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Fertilizing Crape Myrtle: Important Ideas and Methods for Optimum Development

In the event you’re rising a crape myrtle at residence, you’re probably considering having fun with the plant’s attractive flowers. Correctly fertilizing your crape myrtle is a vital a part of holding the vegetation vibrant and supporting flower manufacturing. Learn on to be taught extra about when and the way to fertilize crape myrtle for optimum development every season.

Fertilizing Crape Myrtle: Essential Tips and Techniques for Optimal Growth

Crape Myrtle Fundamentals

Crape Myrtle Basics

Crape myrtles, also called crepe myrtles, are shrubs or small bushes that belong to the Lagerstroemia genus. This genus consists of about fifty species that fluctuate in measurement from one to 100 toes tall.

The vegetation have clean bark that peels off to create a multi-colored look. The vegetation additionally produce massive flower clusters in the course of the hotter months.

Though crape myrtles are native to Southeast Asia and elements of Australia, they’re grown as decorative vegetation worldwide. They’re particularly well-liked within the Southern United States.

When to Fertilize Crape Myrtle

When to Fertilize Crape Myrtle

Since crape myrtles are heavy feeders, they may profit from common doses of fertilizer. Start fertilizing your vegetation within the early spring and proceed till the late summer time.

Fertilizing as soon as monthly is usually ample.

If you’re utilizing a granular fertilizer, making use of fertilizer earlier than rain is predicted is a good suggestion. This may give the fertilizer an opportunity to soak up into the soil.

Deciding on a Fertilizer for Crape Myrtle

Selecting a Fertilizer for Crape Myrtle

Whereas fertilizing a crape myrtle with the best kind of fertilizer will assist it thrive, utilizing the mistaken product can result in undesirable outcomes. Due to this fact, it’s vital that you know the way to pick a very good fertilizer for crape myrtles.

All fertilizers present vegetation with vitamins. Nonetheless, the precise vitamins, and the quantities of those vitamins, varies between totally different fertilizers.

Most fertilizers will comprise the three plant macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (Okay). That’s as a result of all vegetation want massive quantities of those vitamins to thrive.

In the event you take a look at fertilizer, you need to see the NPK ratio printed on the product’s label. This ratio describes the quantity of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium within the product.

For instance, a fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 10-6-5 will comprise 10% nitrogen, 6% phosphorus, and 5% potassium by weight.

Since crape myrtles are flowering vegetation, you’ll need to keep away from a fertilizer with an excessive amount of nitrogen. Including a lot of nitrogen to your plant can encourage a lot of vegetative development however stop the plant from producing flowers.

Nonetheless, since crape myrtles are woody vegetation, they do want an honest quantity of nitrogen to thrive.

Meaning a fertilizer with a balanced NPK ratio is usually a sensible choice. This may help the plant because it grows and encourage flower improvement.

Ought to I Use Natural or Artificial Fertilizer for Crape Myrtles?

Should I Use Organic or Synthetic Fertilizer for Crape Myrtles?

So far as natural and artificial merchandise, the selection is as much as you. Each sorts of fertilizers will present your crape myrtle with the vitamins it wants.

Natural fertilizers are derived from pure merchandise like manure, rock mud, and bones. These merchandise usually comprise decrease quantities of vitamins than artificial fertilizers and will launch extra slowly into the soil.

One natural fertilizer that may work nicely for crape myrtles is Jobe’s Natural All Objective Granular Fertilizer.

Artificial fertilizers are created by way of chemical processes. They usually comprise greater quantities of vitamins which might be available to vegetation.

You’ll be able to check out Vigoro Tree, Shrub, and Evergreen Fertilizer if you’d like an artificial choice.

The best way to Fertilize Crape Myrtles

If you’re utilizing a granular fertilizer, you’ll be able to sprinkle the beneficial quantity of fertilizer in a hoop across the crape myrtle. House the ring a few foot away from the bottom of the plant.

Gently incorporate the granules into the soil with a rake after which water nicely.

If you’re utilizing a liquid fertilizer, dilute the product as instructed. Pour the fertilizer over the plant, a few foot away from the bottom of the plant.

Fertilizing Crape Myrtle FAQs:

When Is the Finest Time to Fertilize a Crape Myrtle?

You need to start fertilizing your crape myrtle within the early spring, simply because the buds begin to emerge. Proceed to fertilize as soon as a month via the early fall.

Is it Attainable to Overfertilize a Crape Myrtle?

Sure, it’s potential to use an excessive amount of fertilizer to a crape myrtle. All the time observe fertilizer instructions and keep away from fertilizing within the fall and winter (for extra, see our in-depth information to end-of-season crape myrtle care).

What sort of fertilizer ought to I exploit for my Crape Myrtle tree?

For optimum development, use a balanced fertilizer with a ratio of equal elements nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, comparable to a 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 fertilizer. You can too use a slow-release fertilizer to supply vitamins to the tree over an extended time frame.

Ought to I fertilize my Crape Myrtle tree yearly?

Sure, you need to fertilize your Crape Myrtle tree yearly to make sure it will get the vitamins it must develop and thrive.

Can I exploit natural fertilizer for my Crape Myrtle tree?

Sure, you need to use natural fertilizers, comparable to compost or fish emulsion, to fertilize your Crape Myrtle tree. Natural fertilizers can present a gradual launch of vitamins and enhance soil well being.

Wrapping Up

Fertilizing your crape myrtle will present it with the vitamins it requires to supply wholesome leaves and flowers. Keep in mind to decide on a balanced fertilizer and apply it in the course of the spring and summer time months.

For extra, see our in-depth information on rising and caring for crape myrtle in your backyard and all the pieces it’s worthwhile to learn about pruning and trimming crape myrtle.

Briana holds a B.S. in Plant Sciences from Penn State College. She manages a small market backyard the place she grows greens and herbs. She additionally enjoys rising flowers and houseplants at residence.



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