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Exactly How Big A Cut Demands Sealer?

The reaction to secure a current cut is reflexive. Careful application might quicken our job, nonetheless, and also save money sealer.

In Bonsai Heresy I cover the debates prior to and also versus reduced sealers, on web page 216. I cover the distinctions in between bonsai and also arborist strategies– and also that both are ideal for their objectives– one point I do not touch on is reduced dimension. The useful concern is, “What cut is as well tiny to trouble with?”

Numerous conifer cuts, like pines and also spruce, are not secured in all. The material is the sealer. Big injuries, such as the development of shari on conifers, is an instance where sealer is not made use of.

Deciduous trees are an additional issue. These might experience dieback without a sealer, if the cut is a huge one. Tiny cuts– 1/32″ to 1/8″– will certainly pass away back to a bud regardless of what you do, and also securing those is meaningless and also inefficient. Generally we ought to reduce over the bud on these slim branches, do not secure, and also allow it pass away back to the bud you desire to press.


A Styrax with 2 cuts. The cut to the right is 1/4″ vast and also got sealer. The cut over the bud is 1/16″ vast and also did not obtain any type of.



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