy and balanced when it shows dark environment-friendly, rosy fallen leaves as well as remains to create brand-new vegetation.


Dracaena Marginata plants like also temperature levels varying in between 65 ° as well as 78 ° F( 18 ° to 25 ° C ). These temperature levels are reduced than their all-natural environment, they adjust yet do not make out well in changing or chilly temperature levels.

Dracaenas prefer high moisture problems; nevertheless, they endure the drier moisture degrees in workplaces as well as residences. Once you have its recommended temperature level as well as moisture demands in area, Caring for your Dracaena Marginata is very easy. Because of this, you will certainly be awarded with a healthy and balanced as well as eye-catching interior plant! If you’re trying to find your following Dracaena Marginata plant, see our extensive overview to the

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