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Exactly How to Cut Zinnias for a Flower Holder or Arrangement

Whatever You Required to Understand About Reducing Zinnia Flowers for Floral Program

Zinnias are several of one of the most lovely as well as pleasant cut blossoms that you can expand. These amazing blossoms are simple to grow as a cut blossom plant for both beginner as well as knowledgeable garden enthusiasts. You can also take a cut-and-come-again strategy to delight in an abundant harvest throughout the period. Zinnia cut blossoms have a lengthy flower holder life, generally if you gather them properly. In this write-up, we’ll go through every little thing you require to find out about when as well as exactly how to reduce zinnia blossoms for a flower holder or arrangement flower plan.

Exactly How to Cut Zinnias for a Flower Holder or Arrangement– The Fundamentals

Harvest zinnias for cut blossoms once the stems are solid yet prior to the blossoms are totally open. Constantly make use of tidy, sharp devices as well as reduce in the direction of all-time low of the stem. Harvest early in the early morning as well as make cuts at a 45-degree angle. Zinnia cut blossoms last for around 7 to 12 days in a flower holder.

Concerning Zinnias

About Zinnias

Zinnias come from the sunflower people ( Heliantheae) of the aster or sissy household ( Asteraceae). The Zinnia category includes 22 approved types as well as was called after the 18 th Century German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn The Majority Of sorts of zinnias create stunning plants of cut blossoms.

Zinnias are blooming annuals with composite solitary, dual, or semi-double blossoms that flower from very early summertime up until autumn. Composite blossoms have main florets that are bordered by rays of brightly-colored flowers. Zinnia blossoms been available in numerous shades, consisting of pink, purple, orange, red, eco-friendly, as well as white These blossoms can rise to 4 feet in elevation as well as take about 40 to 60 days to blossom from seed. They’re likewise taken into consideration safe to people, family pets, as well as various other pets.

Many zinnia types come from Mexico as well as currently expand throughout the Southwestern USA as well as components of Central as well as South America. Zinnias love warm, warm problems as well as can endure dry spells. Zinnias are in blossom from very early summertime up until the very first frosts get here in the autumn.

Zinnias are connected with enchanting love as well as love for buddies. In Victorian blossom language, zinnias connected love as well as a need to see missing buddies. Zinnia blossoms are edible as well as likewise bring in pollinators such as hoverflies as well as .

Growing Zinnias in Your Yard

Cultivating Zinnias in Your Garden

Zinnias are extremely low-maintenance annuals that can generate big plants of cut blossoms. Zinnias requirement 6 to 8 hrs of complete sunlight everyday as well as like well-draining, productive dirts Water zinnias when a week as well as feed them each or more months to obtain the very best feasible flowers.

Gathering zinnias for cut blossoms really motivates the plant to create even more flowers. Leave some blossoms on the plant for seasonal rate of interest yet deadhead any type of used or wilting blossoms. Since they’re annuals that pass away off when the very first frost hits in the autumn, Zinnias will not require reducing back.

Best Tools for Cutting Zinnia Flowers

A sharp set of secateurs or trimming shears are perfect for reducing zinnia blossoms. It’s essential to make use of tidy devices to stop the spread of usual zinnia illness as well as insects Decontaminate your shears with a 5% bleach service prior to reducing your zinnias. Ensure your devices are sharp to clean cuts that will not damage the plant.

When to Cut Zinnias for Cut Flowers

You can reduce zinnias at any moment throughout the blooming period, which ranges from very early summertime up until autumn. To obtain the lengthiest feasible flower holder life, reduced zinnia stems with blossoms that aren’t yet totally open. The blossoms will certainly remain to open up in the flower holder, aiding the display screen last much longer.

It is necessary just to reduce fully grown zinnia stems for cut blossoms. You can make use of the “shake examination” to inspect if a stem appropriates for reducing. Hold the zinnia stem a couple of inches listed below the blossom head as well as carefully shake it.

If the stem really feels company as well as the blossom does not relocate, it awaits reducing. If the blossom totters the stem as well as a great deal really feels drooping as well as soft, leave it for a couple of days. Attempt once more.

The most effective time to reduce zinnias for cut blossoms is early in the early morning. Blossom stems hold one of the most water right now of day. As soon as the mid-day’s warmth hits, the stem will swiftly shed water, degrading its flower holder life.

Step-by-Step Overview to Reducing Zinnia Flowers

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting Zinnia Flowers
  1. Guarantee that your trimming shears or secateurs are sharp as well as tidy prior to reducing.
  2. Load a pail or various other appropriate container with tidy warm water.
  3. Try to find stems with blossoms that aren’t yet totally open. Provide a mild shake to inspect the suppleness of the stem.
  4. Locate a bud joint in the direction of all-time low of the stem as well as make a 45-degree cut over the joint. Cut the stem as long as feasible so you can resize it later on. This likewise enables your zinnia to create brand-new blossoms.
  5. Eliminate a lot of the fallen leaves from the stem, leaving 1 or 2 sets of fallen leaves near the blossom head. Get rid of any type of stem spin-offs also, also if they have unopened buds.
  6. Area the cut zinnia stem right into your container of warm water to maintain the originate from passing away.
  7. Take a tidy, clean and sterile flower holder as well as load it with warm water. Mix in some blossom food or chemical.
  8. Cut your zinnia stems to dimension to fit the flower holder. Constantly reduced at a 45-degree angle to aid the stem soak up water extra successfully.
  9. Area your zinnia stems in the flower holder as well as delight in!

The Length Of Time Will Cut Zinnias Last For?

Cut zinnia blossoms can have a lengthy flower holder life, so you can appreciate them for numerous days. Reduced zinnias can last in between 7 as well as 12 days in a flower holder if maintained in optimum problems. Maintain them someplace cool down, completely dry, as well as far from straight sunshine. Modification the water in the flower holder consistently to maintain your zinnias moistened.

Tips for Expanding the Life of Zinnia Cut Flowers

Tips for Extending the Life of Zinnia Cut Flowers

Below are a couple of pointers to aid you prolong the flower holder life of your zinnia reduced blossoms:

Modification Water On A Regular Basis

When making use of zinnias as cut blossoms, it’s essential to maintain them effectively moistened. Usage warm water as well as transform it every 1 to 2 days. Reducing the stem at a 45-degree angle boosts the area, aiding the stem soak up even more water.

Never ever allow your cut zinnia stems lacked water. It’s worth including blossom food or chemicals Whenever you transform the water. This offers even more nutrients to aid receive the stems a bit much longer.

For even more pointers on expanding the life of your cut zinnia stems, have a look at this thorough overview

Maintain the Flower Holder Out of Sunshine

If your zinnia flower holder is left in intense or straight sunshine, your stems will certainly shed water faster. This triggers them to pass away as well as shrivel. Maintain the flower holder in an amazing, shaded area to aid your cut zinnias last as long as feasible. Attempt to maintain the temperature level as steady as feasible as well as stay clear of breezy locations near air or home window vents.

Boiling Water Therapy

Boiling Water Treatment

In addition to shedding water, reduced zinnia blossoms can shed sap, which robs the stem of power. To aid your zinnia stems keep their sap, make use of a fast boiling water bathroom to heat them. Prior to putting your stems in a flower holder, dip the cut end of the stem right into boiling water for around 20 secs.

Include Floral Preservatives

Include flower chemicals or blossom food to the water in your zinnia flower holder to aid the flowers last much longer. These items nurture your zinnia stems, maintaining them solid as well as expanding the flower holder life.

Usage Alum Powder

You can likewise make use of alum powder, called potassium light weight aluminum sulfate, to prolong the flower holder life of your zinnia stems. Alum powder motivates cut blossom stems to soak up even more water as well as nutrients, aiding to maintain them to life. Include some alum powder each time you transform the water in the flower holder.

Exactly How Do You Maintain or Dry Cut Zinnias?

How Do You Preserve or Dry Cut Zinnias?

An additional method to appreciate your plant of cut zinnia blossoms is to dry them. You can hang them inverted in an amazing, dark location or usage silica gel as well as a cardboard box. Silica gel is a desiccant that gets rid of wetness from something to maintain it.

Allow’s take a look at exactly how you can dry your cut zinnias making use of silica gel as well as a cardboard box:

  1. Select a company zinnia stem as well as suffice concerning 2 inches listed below the open blossom with tidy, sharp shears.
  2. Load all-time low of a cardboard box with silica gel, which you can obtain from craft shops.
  3. Area your cut zinnia blossom heads inverted in the cardboard box to ensure that the blossom heads as well as touching the gel.
  4. Totally cover the flowers with an additional layer of silica gel, leaving the stem noticeable.
  5. Area package dark as well as someplace trendy for around 2 weeks up until your zinnias have actually dried out.
  6. Additionally, you can reduce some zinnia stems as well as link them in a package. Hang them upside down in an amazing, dark location up until they’re entirely dry. This normally takes a couple of weeks.

For even more, see our extensive overview to maintaining as well as drying out zinnia blossoms


If you desire stunning cut blossoms to illuminate your house, zinnias are perfect. These lovely blossoms can be collected throughout the period making use of a cut-and-come-again strategy. Select company stems with blossom heads that have not totally opened up as well as reduce them at a 45-degree angle. Cut zinnia blossoms can last 7 to 12 days in a flower holder as long as their water is altered consistently.



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