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Ficus for bonsai – Rising Bonsai

Fig bushes, or Ficus spp, are sometimes encountered in industrial commerce. Vilified as mallsai (e.g., the ginseng ficus), most of those are mass produced. As such, many individuals imagine ficus to be unsuitable for bonsai follow. Nothing is much less true. Effectively-trained and cared for correctly the species make for glorious tropical bonsai.

Ficus benjamina (left) and microcarpa

Word that a lot of the ficus ‘bonsai’ offered in massive furnishings chains and supermarkets are sometimes the mix of two varieties and even species of fig. The primary trunk is commonly a daily Ficus macrocarpa. It is a fast-growing species with massive leaves. When the trunk is grown, these are grafted with a dwarf number of the identical species (e.g., F. macrocarpa ‘inexperienced island’) and even one other species. Slicing off the grafted foliage can result in sprouting of the unique trunk and thus, coarser progress branches.

Ficus carica, the species which produces the edible figs, are solely hardly ever seen as bonsai. In mediteranian climates nonetheless some growers are profitable and leaves might cut back all the way down to about 5cm.

Ficus bonsai identification

Ficus is a big group of tree species characterised by inverted flowers. Probably the most generally used species are quick rising species which within the tropics develop out to a top of 10+ meters tall. The leaves are staggered slightly than opposing and when wholesome, extremely shiny. The leaves from F. microcarpa en F. Benjamina have a barely pointed finish, permitting for water to drip off extra simply. When a leaf or department is minimize, a white sap comes out, pure latex.

Don’t mistake Ficus bonsai with

Ligustrum spp. The foliage of ficus is usually blended up with privets. Privets nonetheless have a lot smaller, and semi-opposing leaves.

Ficus bonsai place

All fig species are sunlovers. In full solar ample water is nonetheless essential.

Ficus are tropical to Mediterranean species. So far as I do know, solely the edible fig, ficus carica, can stand gentle frost. All others should be introduced indoors throughout chilly spells (sustained temperatures beneath ~10c and/or frost). The indoors spot must be as vibrant as doable. A window with southern publicity is perfect. Over summer time the crops are finest exterior in full solar.

Trace: When ficus is introduced indoors for winter, typically many leaves drops. It is a response to adjustments in place in addition to the dry air indoors and ceaselessly decreased water availability. Ficus is adjusted to dry-seaons by dropping foliage. Cut back this response by inserting a clear bag over the tree for some 2 weeks.

When shifting the tree open air for summer time, take into accout it isn’t used to the direct solar, and sunburn is assured if the tree is positioned in direct solar. As such, first put the tree within the shade for two weeks, then in dappled solar, earlier than shifting it into full solar, in any other case a part of the leaves will get burnt.

Ficus bonsai watering

Ficus are sometimes described as species that likes to be saved dry. That is solely the case when it’s chilly. If saved heat, the roots want fixed entry to water. Right here entry to oxygen is vital, so an open substrate is required. Regular potting soil typically is of poor high quality and creates anaerobic mud (resulting in root mortality)

Ficus bonsai trimming

Ficus will be pruned with out constrained. Trimming is finest performed throughout late spring, after the tree has spent a little bit of time within the solar exterior. That leaves sufficient summer time rising to get better, but has allowed the tree to regain energy after a darkish winter (This after all for folks in chilly climates). Throughout winter indoors and immediately after, figs are weak and will not reply as anticipated to a powerful trim.

In late spring backbudding will be induced by trimming off all of the rising suggestions. Do that solely with wholesome specimens.

Ficus bonsai repotting

Wholesome figs fill a pot in 1-2 years and may finest be repotted in late spring, after the climate has warmed up a little bit.

Ficus bonsai propagation

Ficus could be very simple to propagate as reducing. Sticking any dimension department in moist soil underneath heat situations can have a excessive strike fee. Rising from seed is barely for individuals who can supply seed regionally as seed free viability rapidly.



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