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Ezo Spruce Now Obtainable! – Valavanis Bonsai Weblog

Ezo Spruce collected, educated and donated to the US Nationwide Bonsai Museum by Saburo Kato

There are six spruce species native to the northern and excessive mountain areas of Japan. The “Ezo spruce,” Picea glehnii, is the most effective and mostly educated spruce for bonsai in Japan. The right botanical title for this spruce is Pink Ezo spruce, Aka Ezo matsu in Japanese, due to the opening reddish new progress. Within the bonsai neighborhood it’s generally referred to as “Ezo spruce.” Ezo is the previous title for Hokkaido. A standard title for this species is Sakhalin spruce within the horticultural neighborhood. 

Ezo Spruce, Picea glehnii

One other equally named spruce, the Yeddo spruce, Picea jezoensis, is usually mistaken for the Ezo spruce, particularly exterior Japan. The right title for this spruce is Black Ezo spruce, Kuro Ezo matsu, in Japanese due to the darkish bark. This species is NOT educated for bonsai in Japan due to the big coarse needles that are about twice the scale of the Pink Ezo spruce. I requested Mr. Kato, whose father was a pioneer and collector of Ezo spruce in northern Japan, concerning the distinction between Pink and Black Ezo spruce and he advised me, we by no means use Black Ezo spruce as a result of it’s too giant with coarse foliage. This species is usually named Ezo spruce within the horticultural world, nevertheless it isn’t the species educated for bonsai in Japan.

Yeddo Spruce, Picea jezoensis

About 50 years in the past there was an Ezo spruce increase in Japan and the dwarf cultivars turned fairly common, and costly too. Most originated as bud mutations or witch’s brooms and are grouped collectively and referred to as “yatsubusa” which suggests a number of buds and are dwarf in plant character. There are a number of dozen named dwarf cultivars of Ezo spruce and largely now used for rock planting fashion bonsai.

Daruma Dwarf Ezo Spruce, Picea glehnii ‘Daruma’

The Ezo spruce supplied in my new catalog are vigorous, wholesome, two yr previous container grown seedlings. Potted and established with a superb root system they’re 8-12” tall. Low branches can be utilized to grow to be shohin bonsai. The needles are quick, straight and branches filled with buds for spring new progress. Younger trunks are actually versatile and might simply be formed into beautiful bonsai with motion. Ezo spruce are mostly educated within the forest fashion for bonsai. Younger seedlings permit for trunk placement shut collectively for an fascinating design. Restricted portions. Bushes are prepared for transport now. US orders solely.

Subsequent season we shall be providing bigger 1 gal. dimension Ezo spuce. So order these smaller specimens for various trunk diameters when you plan to make a forest bonsai.

Seedlings established in 4” pots, 8-12” tall

1-2 Seedlings $25 every Free Transport

3 or extra Seedlings $20 every Free Transport

You may simply order on line right here: page/1442817

Make sure you try the brand new catalog which additionally presents 20 completely different species and cultivars together with Pink Chojubai Flowering Quince and Twisted Trunk Pomegranates.



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