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Fantasizing with Nature

Play! Mauro Stemberger labelled this remarkable Scots Pine Having fun with Nature. He could have included Fantasizing with Nature (Mauro calls his bonsai globe Italian Bonsai Desire). The fiber glass container is the workmanship of Felix Ellhardt.

All the trees revealed below today are Mauro’s work of arts from his FB timeline. All other than the very first featured no recognition. If you desire, you can presume. Or if you have time you could also have the ability to track the names down.

Italian Bonsai Thinking In the Yard.

In the Yard once again.

Still In the Yard.

This is a splendid old tree. It does bring to mind a serpent regarding to strike.

A substantial trunk with what resembles centuries of appearance as well as activity. The buddy resembles it may be expanding on a rock, though it’s tough to make out all the information.

A labor of love. Every one of Mauro’s deciduous trees revealed below reveal remarkable great branching (implication).

This yamadori ache appearance as though it was compressed by ages of hefty snow. Mugo pines expand in the Alps as well as various other hills, so it does make good sense.

There can be little question that Mauro has a fondness for large bonsai. In this situation a large bonsai with a suitably big shari. Also the subjected origins have actually been sculpted.

It’s tough to inform the dimension on this, yet it’s possibly larger than you believe. It’s likewise hare to inform exactly how that item of nonessential left wing is taking care of to drift precede.

Another by Mauro. The rock was made by Erik Križovenský, a master of one-of-a-kind pots as well as various other imaginative vessels for growing bonsai. No reference is made from the kind tree, yet it resembles some kind of Juniper.


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