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Excellent Soil for Your Indoor Citrus Tree Success

Irrespective of in the event you stay within the tropics or in a chilly atmosphere rising indoor citrus bushes is an thrilling enterprise with numerous makes use of and advantages. Along with correct gentle circumstances, and appropriate temperatures, one key a part of caring for bushes comparable to limes, lemons, and kumquats is selecting the best potting soil. On this information, I’ll share my go-to dwelling potting combine recipe and the way to make sure your citrus bushes thrive indoors.

The Best Soil for Indoor Citrus Trees

Key Takeaways

Citrus bushes want a well-draining potting soil that gives a mixture of aeration and water-holding capacities. They thrive in soil with a pH between 5.5 and seven.0. An excellent potting combine for citrus bushes contains two components peat moss, two components perlite, and one half aged compost.

The Final Indoor Citrus Tree Potting Combine Recipe

A young indoor citrus tree potted in a black planter with ripe fruits and green leaves
Citrus bushes develop greatest in nutrient-rich and barely acidic soil bases

Soil performs a vital function in plant well being by serving a number of very important features. Nevertheless, not all soil is identical!

Soil mixes typically embrace natural supplies comparable to compost and wooden chips or inorganic supplies like sand and perlite. Discovering the suitable mixture of supplies is vital to rising wholesome crops.

Making your personal citrus tree potting combine is simple. That is my tried and examined dwelling recipe, merely mix the next.

  • 2 components peat moss
  • 2 components perlite
  • 1 half aged compost

The peat moss is acidic, so it’ll present the decrease pH citrus bushes love. It’s going to additionally assist with nutrient and water retention with out resulting in compacted soils.

Perlite is an inert substance that helps with drainage and aeration. By mixing in perlite, you stop compaction and water-logged soil.

Compost offers vitamins in addition to a lift of soil life. It additionally helps with nutrient and water retention.

While you add compost, be certain that the fabric is totally damaged down. This can stop the soil from settling over time.

If you happen to want to purchase ready-to-use soil as a substitute of creating your personal, you could have loads of choices.

Espoma Cactus Potting Combine is an natural potting soil designed for cacti, palms, and citrus bushes. It’s constructed from peat moss, perlite, aged forest merchandise, and different components.

Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, and Citrus Potting Combine is another choice. It’s well-draining and features a provide of inorganic fertilizer that may feed citrus bushes for as much as six months.

Do All Citrus Timber Want the Identical Soil?

A collection of potted lemon citrus trees producing abundant fruits
All forms of indoor citrus bushes require comparable soil bases for optimum progress

Happily, all forms of citrus bushes will carry out effectively in an analogous potting combine. Meaning you should utilize the identical mix in your lime tree and your Valencia orange tree.

While you’re selecting potting soil in your citrus tree, you wish to search for the next traits.

  • Nicely-draining: Citrus bushes like soil that’s moist but not saturated. A correct soil combine will enable extra water to flee.
  • In a position to maintain water: Whereas soil ought to enable extra water to flee, it must also maintain sufficient water for citrus to uptake all they want.
  • Aerated: A well-aerated soil permits crops to trade gasses and develop sturdy root methods.
  • In a position to maintain vitamins: If the soil can not maintain vitamins, fertilizer will wash out of your soil earlier than the plant can take it up.

Widespread Indicators You’re Utilizing the Unsuitable Soil Combine

A person gathers two handfuls of soil from the pot of an indoor citrus tree
Soggy, poorly draining soil can result in quite a few well being issues for indoor citrus

If you happen to use the unsuitable soil, you could discover your citrus bushes exhibit a number of of the next.

Yellow Leaves

Yellowing leaves (typically coupled with citrus tree leaves dropping) can point out a number of issues. Two of the most typical causes of yellow leaves are overwatering or an absence of vitamins.

If you happen to use a soil base that doesn’t present sufficient drainage, your crops will find yourself sitting in moisture. If roots don’t have entry to air, they can’t trade gases.

One other reason for yellow leaves is an absence of vitamins. Utilizing soil composed primarily of sand, perlite, and different giant inorganic particles, vitamins will wash out once you water. Subsequently, crops will be unable to acquire the vitamins they want.

Citrus bushes may also have issue acquiring vitamins when they’re in compacted soil.

For extra, see our in-depth information to pruning indoor citrus bushes for slicing again previous or decaying leaves and branches.

Root Rot

Root rot is a fungal an infection that impacts plant roots. It happens most frequently in saturated soils. 

Whereas a correct watering schedule is one key to stopping root rot, choosing the right soil is one other essential facet.

Soils which can be compacted or include an excessive amount of clay will be unable to empty extra water. If water can not escape, roots will start to rot.

Root rot prevents crops from taking over the water and vitamins they want. In excessive circumstances, it might probably even trigger citrus bushes to die.

For extra, see our important information to watering citrus bushes at dwelling.


Indoor citrus bushes do greatest in soil with a barely acidic pH. Do not forget that a impartial pH is 7.0; any quantity beneath that is thought-about acidic. Indoor Citrus Timber do greatest in a combination with a pH between 5.5 and seven.0.

Can you utilize cactus or orchid soil?

Cacti, succulent, orchid soil mixes are inclined to have comparable useful traits (comparable to slight acidity and good drainage), appropriate for indoor citrus bushes.

What are the principle soil concerns when repotting?

At all times change out your soil once you repot your citrus tree to take away any points with compaction and ailments.

Do indoor citrus bushes like moist soil?

Indoor citrus bushes do greatest in a potting combine that holds moisture but additionally drains effectively. Guarantee your potting vessel has a drainage system so extra water can disperse throughout watering cycles.

Wrapping Up

Now that you understand concerning the correct potting soil for citrus bushes, you possibly can select a soil your crops will love. By planting into an amazing soil, you’ll set the muse for correct watering and fertilizing. Keep in mind to decide on a well-draining soil combine with a barely acidic pH.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at dwelling.



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