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February Delivery Flower: Violet

Flowers are at all times an amazing thought to ship somebody on their birthday to allow them to know they’re in your thoughts! February’s start month flower is the violet. Whereas not usually utilized in flower preparations, they’re typically accessible as potted crops! Study extra about what makes violets so particular:

Historical past

Violets will be traced again to 500 BCE, when historical Greeks used violets in wine, meals, and medicines. They have been even an ingredient of their love potions! Their identify comes from their purply-blue coloration. Nevertheless, they can be present in different shades of blue, yellow, and cream. There are round 500 species of violets immediately.

Flower That means

Violets usually stand for innocence, eternal love, and modesty. They can be a logo of religious knowledge, faithfulness, mysticism, and remembrance. 

Fascinating Info

  • In Victorian occasions, some individuals believed that carrying violets would preserve evil spirits at bay, or carrying one in your head would preserve you from getting too inebriated.
  • They’re the state flower of a number of U.S. states: Rhode Island, Illinois, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.
  • Violets’ scent quickly desensitizes the nostril, that means they’ll’t be smelled once more till these nerves get well.
  • They’re popularly used on wedding ceremony desserts, salads, and fish, and are edible uncooked or cooked. 

When sending birthday presents in February, preserve violets in thoughts!



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